Purple color - the choice of the brave

clothes in purple

Almost all women are wary of purple clothes...and they are right up to a point. However, if you hit the right shade of purple, then you've hit the jackpot. If you combine your purple clothes correctly with the rest of your wardrobe , then we guarantee that purple will become your favorite color.

From the point of view of psychology, purple is the color chosen by creative people, people who have strong intuition. Now let's move on to the topic.

Purple fabrics are mainly used for evening dresses.

The color purple is extremely beautiful, but also extremely insidious. To determine which shade suits you, you need to determine your color.

If you have dark hair or brown eyes, it is good to choose saturated and dark shades of purple. They combine well with dark skin and make the look more expressive. A purple dress will go with red hair and green or gray eyes. Blondes should avoid saturated shades and prefer lighter tones.

Designers feel most comfortable when using purple in dresses that are lavish, such as prom dresses.

Purple summer dresses are beautiful in every version. Linen, cotton, silk and any other. With the right color, you will be stunning.

Silk and chiffon models are suitable for formal summer events, and cotton and linen can be worn as everyday wear.

Purple dresses with peplum are quite a good choice. Peplum will make your figure look more feminine and elegant, because it will emphasize the waistline and visually expand the hips, making the proportions of the female figure natural and beautiful. The whole appeal of the purple peplum dress is that it not only increases the volume of the hips of too thin girls, but also helps to hide the full thighs by focusing on the waist.

The dark purple dress, as well as the black one, makes us look thinner and slimmer, but the purple color gives a touch of emotionality.

Milky purple is a symbol of youth and innocence, therefore it is believed that this color of clothes rejuvenates women.

What colors should we combine our purple clothes with?

Purple with yellow! Beauty! Yellow is purple's best friend, but for a purple-yellow dress to adorn a woman, both shades must suit her.

Purple with black is an equally successful combination. Imagine a dark purple dress with some black lace...just magic.

My favorite combination is purple with green. The green somehow makes the purple "juicier". The harmony between the two colors is very good.

dress with purple and green

Another very successful combination with purple is the color blue, if you manage to combine these two colors in your vision, I am sure that all eyes will be on you.

Violet can also be combined with red and pink, but be more careful.

If you want to look beautiful for an evening and shiny event, then choose a long purple dress, it is a great option for a New Year's party or graduation. But actually, a purple dress is most suitable if you are invited to a good friend's wedding.

If you want a casual dress or a dress that is suitable for the office, then you can get a purple midi length dress.

If you are a coquette and have a perfect figure, then undoubtedly choose a short purple dress.

Let's talk a little about matter now.

The purple dress made of satin is beautiful and purely visually very pleasant, but be careful here, because if you choose a multi-colored dress from this material, it may not look so good. Aim for a dress completely in the purple range.

Purple dress made of chiffon is also a very good choice. These dress models are intended mainly for romantic looks. Here you can have all kinds of guipure or lace.

If you have already decided on a certain model of purple dress and are wondering how to wear it on top, a leather jacket or pistachio jacket will be the perfect partner for this dress. As a rule, purple goes well with black clothes or clothes with gold and silver glitter

Regarding the accessories, give preference to gold accessories and jewelry, because you will look luxurious and stylish with them. In summer, you can use white or red accessories.

The color purple is extremely capricious when it comes to shoes. High-heeled shoes, patent or with a shiny satin texture, are ideal for a purple dress, but only if it is in the darker range of the purple color. If the dress has a slight red shade, then you should choose burgundy or red-brown shoes for her.

purple jacket

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