What dress to go to a friend's wedding?

The wedding dress for a friend is most often coordinated with the bride, as there may be a dress code at the wedding. Before you go to the salon, be sure to ask your girlfriend if she has any wishes about the color scheme and style of dresses. If there are no restrictions, do not hesitate to look for the most elegant evening dress in which you will feel comfortable and well.

Long and short dresses for a friend's wedding: which one to choose?

The choice of dress length depends not only on the preferences of the girl herself, but also on the time of year and the style of the holiday. Let's find out together, when is it better to choose a short and when is a long evening dress?

Short dresses . When choosing an evening dress for a wedding, you need to focus on the time of year for which the celebration is planned. You can pick up a summer wedding dress for your girlfriend in a cocktail version - just above the knee. In this outfit you will be comfortable in hot weather and also very comfortable to dance. Try not to choose a cocktail dress that is too short to not look vulgar. If you want to add a twist to your look and make it sexier, try to find the right length. For example, you can choose a dress with transparent or lace sleeves, with an open back or a deep neckline, but in no case do not combine all these details together. A short dress for our friend's wedding should have only one bright accent.

pink bridesmaid dress

Long dresses . Long evening dresses look very elegant and romantic. The LW Fashion blog advises you to choose dresses that emphasize the figure and add mystery and elegance to the celebration. Floor-length dresses are ideal for autumn and winter weddings: in them you will feel not only beautiful, but also warm and cozy. You should not choose long and luxurious dresses for your girlfriend's wedding, as the bride most often chooses this style of dress. The task of the girlfriends is to look stylish and feminine, but not to obscure the culprit for the holiday. Apart from the bride's dress, only children's wedding dresses can be lush and colorful because it looks sweet and gentle.

Long mysterious dress

Dresses are medium length . Lovers of strict classic style can choose a dress of medium length for a friend's wedding, namely to the knees or a little lower. This dress is perfect for a friend's wedding if it takes place in summer or warm spring. Medium-length clothing will add excessive modesty and a certain mystery. Dresses for mothers of the bride and groom are also chosen in the classic version: the dress covers a little knee and adds grace and elegance to women.

dress of medium length

Wedding dress code: girlfriends in identical dresses

It is very fashionable in the world when bridesmaids come in the same dresses, and many Bulgarian girls love this fashion. The bride herself chooses and orders dresses for her friends if she wants all the dresses to have the same style and color scheme. She collects measurements from the girls and passes them on to the designer, who sews dresses for each friend individually. The dress code has many advantages:

Price . As mentioned above, the bride often sews dresses for her friends at her own expense, which allows her friends to save significantly from preparing for the holiday. You may have to pay only for materials, but the price of the clothes will be much lower than buying a dress in the salon.

Style . The same bridesmaid dresses for the wedding of our best friend - it's very stylish and modern. Such a celebration will immediately stand out among the others, and your friend will be grateful for such preparation. You will get great photos, and the wedding itself will leave many positive memories.

Nice gift . After the celebration, the dresses tailored for you will remain for each of the girlfriends. You can wear your beautiful clothes for other holidays and occasions more than once.

identical bridesmaid dresses

Important : The bride does not always bear the cost of making dresses. She may ask you to choose dresses with a specific color, such as peach or emerald. If you have to choose an elegant dress for your girlfriend's wedding, do not be lazy to send her a few photos of outfits you like. The bride will tell you which one looks best on you and matches the colors of the party.

Should I wear a white dress for my best friend's wedding?

The bride at the wedding should always be in the spotlight, so the ladiesworld portal does not recommend ladies to wear a white dress for their best friend's wedding. Confusion can arise during the celebration and distant relatives of the groom may accidentally confuse you with the bride. To prevent such awkward situations, it is best to choose alternative white tones for the wedding: ivory, beige, powder, nude, vanilla and others. If you still decide to wear a white dress for your girlfriend's wedding, try to complement it with a bright accent that matches the color scheme of the holiday. The following accessories can be used as bright accents in an evening look:



wreath in hair;



scarf .

white wedding dress

White dress alternative : if you like to be in the spotlight and want to stand out from the rest of the girls, you can wear a red dress for a friend's wedding, complementing it with red high heels and makeup with an emphasis on the lips. You will look amazing and modern, and your joint photos with the bride will be bright and stylish, thanks to the contrast.

Red wedding dress

When choosing holiday clothes for your best friend's wedding, try to take into account her interests and desires in the first place. Do not refuse her request to choose a specific color scheme, even if you think that this color is not for you. At your wedding, bridesmaids would also tailor your preferences to help you create your dream wedding!