What to wear on New Year's Eve - for a modern and beautiful look

How to dress for the new year

The December snow will fall, the sparkling snowflakes will fly, and the dream time will come, to make wishes, to buy gifts, Christmas tree, garlands and ... New Year's outfit for the long-awaited party or dinner in the restaurant.

The New Year's dress is more than an evening dress. This is not a brilliance, but a bright mystical greeting to new hopes and new life. 2020 is approaching, according to the Eastern calendar, the year of the white metal mouse (rat).

In what outfits is it better to meet her? Yes, in all sorts of casual - spectacular, beautiful, romantic, feminine and New Year's!

Of course, those who follow the signs and try to please the main sign of the new year will choose for themselves - gray, white, metallic, black New Year's dresses dressed in gold, silver and platinum. >

Astrologers promise that in the magical evening of the meeting with the Metal Rat - the dresses will bring good luck not only in gray, white, black and gold, but also in a blue palette.

Fashion colors in 2022

The white, metal rat dictates to us the rules of what colors to wear on New Year's Eve. It is white, green and its shades, yellow, orange, brown, beige, silver and gold.

Your clothes can be all in one color or combined with other colors, such as black. Most importantly, remember that it is worth dressing up for the New Year beautifully and respectfully, even if you celebrate it at home. After all, the White, Metal Rat is an esthete and loves luxury and beauty.


The yellow dress is perfect for any type of woman. This color will revive the image, will make you bright and feminine. The dresses can be chosen in a mini version or length below the knee. With such a dress you can use a belt as a complement.

Elegant white dresses

To surprise everyone around you for the New Year, you need to pay attention to the white dress. White is a very beautiful, bright and elegant color. It fits well with any figure, and the style of the dress can be chosen by anyone.

Dresses with a metallic effect.

The metallic effect will be especially welcome on New Year's Eve. At your disposal are all kinds of dress models - from well-fitting to lavish and delicate. It is best to choose a metallic color in silver, gold and green.


Fashionable and stylish clothing for the New Year will be considered delicate models of women's overalls. They can have different shades of green as well as style. You can choose short and long model, with tight pants or straight pants.


If you do not have time to choose a dress for the New Year due to lack of time, then you can just wear a plain skirt in different colors. Combine the skirt with a black finish, because it is with black that you can combine the allowed colors with a white, metallic rat.

Everyone wants to get what they lack in the new year. The metal rat just doesn't have enough brightness. So make her happy with festive colors and the brilliance of your New Year's dresses, hairstyles, make-up, shoes - she will surely appreciate your efforts and will turn the wheel of fortune with the toenail in the direction you want!