What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business model that allows LW Fashion partners

to have the entire available collection on www.ladiesworld.eu/en/ without having to invest a single cent

How does dropshipping work?

This is a process in which you offer our designer products that are not available.

We take responsibility for delivering orders directly to your customers.

What do you gain from your partnership with us?

- You risk absolutely nothing.

- You do not invest a penny.

- You work for yourself.

- You do not owe any fees.

- You can have all the products in our catalog without making additional investments for goods, warehouses and staff.

- You can offer the products at a higher price than ours, and the difference in your price is added to the commission.

How to join our affiliate program?

Send the following information to support[@]ladiesworld.eu

- Link to your e-shop, Facebook page or other platform where you sell.

- Phone and email to contact you.

- Other information you consider important.