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The choice of home slippers is a matter of style, size and material, although the main role in the choice is the purpose of use, because it is not so important to be super fashionable at home. So let's define the criteria.

If you are looking for slippers for cold days, pay attention to closed models, with good insulation (fur, felt or natural lambskin) and a correspondingly thick sole that will keep your feet warm for a long time.

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If you are looking for slippers for the summer, then the choice before you is huge. Focus on open models, flip-flops, sandals. These models of indoor shoes are breathable. Open-toe slippers will help you keep your feet healthy, rubber models are used for baths and saunas. If you are preparing for a romantic date at home, choose between openwork heel models.

House slippers are mostly bought as a gift, so it is important to understand what their purpose will be.

As a rule, we can categorize home slippers in 3 directions:

1.House slippers for daily wear, which are worn while doing your usual household work. Laundry, washing dishes, cleaning are all activities that imply frequent soiling of the slippers, so it is it is important to choose a fabric that is easy to wash.

2.Slippers with which to welcome your friends home.Most often these are soft slippers with an elegant design and light colors. Here you can choose any material.

3. The third category is slippers, for intimate meetings with your loved one.The requirements for these slippers are quite high. They must be combined with sexy underwear, it is good to combine them in texture and color with the bed linen.

Let's talk a little about matter.

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The material from which home slippers are made can be very different. However, the most popular are natural leather, artificial leather, natural or synthetic suede. These materials retain heat perfectly and at the same time allow air to pass, which is good for people , who have problems with sweating feet and all the unpleasant sensations associated with it.

For the bathroom slippers, I think I won't surprise anyone that the most suitable material is rubber, because rubber is resistant to water and various chemicals.

For everyday slippers, choose models whose upper part is made of linen, polyester, wool or cotton, if frequent washing (including in the washing machine) is expected.

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With house slippers, the size is not as important as with sneakers, because usually the material allows for stretching or shrinking.

The sole of the house slipper is indicative of its application. For example, a sole made of fabric or leather is a signal that the slippers are intended only for wearing in dry rooms.

If the soles of the slippers are rubber, it means that their purpose is to be worn in wet rooms or outside the home. There is also a third type, which is relatively new and modern. These are slippers whose soles they are made of foam that has "memory" or in other words they are much more comfortable.

Regarding the colors. The slippers can be in a variety of colors and prints. For children, there is also a huge selection with a variety of cartoon characters.

Home fashion is also subject to certain rules. Slippers are part of the image, and despite the fact that it is a trifle, house slippers can tell a lot about their owner. If you also want to keep up with fashion even at home, look for chunky polka dot slippers this year. Retro style is the most noticeable trend in home fashion today.

Another modern hit of the year are slippers made of natural materials (wool, felt) with ethnic motifs.

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