How to properly combine a vest?

women's down vest

The waistcoat is yet another piece of clothing that women "steal" from men's wardrobes. If in the past it was thought that this was strictly a man's garment, today's fashion boldly demonstrates that the waistcoat suits not only men, but also the fairer sex.

Today, <fashion designers include a variety of waistcoat models in their collections. From the cut to the colors, the options are really many.

Let's first say that the vest is a garment that is mainly used during the cold part of the year, therefore it is most often used to create a multi-layered look. Cold days suggest wearing darker clothes, therefore the most preferred colors for a vest are the dark shades, but you can easily experiment with light and bright colors.

When choosing a vest, it is important to consider not only the color, but also the cut of the vest, because you risk that the vest will not match your figure. For example, a vest that is too short will not suit a woman with a pear or apple figure. but it fits a banana figure. A long waistcoat, which can reach mid-thigh or even knee-length, elongates the silhouette, but if you are thinner and have a more childlike figure, it can emphasize with a "thick line" the lack of curves on the body.

The vest can be easily combined with a variety of accessories. From massive necklaces and belts to various scarves would be a good combination with a vest.

The vest belongs to sportswear and as such will combine well with sneakers, slippers, knee boots, rubber boots, high heels or suede you have a great choice of shoes.

The variety of fabrics makes this wardrobe item suitable for many looks.

Now the fluffy vest is fashionable. You can combine it with leggings, jeans, trousers and even a skirt. Add to your look knee-high boots or fluffy boots. To finish, you can add an elegant hat with a wide brim and a large bag.< /p>

Another popular model is the sports vest, which we can simply call a "warmer". It goes well with ripped jeans, a checkered shirt and high boots. A little below I attach images of combinations with a sports vest.

gray vest

pink cotton vest

black short vest

Down vest

If today you are dressed in a business style and want to add a vest to your look, then definitely choose a long vest that reaches almost to the heels.

I believe that today we proved that the cardigan is not only a part of the sports wardrobe, but also a fashionable element that can be combined with elegant dresses and discreet shirts, with ultra-mini and midi-length skirts.

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