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modern Englishmen

It is undeniable that England has been dictating fashion lately. London is increasingly at the top of the world fashion capitals. The capital of Great Britain manages to impose stylish trends without losing its characteristic original style.

The success of the British may be due to the fact that designers often experiment and implement many unusual and interesting ideas - so London Style is known around the world and is considered one of the standards of good taste. Street fashion and the ability to combine seemingly completely incompatible wardrobe items have inspired such prominent designers as Vivienne Westwood, John Galliano and Stella McCartney.

That's why London Fashion Week is recognized as the most innovative of all other contenders.

London style

There is a favorite saying of mine that "Fashion changes, style never". This saying is true today as never before. Everyone is so used to the vagaries and variability of fashion that every Briton can be impressed by the individual style of specific people, such as bloggers, models, stylists, designers and just people on the street.

It is extremely important for the typical Briton to enter the lens of photographers in order to impose his own style.

English street fashion is characterized by simplicity and convenience. English street style is in two directions - classic and moderate punk.

The variety of looks and styles will surprise you as you walk the streets of London. Many people choose bright clothes and if they are pastel colors, then the clothes have many details or accessories.

When I was in London I talked to a lot of people and I was surprised !? In fact, the British do not like to spend a lot of money on clothes and prefer to stand out from the crowd with a simple bright accessory, such as a scarf, jewelry or bag.

street style in london

If you go out on the streets of London wearing a thick jacket and warm shoes you will feel the difference between the British and us. The clothes of the typical Englishman are much "lighter" than ours, but this is understandable because the weather there is colder and are accordingly accustomed to low temperatures.

The British generally like all kinds of global brands, but give preference to their own brands, such as Topshop, Miss Selfridge, River Island, Primark and New Look

In one sentence we can summarize that you can't see all the splendor of England if you haven't shopped there.

The hat is a very characteristic feature of English fashion.

As for their shoes, you can often see Brits wearing ballet flats.


What I like about their style are the long t-shirts, which are so casual and cool.

long t-shirts

Finally, we can safely say that people in England understand fashion and have something to show the world.

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