What clothes do Italians wear?

what the Italians wear

What does it really mean to be dressed in Italian style? The inscription on the label "Made in Italy" is like magic for us, because it certainly means the highest quality. Why is the whole world envious of the Italian style? Let's find out.

The Italian fashion industry originated centuries ago in the cities of Venice, Milan, Florence, Rome, Palermo, Naples, where famous artisans began to produce luxury clothing and jewelry (but we'll talk about that in another article!). / p>

In fact, it is not a sensation that Italy is the country of fashion. The greatest fashion designers are from Italy, so the reputation of this country is well deserved. Italians prefer to wear clothes made in their home country. Prada, Gucci, Versace, Dolce and Gabbana, these are just a small part of the pride of Italy. In fact, in Italy there are many clothing brands that are not so popular, but the quality is not inferior to a centimeter of the most famous brands. Little known fact is that some of them do not produce clothes for export, so they can be purchased only in the country in the form of a boot.Therefore, these things are unique, and I think they are the basis of this specific Italian style.

How do Italians decide which clothes to wear in the morning?

First of all, Italians choose comfortable clothes because they know how to enjoy life. Good food, wine, communication with family and friends - nothing should interfere with their favorite pastimes. That is why the real Italian woman will never wear tight clothes in which she feels uncomfortable. Almost every woman in Italy needs the services of tailors. Adjusting clothes bought by master tailors is common for Italian women, because it demonstrates their good taste in fashion.

famous Italian brands

Secondly, Italians do not compromise on the quality of clothes. Italians buy the best quality clothes they can afford. They are fans of natural fabrics such as cashmere, silk and linen. They look expensive because of the high-quality fabric of their clothes. My Italian acquaintance always says that if necessary she would save for months and even deprive herself of food to buy an expensive branded bag or jacket.

Thirdly, they like simplicity and minimalism. If you see a woman on the streets of Milan wearing a bright and shiny dress or high heels, she is probably a foreigner. In the clothes of a real Italian should not be superfluous details and intricate cut. Black is their favorite color.

Italian women are in love with clothes that emphasize their femininity. They do not like clothes that are unisex. In Italy, clothing for women and men is clearly defined and distinguished because traditions are especially important to them. Although this is considered a bit limited for the fashion world, the Italians have proven that they can make a dizzying career without having to wear pants and a shirt. Fitted silhouette, skirts and dresses - they adore everything that emphasizes femininity. Even if you see an Italian woman dressed in some modern style, such as a loose shirt or pants, something in the image will definitely be super feminine, such as a hairstyle, high heels or red lipstick.

italian style of dress

Italians just love to dress beautifully. Even in old age, ladies in Italy drink their morning espresso in elegant and formal clothes, with hair, makeup and manicure. From any angle you look at the Italians carry the style in themselves, as if flowing in their veins. recognized immediately. They have confidence, which is seen in gait, gestures and gaze.

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