Street style streetwear - the choice of the brave generation.

street style

Street style of dress in England is becoming increasingly popular. This is because each succeeding generation is trying to harmonize comfort and individuality. According to the world's leading stylists, street style clothing is not just a desire for comfort with a touch of some negligence to fashion. It is a way of life of a strong and self-confident person who concentrates on the essence of things and human relationships, ignoring conventions.

Today, street fashion seems to be one of the "most stable" areas of modern fashion. Almost all famous designers are increasingly including street style models in their collections.

If we dig a little deeper into the history of street fashion, we will find that it was born thanks to skateboarders and surfers in California. In the beginning, this fashion originated as a sport, but very quickly gained popularity among young people. >

For every hip-hopper or rapper, it was necessary to have several pairs of sneakers, hats and jackets with a suitable cut.

The father of street fashion is considered to be the founder of the surfing company Sean Stewsey. He was the first to start applying original prints on clothes.

In a short time, Stewsey made a dizzying career from a small salesman to a clothing supplier for luxury boutiques. Today, the Stüssy brand is known to every fashion connoisseur.

Street fashion spread like a virus in America. Immediately afterwards, street style clothing began to be produced in Japan and other parts of the world.

The Japanese brand A Bathing Ape is conquering the American market in clothing with camouflage elements.

To take the step of dressing in street style, be sure to keep the fine line between creativity and common sense.

If you really want to recreate the vision of street fashion, then don't forget to note that several styles need to be combined.

21st century street fashion is stubbornly moving away from the casual style of the 20th century, preferring elegance. Thanks to this, modern streetwear is not only comfortable but also beautiful. Leading manufacturers emphasize the aesthetics of clothing in this area: bombers, hoods, joggers, skirts, leggings, sneakers.

The trend of street fashion in 21st century England is bright floral prints, demi-season clothes with inserts of wool, velvet, fur. Very popular are jackets with anorak, sweatshirts, chinos and classic sports pants, tunics and T-shirts with unusual patterns. The novelty of the season are prints that mimic graffiti. They are applied not only on T-shirts, but also on sports suits, hats and shoes.

Weave that today the fans of street fashion have a huge variety of clothes.

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