French style of dress: secrets of French charm

Parisians have long been considered experts in fashion. What is the difference between French fashion and what makes it special? Probably the whole thing is a combination of comfort and elegance. Calm tones, low heels, closeness to the classics - these are the hallmarks of this style. French girls look very natural, a little casual and feminine at the same time.

dress with French lace

You don't have to live in Paris to dress in French style. You can choose a similar wardrobe anywhere in the world. It is worth looking at the photo to understand the basic principles of this style.

For starters, it is recommended to pay attention to color. French women prefer discreet neutral shades, most often they can be seen in black, white, navy blue, beige, brown. Such a wardrobe is the first step to everyday elegance for women. All these things are easy to combine with each other, so no clothes will hang in the closet.

Vest or sweater in basic shades

french fashion

French style is not in vain associated with femininity. Whatever the girl chooses, dresses, skirts or pants, she will look gentle and fragile. It turns out that in order to be attractive, you do not need to step on high heels every day. Another feature that distinguishes this style is relaxation.

In this case, all things should sit well. Then the vision will be careless and not messy, this is clearly seen in the photo.

french coat

French women choose quality things. They do not have to wear well-known brands, but the material must be good and the seams must be perfect and neat. It is better to fill the wardrobe with one thing, but really high quality, than to buy several with questionable quality. Such clothes both fit the figure better and last longer.

In addition, the real chic lies in the flexibility of the kits. French fashion allows you to create a look in such a way that things can be perfectly combined with each other, whether it is shoes, dresses and skirts, trench coats or jackets.

combining clothes

Girls who decide to follow in the footsteps of French women should pay attention to accessories. The basic rule: you need a minimum of jewelry or you can do without them at all. If you still want to wear jewelry, you need to choose restrained, discreet options.

If you know the basic principles, you will definitely be able to repeat the Parisian style. But you also need to know what clothes to choose to complete the wardrobe.

You can't do without dresses

French women's favorite clothes, of course, are all kinds of dresses and skirts. No wonder the first association this style evokes is femininity. In addition, the options can be very diverse, as seen in the photo below. These are classic dresses with sheaths and original layered dresses. French length - to the knee, just above or below it. But such dresses are comfortable, they are easy to move and there is no need to ensure that the hem does not rise too high. This is one of the secrets of Parisians, which allows them to feel confident in any situation.

The silhouette can be straight or not, sleeves - any length. The same goes for the collar, although the connection with rounded edges fits especially into the style. Too deep necklines will be inappropriate. You can emphasize the waist with a belt - this will add expressiveness to the figure. But then other accessories may be superfluous. Except, of course, bags - without them it is difficult to imagine the overall look. By the way, Parisian women are quite practical, so they prefer moderately large bags.

Parisian style

Един от най-ярките примери за рокли, които френският стил предлага, е малка черна рокля , която често може да се срещне по улиците на Париж. Веднъж Коко Шанел го въведе в модата . Въпреки цялото изминало време, такива рокли не губят своята популярност. Те са скромни и сдържани, но в същото време подходящи в най-различни ситуации. Всеки гардероб трябва да включва такава рокля. В крайна сметка в него можете да отидете както на работна среща, така и на парти. А аксесоарите ще помогнат за завършване на външния вид. Просто не злоупотребявайте с тях.

french branded dress

Choosing skirts and pants

Skirts are also a mandatory attribute of French outfits, which are shown in the photo. Most often it is a strict straight silhouette, for example, like a pencil skirt. Although real French women can be seen in such styles as tulips. The length remains unchanged - up to the knee or slightly lower. Maxi options are rare, such products should be quite narrow, with a small gap. But very long skirts are only suitable for an informal reception.

French skirt

Do not think that French women do not wear pants. However, this style provides comfort. Therefore, if for some women pants are the most comfortable clothes, then they can be worn safely. First of all, it is worth paying attention to the classic models. However, Parisian chic allows you to wear even jeans. For example, boyfriend - they will simply allow you to recreate the notorious negligence. But it is important to think carefully about the rest of the vision.

fancy pants

The main requirement for all kinds of pants and jeans - they should not have decor. Sides, pockets with stickers, rivets and other decorations that the French style does not accept. Models can be straight or slightly cut, straight breeches are also suitable if height allows.

Blouses and outerwear

Parisians can often be seen in blouses. French brands offer classic models, mostly fastened with small buttons and fitted sleeves.

french blouses and shirts

The wardrobe will not do without the vest, it gives an up actual look.

When looking at photos, you can see that women in France are happy to wear jackets. They are usually with a classic cut, straight or slightly cut. This is a great choice for women, because it will make the figure look more fragile. You can wear skirts, pants and even dresses with a jacket.

french jackets

The outerwear this style offers is a classic coat, raincoat or trench coat with a straight silhouette and knee length or lower.

True Parisian chic cannot be recreated without the right shoes. They should be not only elegant but also comfortable. Parisians prefer low products: sandals or ballet flats. They also love classic shoes with a pointed or round toe, but only on a small heel. But the platform needs to be simple.

French style shoes

Below in the diagram we have listed accessories without which you are unlikely to recreate the French look.

Hat . A real accent that will complement almost any outfit. You can place it at an angle to one side.

Scarf . The length should allow it to be wrapped carelessly around the neck several times.

Sunglasses . They are worn as a decoration, so even cloudy weather is not an obstacle.

Bag . An obligatory element of the image of a real Parisian.

Jewelry . You can refuse them altogether or choose dark rings and earrings. But it is worth paying attention to the watch - it will serve as an excellent decoration.

Hairstyles and Makeup

It is important to pay special attention not only to clothes, but also to makeup and hair. The best option is a slight but carefully considered negligence.

the capital of fashion

Parisian style is available to all women. You just need to show a little imagination and, after considering our proposals, choose the most suitable options for yourself: dresses, skirts, jackets and other things. Such a wardrobe is quite versatile, so it will be possible to make sets for work and everyday life, while demonstrating your style.