The new old or the fashion that is being revived.

vintage style

Let's first tell you how the idea of ​​vintage style came about.

The idea for vintage originated in London in the 1970s, when mass production made modern clothing extremely accessible to all. which cannot be found on the streets.

Let's start with the fact that "vintage style" is one of the favorite ways to dress celebrities such as Kate Moss and Peach Geldof.

If we have to give a definition of vintage, we would tell you that these are antique items or, in this case, clothes that were at the forefront of fashion in their time.

Today, the vintage trend is not limited to famous ladies, so we will give you some little tips to dress in vintage style.

How to dress in vintage?

1. There is enough information and images from "that time" on the Internet, so choose the period carefully. Vintage style from the 50's? Vintage style from the 30's?

2. If you really want to look "antique", we recommend that you have either very short or very long hair, because if, for example, you want to recreate a style from the 20s, you have to cut it short.

3. It is not an easy task to find real clothes from past eras, so you can look in second-hand clothing stores, because that's where you can find a find from the past.

4. We are almost certain that you have at least one vintage style cardigan or sweater in your wardrobe

5. As for the accessories, we can't forget to mention the pearl necklace, which was a total hit in the time of our grandparents.

6. For shoes, we also agree that square toe or square toe shoes are best.

vintage shoes

7. If you have decided that today you want to wear a skirt that will be in vintage style, then we recommend a skirt with a high waist, which is just a classic.

8. And of course not to miss the pants, which are the emblem of the 70's.

By the way, the vintage style is extremely environmentally friendly, because wearing such clothes is a way of recycling, in addition to being a style that, paradoxically, never gets old.

9.Net hats are also quite iconic for the vintage era.

vintage hat