Advantages and disadvantages of custom-made clothes

clothes made to individual size

Every day, thousands of people around the world prefer sewing to order instead of ready-made products on store shelves or online boutiques. This is due to several facts:

1. Custom-made clothes take on the shape of your body and emphasize its dignity.

2. In theory, custom-made clothes are unique in themselves.

3. In rare cases, making such a garment is cheaper than a finished product.

But, as in any business, there are some pros and cons, which we will tell you about.

custom dress

Of course, the Internet abounds in modern collections that impress with their originality, color and style, but how disappointing it is when you like a great dress and it turns out that it is not the right size. In case you really like the garment You can buy a lot of it and then fix it with a tailor, but it's not nice to pay extra.

What are the benefits of custom sewing?

1. Perfect fit of your figure. In the process of work the seamstress will make measurements according to your figure and will take into account all its characteristics and details.

2. Uniqueness (But not always!). Turning to designers or tailors, there is a great chance to get unique clothes made to order according to your wishes. In addition, you can sketch the dress yourself, choose the fabric, colors and accessories for the future product. This will help you avoid embarrassing situations when on friend's wedding you appear in the same dress or suit as on someone else from the celebration.

3. The ability to redo old clothes that have been collecting dust in the wardrobe for a long time. In order not to spend money on fabrics, you can see if you still have clothes that you like and can to be adjusted, thus freeing up the wardrobe and saving at the same time.

4.Price. Yes, sometimes it is cheaper to sew clothes to order than to buy them ready-made from popular boutiques. This is especially true for clothes made of wool or satin!

custom wedding dress

What are the disadvantages of custom sewing?

1. Unfounded hopes. It often happens that the client is not satisfied with the result. This is due to the fact that the fabric or accessories were not chosen correctly, or due to the inexperience of the tailor.

2.Long wait. High-quality sewing is a time-consuming process, from a month to several months. If you are invited to an event in the spring, then you should start sewing at least a month before.

3. Arrange in a queue. Experienced masters with golden hands are always in high demand and therefore quite difficult to reach.

4. Prepare a large amount of money. From personal experience, I tell you that a custom-made dress can cost you several times more than buying a ready-made one.

Custom sewing has both advantages and disadvantages, so the choice is entirely yours.

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