How to make cheap clothes look expensive and presentable: simple but effective tips

cheap clothes

Want to update your wardrobe with expensive and stylish things, but your budget does not allow it? We have good news for you. You don't have to spend a fortune to renew your wardrobe. A few simple steps will help you transform your clothes.

In addition, the use of interesting accessories, fabrics and other additional elements can magically turn even cheap clothes stylish and elegant. Breathe new life into your old things. To do this, use some of the tips below.

custom clothes

Custom sewing

If you order clothes from a tailor's shop, they will most likely fit your figure as well as possible. This in turn will make the garment look good. Such custom-made clothes usually look expensive, although sewing will probably cost several times less than buying expensive branded products. You should strive to have clothes that are tailored and sewn in such a way as to emphasize the merits and to hide the shortcomings of your figure, not to hang you.

If you don't want all your clothes to be made to order, then focus on a few basic clothes that you wear most often, such as blouses or dresses.

Of course, you can make some adjustments yourself, such as folding old pants or dresses. Think about what you would like to change. For example, you can make them shorter in order to fit your size better or just upgrade them.

metal shirt buttons

Replace the buttons

Buttons are the ones that most often issue a garment that is cheap. Replace the buttons on your shirt or dress with new metal buttons, for example, and you will see how your garment will transform, even if the garment is bought from second-hand shop. You can easily remove the buttons yourself by simply cutting with the tip of a pair of scissors. Then sew the new button. If you wish, you can contact a tailor who will handle this task very quickly. This service is usually very cheap.

Change the zipper

Zippers are the second thing that betrays cheap clothing and can ruin its appearance. These fasteners are more difficult to change than the buttons. So in this case it is recommended to seek help from a tailor.

Carefully examine the surface of the garment

A material that shines and looks artificial is often perceived as cheap. Look for clothes made of natural fabrics such as cotton, linen or artificial suede, as these fabrics look stylish and at the same time cheap. You can also wear clothes made of other cheap fabrics such as silk or acrylic. Clothing made from this material looks more expensive than synthetics.

Polyester can also look good, but only in some cases. Make sure the fabric does not "shine" in the sun. Also, be sure to put it on your hand to see what it looks like on your skin.

Color definitely matters

Choose clothes in black or white. These are classics and there should be no inserts in other shades. Clothing that is completely black or white creates a simple and sophisticated effect. Therefore, if you buy black or white clothes that you can combine with other shades, your wardrobe will generally look more expensive. However, make sure that the materials look the same. For example, if the pants are "lighter" than the jacket, you may look cheap.

Pay attention to neutral shades such as brown, beige and gray, because clothes in these colors usually look expensive.

Don't complicate cheap clothes

Some women in their quest to hide cheap clothes make the mistake of complicating the look. When it comes to "accessories" for cheap clothes, such as jewelry, it is best not to use them at all. This "cover" quickly loses its attractive appearance and looks worse. On the other hand, simple clothes that have simple lines will look much more expensive without unnecessary jewelry and accessories.

For example, instead of buying a turquoise shirt with fringe and gold accents, choose a plain V-neck shirt with no embellishments.

Make sure your clothes fit

As banal as it sounds, it's the truth, because in the locker room it can be difficult to judge if your clothes fit. That is, you can fall in love with a dress and even if it does not fit you or does not harmonize with your appearance, skin color, eyes, style, etc., you still decide you want to buy it. Don't make that mistake. Even expensive clothes that don't fit you always look cheaper than they really are.

Get rid of any dirty clothes

If you have stains on your clothes, such as grease or red wine, try dry cleaning to fix the problem. If you fail to remove the stains, it's time to get rid of these clothes, because it will never look expensive again. That's why it's best to throw them away. Free up space in your wardrobe for new products.

Eliminate any clothing problems

If a button breaks off your clothes, sew it back on. If you see a hole in the seam, cut the thread. Then sew by hand or with a sewing machine. In this case, be sure to choose a thread with the right color. All the little details are important. If you don't fix them, they can not only make your clothes look cheap, but also dirty.

shiny shoes

Always keep your shoes in good condition

Worn and worn out shoes can ruin the overall look of the outfit. Make sure your shoes look shiny and new. In this case, the clothes will look more expensive. If your shoes can't be polished, it may be time to buy new shoes.

Don't buy clothes that look worn. Problem items can be very expensive, while cheap clothes can sometimes look great and fashionable. However, this rule does not apply to jeans. They will be stylish even if they are torn.

Tips for proper care

Try to wash your clothes as little as possible so they don't look worn out.

Use a product that removes moss, dust or animal hair - they can also ruin your appearance. Therefore, if necessary, use a roller to remove moss from clothes.

Iron your things

"Wrinkles" can make the fabric look cheaper, so ironing will help improve the appearance of the garment. Steam can be used to remove bruises.


Accessories can enhance the look of any outfit. Give preference to gold jewelry here, because gold is able to make clothes look more expensive. Wear elegant gold earrings. You can also add a beautiful scarf to enhance the overall look of the outfit.

Put your shirt under your belt

Loose clothing often looks cheaper. Take some time to put away your shirt or sweater while wearing a belt over your pants, it will make your whole look more sophisticated and stylish.

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