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Often, when furnishing the bedroom, we think about the firmness and comfort of the mattress, the shape of the pillow, the softness of the blanket and the bed linen we choose according to its beauty. Our article will tell you how to choose the right high-quality bed linen, how to find out from the appearance of the fabric which material is pleasant for the skin, will last a long time, can be easily washed and does not need to be ironed constantly. p> Bed linen is generally a set that usually consists of a duvet, sheet and pillowcase. The number of items may vary depending on the size of the bed: person and a half, double, family (two single duvets). Some prefer ready-made sets, while others (such as me) buy all the items separately and create their own bedding sets.

According to what criteria should we choose our bed linen?

How to choose the right set? If you make the right choice, then you will enjoy your purchase for many years. It is absolutely necessary that you like the bed linen on the outside and that it is pleasant to the touch, because this is the first thing you will see when you wake up. It is also important to consider the size, composition and density of the fabric, the type of sheet fasteners, the duvet cover and the pillow case.

Types of bedding

Underwear types are related to size.

1.Family set or "duet" includes two pillowcases, a sheet and two duvets. Great option for partners who are fighting for a blanket at night. One partner can put a very warm blanket in his sock, while the other partner can use a lighter version.

2.Maxi or king size. It is a set of two standard pillowcases, a duvet and a very large sheet, for example 240x260. These sets are designed for those who love large blankets, or for a couple who still wants to sleep under a blanket (this is true for the first few years of living together :) giggles). Interestingly, it is difficult to find king-size bed linen in England, it is more popular abroad.

3.Euro-standard has an impressive feature - down cover, usually 200x220. The set includes: a sheet, a duvet and two rectangular pillowcases, but sometimes the set also includes two square pillowcases measuring 45x45. This size came from the West, where it is customary to make a bed with 4 pillows. 2 of them are used for relaxation, such as reading a book or watching TV in bed.

4.The double set is focused mainly on the most common blankets in our country, the most popular of which is 175x215. Includes a duvet, a sheet and two pillowcases. Usually they are 65x45, because rectangular pillows have always been more popular in England (Curious! In England, for example, square pillows are much more popular than rectangular ones). But lately, even this size is increasingly being supplemented with square pillowcases.

5.Person and a half includes one item in each set: pillow case, duvet and sheet. The width of the blanket is about 150 cm. Suitable for children, women and even men of medium height. Personally, when I was preparing my child for school, I bought such a set instead of the usual children's size, because I thought that the children's set would soon be small.

6.Children's bedding is divided into two types. The children's room is used from birth to 3 years, in addition to standard items, the set may include various protections for bed, canopy and other cute items. Baby bedding is suitable for a child under 10 years of age and does not differ much from the adult version, except that it is slightly smaller in size.

What fabric should the bedding be made of?

What kind of bed linen to buy? It is very important to take into account not only the fabric, but also the "sewing method". It is easy to confuse these parameters: cotton, silk, linen are fabrics, and satin, cambric, percale are the way of weaving threads. That's why some retailers present an artificial fabric with a characteristic satin sheen, although satin can be sewn from 100% cotton.

Cotton bed linen

This fabric is well known to all of us and is used in the production of 90% bed linen. Cotton is popular because it is strong enough, breathable, does not cause allergies and last but not least it is affordable and not so expensive. However, cotton has its drawbacks, does not absorb moisture well, so it dries long after washing and is not suitable for people who sweat a lot. What should be cotton underwear? It can be sewn in different ways, here are the most popular ones:

I just want to add that my favorite brand is Ranfors. Not so expensive

bed linen 100% cotton

1.Calico cotton fabric. Calico is a coarse fabric that is woven using a simple and dense smooth fabric so that the fabric is matte and even. Its characteristics depend on the density: translucent, gauze-like and does not retain colors well. You can also find fabrics with higher density, such calico will last a long time, will hold its color well, but is a little more expensive. p>

2.Chintz cotton fabric. This fabric is especially suitable during the hot summer months. Chintz, like coarse calico, is made by smooth weaving, but coarse calico is coarser and more -hard material due to the special treatment of the fabric. Chintz is so delicate and pleasant to the touch that it is often used to sew bedding for small babies and newborns. However, the fabric is short-lived and quickly loses its color after washing. I personally soak the bed linen in a little vinegar before washing to preserve its color. But chintz bed linen is quite cheap and as long as your family budget allows it, you can change it every year.

3. Poplin. Poplin is also woven with a simple smooth weave, but it uses yarns of different thicknesses, which makes the fabric an interesting embossed surface. The fabric is breathable, cheap and pleasant to the touch and almost does not wrinkle, but just like "Calico" it retains its color very poorly :(. Usually this fabric is sewn from pre-dyed threads and mostly monochromatic bedroom sets are obtained.

4.Satin. 100% cotton is most often used to produce a satin bed linen. The fabric has a fine sheen and very strongly twisted threads, whereby these same threads do not pass through the basis. The dense surface of satin makes it extremely good at absorbing colors. Cotton satin is highly valued for its smoothness and strength, which is why it is used to sew high-quality bed linen, which is more expensive than others.

5. Mahra. According to experts, Mahra has high thermal protection, moisture absorption and softness to the touch. In addition to bed linen, towels are also sewn from it. Usually towels are sewn from bamboo or cotton with the addition of a small amount of synthetic additives, which help to preserve the stitches. The more stitches per square meter the fringe has, the softer, warmer the product.

bed linen polyester

6.Cotton Percale. Cotton Percale is my favorite material. If you traveled by plane You have probably seen this fabric because the seats of the plane are made of percale. This fabric is extremely durable and resistant to wear. Nowadays, percale is used not only in the production of bed linen, but also for pillowcases and blankets. There is constant friction on these surfaces, so the fabric of the coating must be very strong. The characteristic here is that its threads are not twisted, but glued with a special glue.

cotton percale

Apart from cotton, there are other natural fabrics, such as my favorite silk.

Over the last few years, there has been an overproduction of silk. Even in terms of beauty, sleeping on silk will save you from wrinkles on your face after sleep. Many dermatologists recommend that people with sensitive and prone to inflammation skin sleep on such a pillowcase. pillow because silk is highly hypoallergenic.

cotton percale

7. Linen bed linen. Linen is definitely our best friend during the summer heat. It allows air to pass through it, which in turn prevents sweating, and if this happens, then linen quickly absorbs and evaporates moisture. The fabric is slightly rough, which makes many people not buy it, but know that you are wrong in your judgment of it.

8. Bamboo bedding. Bamboo bedding is very similar to cotton. In terms of hygroscopicity, bamboo stands out favorably because it quickly absorbs and evaporates moisture and is therefore ideal for hot summer nights and for people with heavy sweating. In today's times of climate change, this material is ideal for people who care about the planet, because bamboo grows 75 cm per day and has natural bactericidal properties, so it is not treated against pests. The smell of bamboo niches is absent, and the antibacterial properties of the plant are fully preserved.

bamboo bedroom set

Synthetic fabric?

Although I'm not a big fan of synthetic bed linen, I can't deny that, like natural materials, synthetics are pleasant for the skin and allow it to breathe, but it costs less, shines beautifully, does not requires ironing and a special approach during washing.

It is interesting that the sets with royal patterns and other small details are made on a smooth fabric with the help of polyester, because on any other material the contours will not be so clearly expressed.

9.Microfiber bed linen. Its name comes from the size of the fibers, its thread is 100 times thinner than human hair. Usually microfiber is made from artificial fibers, but the composition may be present and cotton. Some time ago I had such a set and to be honest I was impressed, the fabric was soft and breathable and the interesting thing for me was that it was difficult to get dirty.

And now it's time to tell you about my favorite bedding fabrics.

I offer you a list of extremely luxurious bedroom sets.

10. Eucalyptus fiber bed linen. I have not used such a fabric, but I know that it has a light satin sheen and natural antibacterial properties. Eucalyptus threads are similar to cotton, but this wood requires much less watering than cotton.

11.Japanese silk. There are two types of silk: tusa (wild silkworm) or mulberry (stored under special conditions). Mulberry fibers are considered first-class: silkworms feed on the leaves of the same tree and their threads are the same. The cocoons of caterpillars only need to be unraveled, they do not need chemical treatment and retain all their natural properties. It is best to buy this type of silk, because for several centuries in Japan it was from this material that the geisha's kimono was sewn, and I had read in an article that this type of clothing lasted about 20 years without fading. (I'm not sure how true this is)

12. Egyptian cotton bed linen. Amazing fabric. Dries very quickly. Extremely light, thin and durable fabric.

The durability of the fabric depends mainly on the density, and the thickest bed linen is the one made of Egyptian cotton.

When it comes to the color of underwear should be chosen based on your own preferences and of course to suit the interior.

There are bed linen that glows in the dark. You can browse such models on the Internet.

Some manufacturers sew bed linen with two faces, ie. with two different patterns. This is good for us because we get 2 sets instead of 1.

My advice to all of you who find it difficult to decide which bedding is best for their bedroom, then choose a set in some of the basic colors: black, gray, white or beige. They are unobtrusive and stylish in any interior.

If you have a pet that leaves a lot of hair behind, then choose a set with rich color and rich colors, because dirt and hair will not look so much on them.

Here I want to insert something extremely important for all parents !!! For children's bedding set, psychologists increasingly advise parents to show kids the full palette of colors. Let them know that there are colors other than blue and pink.

Let's now take a look at the bedding from an interior point of view (there will be a separate article on this topic soon!)

Bed linen does not have to be in line with the style of the bedroom. The different colors themselves can become bright accents and set a pleasant mood in the interior. Sometimes this is enough and you do not even have to make repairs.

If you want to emphasize the grandeur of the interior, then I recommend you choose a massive bed linen

Thick sleeping set

If you are going to choose a bedroom set for attics, then the underwear should be made of calm, dense color. Achromatic black, gray and white tones are often used. The bed should look deliberately careless, as if you did not make the choice, but took the first set.

If you want to make your room in Mediterranean style, then choose bed linen in a light shade and necessarily without prints and other decorations on it.You can be inspired by turquoise sea, lush green plants or golden sand.Follow these colors and you will move your room to the beach.

A few tips for choosing bedding

1. Make sure the sleeping set is thick enough and not transparent, because it will look cheap and ugly.

2. Don't buy kits that are a few inches larger than your bed, no matter how much you like them, because they will most likely hang from the bed and look ugly.

3. Before you buy a sleeping set, it is important to be aware of its locking mechanisms, however, it will often be washed and it is necessary to be convenient to remove.

4. Carefully inspect the defect sleeping kit.

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