Panic attack - a prison for consciousness

panic fear

Before I tell you my short story, I want to give you some information about the panic attack

What is a panic attack?

Panic attack is an impulse, an outburst of strong fear that comes in seconds and reaches its peak within a minute. Symptoms of a panic attack include sweating, increased heart rate, shortness of breath, tremors, dizziness, tingling in the extremities, and chills.

Here's my case

This happened in the summer of 2018. Then I was unemployed (below you will understand why this is important!). Sitting on the porch at home I felt a little dizzy, got up from my chair and for a moment thought something was wrong with me , which activated many unpleasant processes and sensations in my body (some of the most unpleasant I have ever felt in my entire conscious life).

I felt my arms and legs begin to tremble uncontrollably, my heart began to race like crazy. My breathing became faster, which intensified the effect of dizziness. I sweated and thought I had a serious health problem.

If I can describe in one word all the symptoms I experienced at that moment, it was adrenaline or rather FEAR.

My brother was nearby and I immediately called him to see a doctor to be examined immediately.

After 15 terrible minutes I was already in front of the cardiologist's office. My doctor did all the tests and found nothing but that I have a fast heartbeat (of course). Yes, but I did not believe him. I thought something very bad and it happens to me seriously and the doctor just doesn't want to scare me. He prescribed me some heart palpitations and sent me home.

The next morning I made coffee and went out on the terrace again, but this time I was calm, still a doctor examined me and prescribed me medicine. I saw the chair I was sitting in the previous day, but I did not dare to sit on it, because it reminded me of an unpleasant incident. :)

I had to go to the market to the nearest hypermarket. I got in my car and drove off. The traffic light turned red (usually waiting about 40 seconds at this traffic light). great.

At that moment I felt a heat wave pass through my whole body, my breathing became difficult. Again I let the adrenaline get in my way. At that moment I just wanted to get out of the car and run without turning around, but I couldn't, still Dozens of cars were standing behind me waiting for the traffic light to turn green. It was the longest 40 seconds of my life.

I opened the car window because I was short of air. I felt the pedal legs start to tremble, I thought it would end, so my life would end, but fortunately the green light came on and at that moment my symptoms magically began to disappear .Yet I ran away. I ran away from the "bad traffic light" that caused me all this.

I went home and thought I was either dying or going crazy and my mind was blurring. I was starting to avoid this traffic light for no real reason why I was doing it.

I started to experience similar events in other places. And so came the moment when I just didn't want to go out, because everything reminded me of the horror I was feeling. I was afraid even of people.

I stayed at home and found that beer cured the symptoms (I don't recommend it at all). Alcohol clouded my mind and suppressed so-called "panic attacks".

Without realizing that I was becoming an alcoholic, day after day I "treated" myself with alcohol and felt good. However, my symptoms disappeared.

This period lasted maybe about a year, when one sunny day I just realized that I could not go on like this anymore and it was time to take my life in my hands and tighten up.

I had a passion that I had forgotten. I loved fashion and everything related to it. It was then that the idea for this site was born. I started working as a waiter in a local restaurant and at the same time wrote the history and future of my site. >

I was so busy that I could hardly remember what happened at this traffic light or what happened at this chair. I was constantly thinking about my work. My mind was engaged.

Then I realized that I had dealt with the problem (Only people who have been through this can understand me).

I know this is a very hot topic these days and experts would probably tell you to lead a healthy lifestyle, get a good night's sleep or exercise regularly, but my advice to all of you who suffer from this disease, because I think it's a disease to engage your mind. Do the things you love and be with your loved ones more often.

You need to learn to manage panic attacks, experience an episode of fear, observe your feelings, sensations and thoughts - as a scientist.

I was unemployed and probably had a lot of free time to look at my body. And never forget that a panic attack can't hurt you and you can't die from it, because it only happens in your head. .

You are not alone and be sure that this will pass! :) If you just want to talk to someone you can write to our email address.

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