How to wear a belt correctly? Models.

a leather belt

We all know that a belt is a must-have element of every person's look. The belt serves not only to fix clothes, but also to emphasize your waist and hips.

Now let's figure out how to use it in your style.

Belts, in general, can be considered in two categories:

1. Classic belt.

2. Belt, which is used only for accent.

If you are about to buy a belt, we recommend that you choose a classic belt with a laconic buckle for your first purchase. It is always fashionable and easily combined with almost any outfit.

What should you pay attention to when buying a belt?

1. Pay attention to the material. Cheap leatherette belts fade quickly, so check your purchase carefully. Take a good look at the product, because it should be smooth without any scratches and injuries.

2. Look for a belt that does not hang and does not have unnecessary elements on it.

3.Choose a suitable size. It is best to measure your waist and add 15 cm to the result. This way you will get the ideal length of the belt.

A belt can hide body imperfections, but it can also show them off, so be responsible when shopping for a belt. Consider not only fashion trends, but also your figure.

I will now explain in a little more detail:

1. If your figure is an "hourglass" type, there are no restrictions in front of you when choosing a suitable belt. You can use from the classic version to double and triple belts.

2. If you have a "triangle" type of figure, the most suitable for you would be a belt with a medium width and a large buckle.

3. For an apple-type figure, medium-width belts that fasten slightly above the waist are best suited. Avoid models with massive buckles.

4. If you do not have a big difference in the circumference of the chest, waist and shoulders, then you are the owner of a rectangle type figure. Choose a thin belt combined with loose clothes

5. For an inverted triangle type figure, it is recommended that the belt be located below the waistline in combination with voluminous dresses.

If you are short and want to look taller, choose a belt that is at waist level or slightly higher to make your legs look longer.

What does the belt go with?

Remember that combining a belt with different clothes creates different looks. You can combine a belt with a skirt, dress, shirt or coat.

The belt and coat combo is my favorite! Here, the goal is to visually create an hourglass figure, so emphasize the waist. Use genuine leather belts, because belts made of synthetic materials can only disrupt the harmony of your appearance.

The classic beige trench coat is the garment that will suit almost any belt except for too wide models that can visually divide your body in two, which will break the proportions.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, use belts in bright colors, but make sure you have at least one other element of your look in the same range (scarf, handbag, hat, etc.).

A belt can be worn not only with fitted clothes. Oversized clothes also love belts. In this case, the belt will mark the waist, but will not make it visually narrower.

We have to distinguish between oversized clothes and bulky down clothes. Be extremely careful when looking for a belt that fits a bulky down jacket. Choose only wide belts that are not too tight, because with a thin belt you risk looking terribly ridiculous .

If you have decided to blindly follow fashion this year, then choose as long a belt as possible, leaving its end hanging.

Only when wearing jeans should the belt be well tucked in and match the loops.

If we talk about harmony, then a black or brown belt will fit perfectly with blue or light blue jeans.

A belt in a bright color will also look good in the company of blue jeans.

Alberta Feretti's show proved that if you are a fan of rough and massive elements, you can combine such a belt with a light and airy dress.

The skirt is the next garment that can be combined more than successfully with a belt, but this only applies to long skirts to the floor. The exception is the pencil skirt and denim short skirts.

My favorite combination of a belt is with a long blouse and voluminous sleeves. It is a great combination!

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