How to wear a pencil skirt - a complete guide

Dear ladies who like to wear style! How long have you not revised your wardrobe? If you do, you will come across amazing things that you have forgotten. You will come across a pencil skirt forgotten by you. Maybe you bought it just to go to the office and did not realize that it will become the basis of a stylish look! So what should you wear with a pencil skirt?

Classic pencil skirt: the secrets of successful combinations

women's soaked skirt

A pencil skirt is an item of clothing that is not subject to the vagaries of fashion. It successfully fits any figure, suitable for absolutely any occasion. The father of this masterpiece is considered to be Christian Dior, who created this unique model in the 1940s.

The classic model is sewn from tweed or thick fabric for a suit, the length is just below the knee. The usual combination is with a classic, strict model of satin and cotton shirts, chiffon blouses.

pencil skirt

Modern pencil skirt, although retaining its classic silhouette, can be of three lengths: mini, midi and maxi. The shortened shape is often complemented by draperies, curls, varnish, perforations and folds.

One style has a million new looks. In 2020, you can combine it with almost all items: T-shirts, shirts, blouses, sweaters and cardigans. But each set will only respond to one or two specific situations.

Looks like you can make completely different styles with well-chosen belts, scarves or jewelry.

Choice for all occasions

Pencil skirt and low heel shoes - this breaks all stereotypes. And nowadays an elegant pencil skirt can be combined with ballerina shoes, moccasins and even fitness shoes without worries! Wearing low-heeled shoes and unobtrusive accessories will make you look much better, even in French style. You can complement your look with big sunglasses and a hat with a fringe.

a leather skirt

Pencil skirt is the main detail of a strict style. This is again a classic: boat shoes, a light blouse and an elegant bag. Tights - beige and without figures. The waist can be emphasized with a thin belt. Hairstyle - loose hair or a high bun.

Luxurious white blouse with pencil skirt.

White blouse

Fashionable pencil skirts. They boldly wear them with sneakers, colorful tights, large knitted scarves, large bags and tight-fitting hats. There are generally no limits for hipsters

бяла блуза

The most spectacular style for your figure

The Basque model is ideal for girls who want to hide excess volume in the waist and visually lengthen their legs. But it also looks great on thin figures. Choosing an option with the Basques or not is more a matter of taste. Definitely this model is more suitable for romantic meetings and walks than for office work;

skirt with transfer

A high waist pencil skirt is an option for a slim figure. The girl in it looks even more fragile. It looks cool with a finish, a short sweater or a light blouse tucked inside. You can add a cut-out vest, denim bolero or a light scarf to the image. From the accessories - metal bracelet and earrings;

The short model is suitable for ladies with perfect legs. She seductively emphasizes female forms. For a finished look, you should choose a modest blouse without a deep neckline or a shirt, the ends of which can be tied to the waist;

Silhouette with unfolded hem is suitable for informal meetings and dinners. Unlike other models, it looks neat and playful. Wear it with high heels and light neutral colored blouses.

Secret material selection chips

Now in the world of fashion, absolute freedom dominates in the choice of fabric texture. Who wears what fabric and what is right for you?

Knitted skirt with a pencil is indispensable for everyday wear. It is practical, pleasant for the body and does not fold. You can combine it with golfs, loose blouses, knit tops and voluminous sweaters;

Atlas is the apogee of passion. If you feel like a "goddess of love" in your soul, do not hesitate to wear such a skirt! Combines with stylish sandals, perfectly lacquered. Wear too bright colors (white, black, beige, chocolate) with a deep neckline on top. But in order not to look vulgar, use a minimum of jewelry;

sexy ladies skirt

The denim version is suitable for creating a youth style - rebel. Don't wear it, everything looks good with it: wool sweaters, shirts and T-shirts

To look even more stylish, look for a leather belt, bag and country style shoes;

Lace skirt is an option for a super gentle lady. The finish to it should also be elegant: abandon the poisonous colors and bet on creamy shades and a simple cut. Complement the look with clean shoes and a clean bag;

Leather model created for seducers! It always looks very expensive and chic. Wear it with light blouses and discreet shirts. When putting on leather in the summer, be prepared for the unreal hot. For the warm season, the best option is a combination of leather and light knitwear - both sexy and comfortable.

long skirt

Skirts pencil type: color boom

Black skirts are mistaken for part of the business style. Yes, they look pretty strict. But if you wear a bright shirt or sweatshirt too much, black will fit perfectly into your everyday look;

White is an indispensable attribute for a festive or summer look. Wear them with a short top blouse, a bright blouse or a matching black shirt;

Beige skirt will create a gentle spring style. It is desirable to combine it with light shirts, vests, cardigans and blouses. Ideal sky blue, mint, white, coffee color. The jewelry chosen should also be sophisticated, the pearls will look good;

elegant women's skirt

Reds look extremely attractive. Complementing this option with a leopard or black blouse, you will create the image of a real vamp woman. A thin tight belt will help to neatly emphasize the waist. Shoes under a red skirt are best chosen in black;

Bright colors. Lemon, light green, purple - what shades you will not meet now! With them and loose sweaters with calm tones: black, dark blue, gray, brown, white. And only a blue skirt can be combined with all the colors of the rainbow;

Gender print. This option looks best with light blouses, T-shirts, shirts and vests. You can easily put on a denim jacket and pick up a bag that matches the main color.

Pencil skirt with a slit.

The slit option is a classic in the genre. It was originally designed to provide walking comfort. But over time, it has become an elegant and sexy detail of the skirt. The incision can be posterior, anterior or lateral. When trying such a model, discard the options in which the incision rises above the middle of the thigh. It will be uncomfortable to walk and bend over.

short skirt

Pencil skirts

Looks great in pencil style as part of the costume. In combination with a jacket, it is ideal even for a lady over 50 years. This is a universal business image. You can brighten it up with massive earrings, a light necklace or a pendant.

For a perfect combination it is better to choose a short or long jacket with a straight cut, it will also be interesting to look in combination with a vest.

It is common to wear such a suit with high heels.

But what about the cold season?

When the temperatures are freezing outside and you are wearing a thick patterned skirt, don't be afraid to combine it with straight sweaters, short leather coats, leather jackets and cashmere coats. Normal boots, boots above the knee.

As you can see, one model can be a solution to many problems. And with basic clothing of three models: black, bright and printed - you will always be the "queen of the ball".

It is always considered that a pencil skirt is a good look for office work. It is also good for business meetings. But it is often worn in hipster style, due to the peculiarities of the figure, and in combination - with strict and romantic blouses.

Now the questions "what to wear and what to combine" are solved forever! Rest assured, the eyes of all passers-by will be fixed on you!

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