10 rules for dressing girls with short stature

Some girls of short stature acquire a number of complexes in vain. The miniature shapes look very elegant and feminine. The key is to learn to properly present these benefits. Following certain rules, short ladies can choose the right clothes and accessories in which they will look harmonious and even a little taller.

Perfect fit

Legs will look longer in dresses, skirts or high-waisted pants. In this case, the upper part must be refilled. By choosing such models, you can allow unobtrusive emphasis on the waist in the form of a strap that will not cut your figure and will look appropriate.

skirts for girls with very short stature

Correct length

Select items with the correct length. Classic tops should be 5-8 cm below the waist. If you feel comfortable in a mini shirt, do not hesitate to wear it, it will reveal all the beauty and length of your legs. Don't give up on maxi. A suitable model is the one with a hem just below the ankles. Midi can also be worn, with the only contraindication being the combination of midi length and ballet flats.

dress for a short girl

Tight-fitting clothing

Miniature ladies will look great in tight-fitting clothes that gracefully follow the contours of the body. Knitted dresses, tops and skirts, skinny pants and skinny jeans will emphasize your figure. Give up too baggy and dimensionless models that will make your look bulky.

pants for short girls


In the case of outerwear, the best length range is from the waist to 5 cm below the knees. Such parameters will look perfect on short women. Choose jackets, coats, coats with a straight cut or with an emphasis on the waist and a minimum amount of decor.

jacket for wearing by short girls

Focus on the decoy

Add a few inches to your height with a V-neckline. Dresses and tops with spectacular necklines are suitable for evening events. Refrain from bulky steering wheels, rich quilling and multi-stage models. All this huge decor will make your figure wider.

dress with a deep neckline

Wear dresses with prints

Girls with short stature are advised to wear clothes with small and medium patterns, a large print of a miniature figure will look bulky and inappropriate. A medium-sized vertical bar will help to visually stretch the figure. Such a print can decorate dresses, skirts and pants. It also has corrective properties and will make you a little taller.

colored dress with print

Color combinations for short women

The color scheme must also be chosen correctly. Avoid sharp color contrast between the top and bottom. This "cuts" the figure. Let the shadows combine harmoniously, this will preserve the integrity of the vision. Eliminate color block patterns that create unnecessary imbalances in your small body shape.

pants and jacket for a woman of small stature

Pants up to the heel

In the eyes of others you will look an idea higher with the length of the pants to the heel - a winning tool. Five or even ten centimeters added to your height are guaranteed. But here we will set the boundaries. The maximum height of the heel is 8-10 cm. The heel should not be extremely bulky. Don't buy models with wide legs and ties, they will steal the most expensive centimeters from you.

length of pants to the heel


Give up massive accessories and stick to elegant and small jewelry. Let it be long earrings and necklaces, elongated pendants. Replace a massive bracelet with a few small ones.

necklaces for short girls

Accessories for short women

Accessories can be to your advantage if you choose them correctly. Give preference to small bags. Fortunately, modern fashion offers compact bags, backpacks and briefcases. Hat lovers should avoid wide models.

Properly tied scarf is able to visually lengthen the figure. A long scarf can simply be worn around the neck or loosely wrapped around the neck. The low ends of the scarf will create the desired vertical in your appearance, which visually adds height.

necklaces for short girls