Chamomile - a gift from nature

chamomile mask

Nature is perfect and does not allow mistakes. Mother Earth is intelligent and cunning and therefore very often disguises her strengths as weaknesses. What am I talking about? You will find out a little further down.

There is a small and innocent flower that is almost sinful to pluck. A flower that at first glance looks simple and modest. We call it chamomile.

Although it can be found everywhere, it is sometimes difficult to find chamomile. It is as if it is hiding and does not want to be found, but its magical aroma gives it away.

It is no coincidence that Hippocrates compared chamomile to the sun. It is one of the most powerful herbs known to mankind for centuries. In addition to its numerous health benefits, chamomile is increasingly used in cosmetics. People are trying in every way to extract the magic of this flower.

The most accessible way to feel the soul of this herb is to make a decoction from it. Chamomile tea has a powerful anti-inflammatory and soothing effect. Adding the properties of the herb to heal various wounds and act as a pain reliever results a true natural wonder.

However, let us now understand how chamomile affects the appearance.

Chamomile is the main ingredient of various creams and essential oils. In order to obtain an aromatic and healing oil, steam distillation is most often used. Keep in mind that in order to use chamomile essential oil for cosmetic purposes, it is necessary , it should be diluted with ordinary oil (preferably with baby oil) in a ratio of 1:20 drops. It is necessary to test a little of the mixture on your hand before applying it to your face to check for allergic reactions.

Then apply to your face, avoiding the area around the eyes. This is a universal cream that will give new life to the skin of the face.

Irrespective of whether you have eczema or dermatitis, chamomile will help with quick recovery. The substance it contains - bisabol, helps the quick and effective absorption of all other beneficial substances for the skin.

The chemical composition of this medicinal herb includes: paraffin, cadinene-type sesquiterpenes, caprylic, nonilic and isoleric acid. Its main ingredients are, as I mentioned above, bisabol and its oxygen derivatives farnesene and hamazulene. Other components are: coumarins, the flavone glycosides apin and patulithrin, mucilage substances, nicotinic acid, salicylic acid, glycerides of oleic palmitic, stearic and linoleic acids , carotene, vitamin C, mucus and bitter substances.

If you have dry and sensitive skin - give boldly! Chamomile oil will hydrate and soothe any imperfection on the face.

Just to add that this oil is also extremely beneficial for the hair. Chamomile has been proven to stimulate elongation, thicken the body of the hair and nourish it a lot. The only thing I don't like here is that it lightens the hair a bit (But for some of you that's fine).

Oily skin can also be affected by products with chamomile.

If you have puffy eyes, then it is enough to soak a tampon with chamomile tea and place it under and above the eyelid for about 20 minutes. You will be surprised by the result.

In conclusion, we can say that you should take advantage of the benefits that chamomile offers at every opportunity

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