It's not hard to have perfect lips!

Full lips

Do you want to increase the volume of your lips? Do you want to have seductive and full lips? The answer is probably yes, and most likely you have already turned to the second most popular procedure among aesthetic cosmetology.

Did you know that you can achieve almost the same effect with much safer procedures, without pain and without throwing away your hard-earned money?

I have seen all sorts of "tricks" and methods on tiktok, instagram and facebook, such as starting to draw air from a bottle, thereby creating a vacuum that stimulates blood circulation in the lips. This is extremely unreasonable, because it can seriously damage your lips. Bleeding and bruising may occur, so I recommend you not to use this method!

You can stimulate blood circulation without using risky procedures. Here's how:

1.Exfoliate gently with sugar and vegetable oil for 1 minute.

2.Massage with ice cubes stimulates blood circulation and thus the lips become pinker.

After you have completed both procedures, I advise you to apply products with vitamin A. Peach oil or coconut oil are ideal sources of these vitamins. I personally apply petroleum jelly, which I think is the best lip product.


If you're a fan of cooking, however, you'll probably want to "cook" your lip balm yourself. To do this, put some petroleum jelly in the microwave for 10-15 seconds, then add a little olive oil and a few drops of cinnamon or peppermint oil and mix well. Put in a suitable package and wait for it to cool.

After these simple procedures, I guarantee that your lips will look sexy and natural.

However, we must not forget to protect our lips from the harmful rays of the sun. When you are exposed to the sun, you must use products with UV protection. The higher the SPF filter, the better, because UV rays accelerate the breakdown of collagen in the lips and disrupt its production.

If you suspect that the collagen in your lips has decreased, you can take collagen in capsules or naturally. However, the second option is a bit unpleasant for most ladies, because it will be necessary to eat animal skins or cocktails from animals to get natural collagen. Beauty requires sacrifices!

If we forget for a minute about all the oils and massages for the lips and think logically, we will come to the conclusion that just as there are exercises for the body, there are also exercises for the muscles of the mouth.

Just purse your lips and blow air as hard as you can. Do this exercise whenever you feel like it.

To increase the effect of voluminous lips, you can apply ombre lipstick. This will visually make your lips more voluminous

To visually increase the volume of your lips, you can try contouring, but this is an art that not everyone can master.

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