See the simplest methods that will keep your makeup even in the hottest heat.

makeup on the beach

During the summer, many girls try to use a minimum amount of make-up because they are afraid that the make-up will "melt" in the heat and put them in an awkward situation.

True summer makeup should be perfect all day long. To do this, follow these rules:

1.Prepare your face properly before applying makeup.

It's summer and you feel your face sweating uncontrollably. How should we act here?

We must do everything possible to slow down the work of the sebaceous glands. To do this, use a face mask with black or blue clay. After finishing the procedures, clean your face thoroughly and apply a mattifying cream.

mask with clay for the summer heat

During the summer season, we recommend that you do not use too thick makeup, as this can clog the pores of the face and lead to even more sweating.

2.Correct makeup in the summer.

Applying makeup in the summer is not an easy task. In the winter or fall, it is easy to apply makeup with your fingers or a brush, but in the summer it will only worsen the situation, because it stimulates the sebaceous glands of facial skin. / p>

The best way to apply makeup in July and August is a sponge or blender.

When using make-up on your eyes, don't forget to use waterproof products.

3.Moisturize your skin in the summer.

During the summer heat, the skin dries out and this causes the sebaceous glands to work at full speed to make up for lost water in the facial skin, so the more we moisturize the skin, the less oily it is.

Your best friend here should be thermal water. Spray often on your face.

moisturizing the face in the summer

Remember that you need to drink more water, because it will also help the skin to hydrate from the inside.

Buy matte wipes - they will remove all excess fat. If you want to look perfect, use a special fixative that will provide perfect makeup even at a temperature of 37 +.

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