Do Turks like conservative or secular fashion?

Istanbul fashion week

Each woman has an individual way of thinking and is different from others, but in one thing all women in the world are alike. Every woman wants to be dressed beautifully! Turkish women are no exception.

Daily clothing of women in the big cities of Turkey is not very different from fashion in Western European countries.

In Turkey, however, there is a big difference in terms of fashion in different parts of the country. For example, in the smaller towns and the countryside in general, the fashion is in complete contrast to the fashion in the big cities.

In the capital and other large cities, such as Istanbul, women enjoy an abundance of fashionable clothes in a variety of styles, while women in the countryside have a much more limited choice. The small choice is due to the fact that girls there from a young age they are brought up that wearing a short skirt is wrong. In general, the concept of "closedness" is extremely important to Turkish women in the countryside, that even if they open fashionable boutiques, there will be no one to shop at them.

This type of upbringing, or more specifically the clothing, comes from the elderly grandparents who hold traditions and values very much.

Let's look at the statistics, however. Only 30% of the ladies in Turkey have uncovered hair, that is, they follow secular fashion. 63% of Turkish women cover themselves and 46% wear turbans. One of the most prominent fans of the turban is Emine Erdogan, the wife of the Turkish president. She proves in an indisputable way that even when dressed conservatively, she looks more than divine and majestic.


We have already seen that the majority of the population is conservative, so the favorite clothing (especially in the countryside) is the classic Turkish pants, which the fuller women slip up to their stomachs. Some people think this is funny, but these are traditions and personal choices and everyone should respect them.

Let's now talk a little about fashion in the big cities of Turkey.

There the picture is diametrically opposite. The women dress brightly and more nakedly.

In cities like Istanbul and Ankara, fashion doesn't follow any strict rules, but there are women who want to respect their traditions, but at the same time to include some more modern element in their outfit. This collaboration can lead to completely unpredictable vision.

Ankara fashion week

Despite the great differences in different parts of the country, fashion in Turkey is similar in one accessory, namely the Muslim headscarf. It is popular both in the villages and in the cities. Fashion designers in modern Turkey have created a wide variety of colored and printed headscarves. and therefore it is easy to combine them with the other part of the outfit.

Another popular element of women's wardrobe in Turkey is the turban. I would say that the turban is current not only in Turkey, but also in Europe and America. It combines divinely with a dress. If you decide to add elegant and delicate sunglasses it will be even better.

The turban is one of the great revolutions in conservative fashion in Turkey. Women already wear turbans en masse, and accordingly the creators of this element are climbing the ladder of success at an unprecedented pace, while the shares of the big and fashionable secular boutiques in Turkey are going down. Conservative fashion in Turkey is literally blossoming and covers more and more sectors - from everyday clothes to bridal dresses. Big fashion designers in Turkey no longer feel the need to create secular fashion, because the uniqueness of conservative fashion makes them so special that they would hardly go unnoticed!

Fashion in Turkey is hard to describe. It has to be seen and felt. The variety of styles will surely impress you and make you fall in love with this world!

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