Choosing earrings according to the shape of our face

After we published yesterday our article on the 10 tips for dressing short girls, today you, our dear readers, wanted to write this article.

Women are often dissatisfied with their appearance. That's why they usually know how to emphasize their strengths and hide their weaknesses. Today we will add another trick, thanks to which you can choose earrings according to your face type and visually adjust its shape.

To choose the right earrings, you need to know your face type - it depends on which jewelry will suit you. Stand in front of the mirror and contour your face with lipstick. Compare your outline with those in the image above and choose the closest one.

pendant type earrings

Earrings suitable for oval face

earrings for long dress

On the oval face, the lines of the forehead and chin are almost the same size and proportion, have a soft, smoothly rounded shape. Such a contour is considered a reference. Therefore, choosing earrings for all other shapes, we will strive to visually bring the face to the correct oval.

Earrings of any shape will fit the oval face. Oval face owners should choose jewelry based on what they want to emphasize:

If you want to emphasize your neck, then choose long earrings.

If you want to emphasize your lips then your choice should be large round earrings to focus on your smile.

Emphasizing your makeup can be done with the help of appropriate triangular earrings.

If you have a short hairstyle, then round silver earrings with pearls or other stones will help you create a particularly interesting image.

If you want to give preference to the cheekbones and the middle of your face, then the right choice is short voluminous earrings and small spikes


Thin elongated earrings

thin and long earrings

Round face earrings

earrings with decoration

If you have wide cheekbones, rounded lines on the forehead and chin, and the length of the face is almost equal to its width, then you are the owner of a round type. When choosing earrings for this shape, our task is to stretch it visually a little.

Better give up protruding and round earrings: visually they make your face wider. We recommend wearing long pendants and chain earrings with a weight on the end, which makes the face look narrower. The weight shifts the emphasis on the neck and "stretches" the face, emphasizing the chin line and making it longer. The length of the jewelry should be up to the middle of the neck, no more, otherwise the effect will be "smeared".


Elongated models - visually stretch the shape of the face.

Geometric contours - compensate for the roundness.


Short earrings. They will emphasize the cheekbones and cheeks and visually expand the face even more.

Models with large spherical beads and elements that have a round shape at the front. Such earrings emphasize the roundness of the face, from which we are just trying to get out.

pearl earrings

Which earrings will go on a square face?

square face

If you have a wide face with a clear square chin line, using the right shape of the earrings, you can visually soften and lengthen it.

Little earrings are not yours. For a square face, voluminous long earrings with an oval shape are good (but not round - they will make the face "wider"). Pendants with overflowing stones will look especially impressive.


Elongated models - visually lengthen facial contours.

Small but bright earrings - distract from the chin.


Ordinary earrings to the middle cheekbones. They visually enlarge the face.

Chin-length models. Such earrings make the square face heavier.

Clear geometric contours that emphasize angularity.

Triangular face earrings

triangular face

The shape of a face with a wide forehead, middle cheekbones and a pointed chin is called triangular or heart-shaped. As we strive to bring the contours closer to the oval, we will widen the chin.

Do not wear triangular earrings. They emphasize a pointed chin and "expand" the cheekbones. It is better to choose oval or round earrings. They will soften the sharp contours of the face and make it more harmonious. The ideal option is "cloves" with shimmering stones.


Lower face models are ideal in this case. They seem to continue the chin line, aligning it with the cheekbones.

"Drops", products expanding down, earrings-rings.

Mid-cheekbone patterns - help balance a wide forehead.


Patterns that narrow down - they visually emphasize a pointed chin.

Miniature carnations - there will be an emphasis on wide cheekbones, a sharp chin will open.

Inverted triangle face earrings

pear-shaped face

An elongated face with an extended heavy chin is called a pear shape. Our task is to use the right earrings to make the bottom visually thinner and softer.

Which earrings will fit?

Small models or tassels - visually expand the cheekbones and align them with the chin.

Elongated thin earrings to the shoulders - lighten the contours.


Earrings to the chin line. They will expand the part of the face that we are trying to narrow.

Volumetric, massive models.

which earrings will suit me

Choose earrings by facial features

For two women with the same face shape, the same earrings will look different. Therefore, when choosing jewelry, you can not focus only on the contours, you must take into account the hairstyle and hair type, neck length, clothing style and facial features. And if we can vary the hairstyle and clothes, facial features can be corrected much more complicated. Here are some tips to help you choose earrings for your facial features.

* Owners of carved noses, neat lips and small eyes will be able to emphasize the elegance of their appearance with the help of the same small earrings.

* Thick lips, wide nose and large wide open eyes do not look good with miniature earrings. For girls with "bigger" features, we recommend bright, massive jewelry.

* If you can't attribute your traits to small or large, they're probably medium. You can experiment with different sizes of jewelry.

* In combination. The rarest and surprisingly beautiful type of person. These are usually large eyes and puffy lips with a small nose and a small chin. Experts recommend that girls with combined facial features wear large earrings with small details.

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