How to keep the color of clothes for a long time?

how many degrees to wash my clothes

Most of you will probably not read and learn things from our article that you did not know before. Each of us strives to maintain the brightness of the color of clothes for a long time. Such clothes on a subconscious level seem new to us, but aggressive detergents and hard water literally "wash away" the color and things gradually lose their brightness and gradually fade. To slow down this process as long as possible, we've put together some helpful tips for you.

Check for "suspicious" clothes.

If you have bought a new garment and you have doubts about the stability of its color and you are afraid that the garment may "leak" from its color during washing, make a check. Wet a small area and if the item is new, you can use the same piece of fabric that is usually attached to the labels. Then iron the damp cloth over the white paper. If it stains, it means that when washed at high temperatures, this garment will fade. Therefore, we should definitely soak only in lukewarm water and choose a delicate mode in the washing machine.

Sort clothes properly before putting them in the washing machine.

1.Color: Everything is clear here - colored and dark things can color white, especially if you choose too high a temperature.

2.Weight: This means sorting the clothes according to their density. That is, blue jeans and a blue blouse should not be put together in the washing machine despite their uniform colors. Thick fabrics such as blankets or towels can damage the delicate fabrics of dresses and blouses.

3. Kind of mareia. According to my humble observations, clothes made of synthetics emit more color, while cotton and linen are usually more durable.

4.Texture. Fluffy things like towels or sweaters should not be washed together with materials that literally "collect" balls of thread. You may have guessed that we are talking about velvet and corduroy.

5.Wash old clothes separately from new ones. More experienced hosts will advise you to wash old and new clothes separately. It is logical - there is still too much pigment in the new dress, which she will "gladly" distribute during the first wash.

enhancing the color of clothes

Wash your clothes in low temperatures.

Hot water is the biggest enemy of colored clothes. If the program of your washing machine allows you to adjust the water temperature, it is better to stop at the lowest temperature. In general, the temperature for washing colored clothes should not exceed 30 ° C. This also applies to soaking - cooler water spares dyed fabrics. There are exceptions, but it is better to read the chemical brand of the clothes before washing to make sure that you will not make a mistake or spoil your clothes.

Special wipes that capture color.

Color-wiping wipes are definitely not a panacea. Some people mistakenly believe that putting these wipes in the washing machine will protect the rest of the clothes in the drum. But this is not the case - if the temperature is too high, in addition to the handkerchief, you will ruin your clothes. So it's best not to take any chances.

Be careful with detergents.

Even powders that are labeled as colored clothes are not always gentle on the color of your clothes. Therefore, to avoid trouble and not to choose blindly, I recommend using natural preparations. Look for products that are Clean & White and are at least 98% plant-based. This will allow you to clean your clothes delicately, because we should not sacrifice the color of your beautiful new blouse in the name of being clean. Soap granules and concentrated formula effectively remove dirt, provide freshness, but at the same time do not destroy the color of the fibers of the fabric. Therefore, they are recommended for washing children's clothes - the composition is so safe. Therefore, even the most delicate colored fabrics will not lose their color.

Detergents that restore the shine of clothes.

I've seen a lot of laundry ads lately that restore the brightness of clothes, but they include dyes, phosphates, anionic surfactants, and a number of other aggressive substances. Manufacturers of such household chemicals do not in vain recommend strict monitoring of clothes that are put in the drum of the washing machine. When using a particular product (wash white clothes with a special bleaching product and black clothes with a product that restores black color). This is done because of the dyes - if you mix some things, you risk getting dark spots on light clothes and vice versa.

Be careful with hand washing

Dear ladies, if you have decided to wash colored clothes by hand, do not make the mistake of twisting or twisting them, otherwise there will be slight streaks.

Be careful when drying your clothes.

Heat sources - a variety of heaters - will of course help the laundry to dry faster, but at the same time they will "remove" a few color tones from your favorite clothes. Artificial heat can "evaporate" color from the surface of fabrics. It is best to just hang the wet clothes on a rope or dryer, provide airflow to them and leave them for a while. I do not recommend exposing your colored clothes to direct sunlight, because under the influence of ultraviolet rays the tissues become lighter.

Ironing clothes.

If you have followed all the recommendations so far, you probably think that your clothes are safe, but you are wrong. Even at this last stage, your colored clothes are still not protected. One of the "threats" is hot iron. Its too hot sole can literally "burn" the color, making it brighter. Therefore, firstly, carefully choose the ironing mode of the iron based on the information on the product label, and secondly, iron the colored clothes only if you have turned them over.

And now if I could share with you personal "recipes" for preserving the color of my clothes, which I by no means want to take seriously, as there is no scientific evidence for them.

additive to washing powder

Personally, when I wash red or blue clothes, I put a teaspoon of baking soda in the drum.

If you wash pink clothes, adding a little ammonia will work wonders.

If you wash brown clothes, you can make black leaf tea and then pour the contents into the place where you put the detergent.