Lace dress. Properties and characteristics

Lace long dress

I just got home after coffee with a friend. There I saw a mother in a dress that looked stunning. She was wearing a black lace dress. Impressed by what I saw, I decided to make a small selection of tips and illustrations on how to wear lace properly so that it looks elegant, beautiful.

black lace dress

First of all, I want to share a very important factor that most ladies overlook: you don't have to focus on how the model is displayed in the store or on the catwalk. Many models wear transparent and lace items directly on their naked bodies. This is understandable: they have little time to change clothes, first they illuminate the spotlights, then in the dark, then it turns into light again ... there is simply not enough time to choose and put on underwear under each dress. And sometimes the designer strives to emphasize the transparency only on the catwalk. But we're not on the catwalk, so it's worth considering whether your sheer lace blouse or lace dress would be appropriate to wear on the bus, at a parent-teacher meeting, or in the office.

Now let's discuss what lace is in fashion and how to make the most of the potential of this fabric. There are two main areas I want to focus on: The first is a temperamental beauty and the second is a naive young girl. For girls with dark skin, the first type is suitable (black lace, lingerie type, provocative models), girls with light skin are more likely to choose the second option (hand-knitted lace or its imitation, light colors, a little pastoral and naivete of the dress , in general)

Thanks to Marc Jacobs, Richelieu's embroidery has been on the rise in recent years. I remember an excerpt from Anna Karenina: Kitty loved such embroidery, and Levin laughed at her, saying that everyone sews holes and you cut them. Most often this embroidery is done in white and pastel colors. Under such things it is best to wear closed body-colored underwear (white will be too transparent).

white lace dress

I think that in most cases it is worth paying attention to such a vision, but only where such embroidery is not used for complete clothing, but only as decoration: collar, skirt border, etc.

Intricate lace fabrics look delicate and at the same time opaque. Alternatively, I think that instead of a dense coating, you can use a second openwork fabric, as in the image below. This will make you look great, and at the same time will not allow the underwear to "sparkle".

dress with openwork elements

Speaking of body lining under black lace - I personally think that the lining should match the length of the dress, otherwise the bottom line will destroy all proportions.

If you decide to wear openwork elements without additional coverage, it is important only to make sure that all "indecent" areas are covered with an opaque part of the fabric.

In principle, it is possible to wear even very transparent clothes directly on the underwear, but only when the visual center of the composition shifts the emphasis to the closed area of ​​the dress.

transparent lace dress

If you doubt whether the lace dress is too provocative and naked, you can add various lace elements such as upholstery.

Lace looks good on a contrasting background, but you should be careful when choosing, because too simple lace will look very cheap and will "endanger" the outfit. It is worth being careful when choosing the base material. There are no popular combinations such as "cheap guipure on polyester crepe-satin"

lace blouse

I would also like to insert something about lace skirts. It is best if their length is to the knee and below it. This applies both to the skirts themselves and to dresses with lace bottoms.

An exception can be made for things in the "girl's" style, which do not carry a touch of seduction and provocation and look more innocent than inviting. In this case, use the appropriate colors: white, cream, beige. You can wear a black short lace skirt only if it is fluffier and cut.

You can use transparent lace, such as a cape or bolero on the main dress. This is an effective and at the same time "safe" way to wear very transparent lace.

lace bolero

There are also elastic laces that can be used as a cardigan or top to wear over a corset or bodysuit.

When it comes to shorts, if you're a fan of lace shorts, they should look playful. Therefore, free fitting is encouraged. (By the way, loose-fitting shorts also make your legs thinner)

lace shorts

As soon as the lace shorts start to fit snugly around your thighs, you become like a "track girl" if you understand me.

I advise you to pay attention to lace accessories. There are many shoes and bags covered with beautiful lace. This will immediately create a certain accent and at the same time will not allow you to go beyond decency.

By the way, you can see in the online stores and boutiques lace summer coats look incredibly cool! This is the case when lace can be absolutely transparent (after all, we put a coat on a dress or other clothes)

Here's a look with a lace dress that looks ugly to me personally.

orange lace dress

Maybe the dress is suitable for the red carpet, but for an ordinary girl such a dress will look awful.

Bright color plus lace with a small pattern of this type - it looks very "Chinese", in the worst sense. Although I believe most tailors can sew a far better version of this "blue accident"

Blue lace dress

Watch out for skirts like this. All stores in the category of "stylish office clothes" are full of such things, the range of which can be called neither office nor stylish.

lace skirt

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