15 fashion rules that all women over 40 are advised to follow

At 40 we should enjoy fashion with the mind: remember the characteristics of your body and carefully choose your clothes. But we still need our own style rules.

fashion for women over 40 years

1. Add colorful shoes

shoes for a woman of 40

Are all your shoes black because they fit everything? Designers would not agree with that! It is believed that black shoes convey a lack of style. But colored shoes - on the contrary. They will make each vision more interesting and brighter. There are only 9 shades that are not recommended for women over 40. These are ultra pink, dark purple, dark green, fiery orange, brown, dirty blue, lemon yellow, black and white.

Do you think it is difficult to find the perfect color combination? The color of the shoe must match at least one of the colors involved in the look, whether it is a scarf, beads, belt, hat or sticker on the coat. This is more impressive than boring black boots or shoes.

2. Replace the V-neck with a boat neckline

women's pants for more mature ladies

Some women, 40, are more attractive than 18-year-olds flaunting their breasts.

Even if the skin in the décolleté area has retained perfect elasticity, there is no need to brag about it. The deep V-neckline may look a bit vulgar, but the boat neckline - a round neckline from shoulder to shoulder - looks no less sexy, but this neckline looks much more elegant.

3. Bet on pastel colors

skirt suitable for mature women

You have so many different variations with rich colors, such as a dark brown suit, a blue dress for an office party or a red skirt ... Just buy clothes in deep shades, because it's time to change the color palette!

Lighter tones will make you 10 years younger, stylists say, and it's hard to argue with them. White, gray, pastel shades - beige, ivory, dusty pink and other warm cream colors are refreshing, while bright shades may look wrong.

4. Don't go to extremes

how to look younger

After the age of 40, some women begin to think about what is acceptable to wear at this age. Some think that anything is possible, and wear a short T-shirt with the image of Mickey Mouse, while others - that the best years are over and can only wear a sizeless skirt and knitted jacket.

Know the measure: a t-shirt with a funny inscription and ripped jeans is a cool combination, but you should not copy the style of teenagers. As well as wearing hoodies and baggy pants. The golden mean will be the vision of classic carved things with a playful informal element. Cut-out jeans with a classic jacket, modern moccasins complete with a classic bag will look divine on you.

5. Add stylish details

spectacular details to the clothing

When choosing accessories, you can use your imagination (moderately, of course). For example, sometimes you can wear a beautiful hat or large jewelry, an unusual brooch or bright shoes. In general, be original - and this will benefit your style.

6. Carry small bags

small handbags

Try to avoid large bags that look more like grocery bags or fitness bags. Wear medium-sized fasteners or bags - they will never spoil your elegant look. Check out the fashion bags and iconic models this year to find the one that suits you best!

7. Wear comfortable clothes

comfortable clothes

At the age of 20, you were in pain from wearing 15-inch heels, as I guess, and you tried not to breathe in tight-fitting dresses. At 30, we assume you bet on low and comfortable sneakers. What to wear now that you're 40?

At 40, it's time to reach harmony: choose clothes that are comfortable for you, but do not forget about the appropriateness of clothing. Shoes? Moderate, stable, comfortable. Dressing up? Trapezoidal or A-line dresses are ideal for any figure. Jeans? Don't get drunk!

8. Be careful with loose clothing

комфортни дрехи

A loose-fitting sweater or jacket can be the focus of the look, but you need to know one important rule: you can only wear one loose garment.

Bulky pants? Choose a sweater or blouse according to the figure. Want to wear a loose sweater? Pants complement it perfectly.

9. Find your midi

skirt of medium length

With different types of midi figures, the length can either ruin everything or become a good solution. The general rule: the taller and slimmer a woman is, the more spectacular the mid-calf skirt looks, and it is contraindicated for women with short legs: it is better for them to choose knee-length skirts or a little more -high. The perfect choice is a skirt ending 5 cm below the knee: it fits everyone! Read more about skirts that are perfect for forty-year-old ladies, read on our portal.

10. Choose prints carefully.

dress with prints

We are not saying that after 40 years you can not wear bright prints, but it is better to choose geometric shapes, flowers or abstractions if you have a party or just a good mood. There are prints that make the figure perfect. But unicorns and pictures of idols should be left for teenagers.

11. Buy a beautiful coat

beautiful coat

It's best to buy a few! The coat is traditionally considered not so modern, but today fashion allows us to choose bold and unusual styles. Take advantage of this opportunity: bright, with draperies, single-breasted or double-breasted, wide or narrow - the choice is huge. It turns out that the coat does not add age, but rather allows you to look younger and feel good!

12. Be careful when choosing jewelry

jewelry for older ladies

Massive jewelry, heavy necklaces and rough shapes are not the best choice because they can look clumsy and pretentious. Try to give preference to thinner and delicate jewelry in a minimalist style.

13. Buy only high quality clothes

high quality dresses

You have probably long been convinced that the best purchase is high quality clothing: it is better to buy some expensive and quality things than to buy clothes that will not last more than one season.

14. Smile more often

smile older ladie

No clothes, shoes or make-up fade before the beautiful and radiant smile. We assume you have already learned to enjoy life. What could be more beautiful than happiness?