Shades of blue dress - a universal dress for any occasion

A truly universal choice of outfit is a navy blue dress. This outfit is not as strict and gloomy as a black dress and at the same time is suitable in the office, at friendly gatherings or a gala event. This is a fashion classic, so dresses in navy blue tones will always be in demand.

blue long dress

Dark shades of blue are associated with order, organization and determination. Therefore, dresses of this color are an excellent choice for work. At the same time, deep blue is the color of mysticism and mystery, which is why it is often used for evening dresses.

"Psychologists believe that the dark blue color of clothes is chosen by people who are inclined to think, they are usually consistent in their attachments and principles in life"

Who is the dark blue dress for?

Dark blue color is suitable for all girls, without exception, however, stylists recommend following the following rules when choosing such a dress:

blue shoes

All dark shades of blue are perfect for brunettes and brown hair, so they can easily buy a dress of this color;

Red-haired women can also wear a blue dress, but we advise you to choose brighter shades, clothes in muted dark blue will not suit you;

short blue dress

For elegantly dressed blondes, stylists recommend "pushing" the color from the face, as it gives an unhealthy pallor to delicate skin. An ideal choice for such girls is a navy blue dress with a white collar.

Dark blue clothes add tightness and weakness, so it is recommended for overweight women. But, of course, when choosing, you should pay attention not only to color but also to length. You should choose an option that masks the problem areas of the figure but highlights the winning ones.

What shades of blue to choose?

navy blue toilet

Dark blue is a versatile concept, it is presented in several shades:

Deep blue . This is the darkest version of this color, it looks almost like black. However, it is still less gloomy and dull than black and combined with bright accessories looks elegant.

navy blue dress

Classic Blue . Pure color, flexibility and rigor. That is why it is often used for sewing uniforms. For example, the tunic of naval officers is dark blue.

Sapphire dress . This shade is lighter than the classic dark blue, in the color scale, it is located between pure blue and its dark tone. This shade is recommended for red-haired girls and blondes.

dress in turkish blue

A noble shade of dark blue with hints of gray are also particularly relevant.

Indigo dress . This shade is a cross between dark blue and purple.

Blue Fashion

Looking at photos from catwalks, you can see that the styles of navy blue dresses are very diverse. The choice depends on the purpose of the event.

sky blue dress

Business vision in navy blue

Dark blue is ideal for office wear. He is quite strict, but at the same time not as gloomy as the black one.

The most successful model for the office is a navy blue dress. This outfit is suitable for any type of figure. For work, a dress sewn from gabardine or fabric for suits is recommended. It is better to choose materials with the addition of elastic threads, as they are more comfortable to wear.

toilet in dark blue for work

Black accessories are better not to use in combination with a navy blue dress. You can insert a light black note, such as a belt.

lace blue dress

Another suitable office outfit is a navy trapeze dress. Recommended for plump girls. This style will hide the imperfect waist and distract from the heavy hips.

Daily vision in dark blue

Dresses for every day in dark shades of blue may look boring, but this does not apply to navy blue dresses with interesting prints and prints. The polka dress looks especially beautiful in dark blue colors. These are models with skirts that cut off the sun. This dress allows you to create attractive looks in retro style. To do this, you will need the right accessories - a belt that emphasizes the waist, short gloves with mesh. Ornaments - white beads and carnation earrings will not interfere.

blue dress with prints

No less interesting are the summer dresses in dark blue with white flowers. The style of such a dress can be any. Today in vogue are models with a V-neck, asymmetrical skirt and a pronounced, wide belt. You can choose feminine models decorated with ruffles or draperies.

A good casual outfit is a dress or sundress made of dark blue denim. The latest model is worn with shirts or turtlenecks.

light blue dress

And what to wear blue dresses with? Shoes in different shades of white and beige go very well with such outfits. A bag is also better in a light shade.

Evening Blue Dress

Diverse and captivatingly beautiful evening dresses in dark blue. So a universal option is a dress made of satin or lace wrap in sapphire or deep blue. It should be worn with accessories in bright colors. Stylists recommend using no more than three colors when choosing accessories, and one of them should be white, blue or black.

A gorgeous navy blue dress looks charming. The main attraction of such clothing can be a corset or tight-fitting with a V-neck, and the skirt can be lush, layered, decorated with ruffles. You can wear a fluffy chiffon dress with indigo color at the prom or any other special occasion. The ideal accessories for such clothing are in the silver or gold range.

dress in blue and gold

The velvet dress in deep blue looks super stylish. A velvet dress with a light slit is suitable for a business dinner with partners. A floor-length velvet dress with a floor-length skirt is the best choice for a special occasion or theatrical premiere.

Silk or satin dresses with lace accents also look original.

Wedding visions in dark blue

wedding dress in blue

Modern brides do not always choose white for a wedding dress. If a girl wears jewelry with a shade of precious sapphire for the wedding, she will be able to demonstrate its exceptional and impeccable taste. Wedding dresses look especially beautiful in which deep shades of blue are combined with white, cream, peach, vanilla or champagne.

Suitable accessories for blue dresses

Modern women are well aware that there are no trifles in creating a vision. That's why it's important to choose the right accessories for your navy blue dress.

Women's shoes suitable for dark blue dresses

It is important that the shoes for the navy blue dress have a color different from the color of the dress. Even when creating a look, you should not choose shoes that match the color of the dress. Wear shoes that are a few tones lighter. It is desirable that the shoes differ not only in tone but also in texture. So, shiny shoes are perfect for a dress made of matte fabric. And if the fabric of the dress is shiny, then you should choose suede shoes for her.

shoes for dark blue dress

The business dress is worn with shoes in neutral tones - gray, beige. White shoes are well suited for a summer look. Girls who like to experiment can choose shoes with bright colors, such as coral. In this case, there should be no other contrasting colors in the look, the emphasis will be on the shoes.

Note! Indigo denim dresses go very well with brown or mustard shoes.

Not only the shade of the shoe is important when combining a dress. You need to choose the right color for tights under a navy blue dress. Body color shades will look best with such clothing, but it is important that the tights are matte, without shine.

Blue dress decorations

Jewelry is perfect for a navy blue dress. To create an everyday look, it is recommended to choose jewelry in light shades. For example, a string of pearls or earrings with opals can be a great addition to clothing.

jewelry for navy blue dress

Against a dark background, shiny jewelry with crystals look beautiful. This can be a brooch with stones or a pendant made of rock crystal. Jewelry with lemon, light shades of jade, turquoise, coral, amber look beautiful.

To create an evening look, use both silver and gold jewelry. It is important not to overload the image with unnecessary jewelry. Jewelry with colorless or blue stones looks beautiful on a dark blue background. Make sure the stones are a few tones lighter than the color of the dress.

Appropriate makeup and manicure for a dark blue dress

The choice of clothes and accessories is only half the story. When creating a harmonious look, one should not forget about make-up and manicure.

manicure for blue dress

When creating makeup, special attention should be paid to smoothing skin tone. It is necessary to use concealer to mask the blue circles under the eyes, as the color of the dress will only emphasize this shortcoming. Warm tones should be preferred when choosing a foundation. You can use a bronzer to give your skin a light tan. You can choose a bright blush color, but in this case the lipstick should be in natural tones so that the look does not turn out to be vulgar.

makeup for a blue dress

When choosing a color for manicure, pay attention to the color of the accessories used in your appearance. For an evening look is well suited combination of blue and gold, you can use crystals.