High waist jeans.

high waist

Among the huge variety of jeans, we want to pay special attention to high-waisted jeans. From the moment this model appeared, it became a total hit, which is always modern and up-to-date.

High-waisted jeans have been extremely popular in the last few seasons. This model was appreciated by many women and girls because it gives the figure charm and femininity.

Which jeans have a high waist?

High-waisted jeans or trousers are models that wrap tightly around the waist. In some varieties, you can also find models that are relaxed at the waist.

Waist height depends on the specific model: some jeans are buttoned directly below the bust, others at the level of the navel.

Who should wear high-waisted jeans?

High-waisted jeans have a little trick that most women know about. They can visually change the proportions of the figure: to make the waist narrower and the hips more lush. In this way, even a girl with a figure that is far from ideal can become the owner of an hourglass figure.

Who shouldn't wear high-waisted jeans?

These jeans will go for girls of medium or high height, but not for short girls, because they will make them look even shorter.


kind of jeans

1.Classic - When we talk about classic jeans, we mean blue denim pants, evenly colored, without scars, holes, appliques, crystals and other decor. These jeans are characterized by a straight silhouette and medium or high waist. Such a model can be an element of business attire: it is combined, for example, with a strict and medium shirt and jacket.

2. Tight jeans with a high waist - Tight jeans that fit the hips and legs look incredibly impressive, but only to girls who do not have extra pounds on these parts of the body.

Young ladies who do not have perfect figures are advised to wear straight models, slightly pointed at the bottom - such pants perfectly hide the fullness, they will look stylish and elegant.

3. Wide jeans with a high waist - this is a model from the 90's. As modern fashion increasingly turns to the trends of that time, this model is becoming relevant again. But not many girls decide to wear such jeans, because most still prefer less extravagant models.

4. High torch jeans - This model is reminiscent of the disco era, which most today's girls know only from stories and stories of older people. "Torch" jeans have a number of advantages: they visually stretch the figure and make your legs thinner, so these pants are perfect for overweight beauties.

The choice of high-waisted jeans in online stores is huge. Those who find laconic models boring can choose jeans with different decorative elements.

High-waisted jeans and embroidery

Embroidery is one of the most labor-intensive ways to decorate clothes. You can buy a model with ready-made embroidery, made on special equipment, but such models are now quite rare and usually the shape is not very interesting. Everyone knows that factory embroidery doesn't look as interesting as handmade.

With beads or crystals?

Fans of brilliance would surely like high-waisted jeans decorated with sparkling crystals and bright beads. These jeans can even become part of a formal outfit - you just have to choose the right top and shoes. If you do not like to wear mass-produced models, you can customize your appearance by decorating your favorite jeans with your own ideas. You can also use stickers that can be purchased on a self-adhesive basis.

Jeans with holes and slits

Ripped jeans adorn every woman's legs. If some time ago jeans with holes were worn mainly by young girls, today older women have finally paid attention to this current model.


The colors of high-waisted jeans can be very diverse, in addition to the classic models of blue denim, you can find models painted in all colors of the rainbow. However, most modern women choose one of the following options

1.Blue - Blue and all its shades are considered the standard color scheme of denim. The advantage of blue and light blue jeans is that they can be combined with clothes of absolutely all colors.

2.Black - Black jeans are usually chosen by those who prefer classic and business styles of clothing. They go well with formal jackets, vests and even formal shirts and blouses. High-waisted black jeans will visually make you look a few inches thinner, especially when worn with high heels.

3.Red - Red jeans are the choice of those girls who like to be the center of attention. A woman in red jeans with a high waist will surely attract all men's eyes. If you do not like bright colors, look at models of muted red shades: cranberry, wine, burgundy, etc.

4. White - High-waisted white jeans are especially effective in combination with bright tops that show a flat belly. Such clothing is the most suitable option for summer.

Tips for choosing the right model

The choice of such jeans is so great that it is very easy to get confused in the variety of options. Our tips will help you make the right decision

1. For tall girls - Tall, slender ladies usually have no problem choosing jeans. Such girls would look great in almost all models of jeans. If you have such a figure, then high-waisted jeans are the best option for you.

2.For short girls - It is more difficult for short young ladies to choose jeans for themselves, as most models are designed for a height of at least 160 cm. For shorter girls the most important thing when buying jeans with a high waist is to find a model that makes your legs longer. The right style will help with this: the jeans should fit you. Leaving aside the wide models - you will look even shorter in them.

What shoes should we wear these jeans with?

We all agree that high-waisted jeans require heels. Therefore, shoes with heels, sandals and boots will be the perfect combination for this model. If for some reason you can't afford high heels, choose shoes that visually lengthen your legs. Beige moccasins, for example, have this effect.

As for the top of the outfit, it can be almost anything. But it should be noted that with high-waisted jeans you should wear either short blouses or those that can be "tucked" into the jeans. If you can boast a beautiful belly, don't forget to take a set of short top + high-waisted jeans for summer

For colder days, you can wear these jeans with a sweater.

By using high-waisted jeans as a base, you can create many looks in a wide variety of styles.