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Before we tell you about this great woman and her achievements, we want to take you back in history.

Biography of Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel is a phenomenal fashion designer, founder of the Chanel Fashion House, which has proven that elegance is not possible without comfort. Her design talent includes a little black dress, pants, bags, perfumes and other distinctive items that create a refined style.

For example, the perfume "Chanel No. 5" became a sales leader, and the publishing house "Time" included the name of the unique designer in the hundred most influential people in the fashion industry. What is the life story behind the brand, whose logo - two crossed letters "C" - is known around the world?

What distinguished Chanel No. 5 from the fragrances of "that time" (mostly the smell of a flower (one in number, without mixing): jasmine, lilac and rose) - was its "more abstract" mixed design and rich use of aldehydes, which have become known for giving the aroma a "shine" when you smell them. It was a revolution. Legend has it that Ernest Bo (or perhaps his laboratory assistant) put a large amount of aldehydes in the bottle, but these are just rumors.

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Gabriel Boner Chanel is a fashion designer of French descent. She was born on August 19, 1883 in Saumur, France. She was born under the sign of Leo, and we'll see later how she will decorate her interior with figures of the "king of animals".

It is no coincidence that the lion, as a symbol, characterizes the desire for success.

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The great designer's childhood was extremely difficult. Her mother died young and her father left Chanel in an orphanage.

But fate has ordained great deeds for this lady and luck soon befell her. For several years she worked as a saleswoman and singer in a local cafe. Later she connected with several wealthy men in the distant 1913, with financial assistance from one of them, Arthur Capel, opened a small shop in Deauville, France, where he also sells casual sportswear, such as leotard sweaters.

Many people have been scandalized because of her openly lesbian relationships, but Coco is not particularly worried and lives her life regardless of people's opinions. It thus violates all the principles of traditionalism at a time when such behavior is considered scandalous and physically unnatural.

Very quickly, the "poor girl" began to attract the attention of influential rich women seeking comfort from the prevailing corset styles at the time. True to her motto that "luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury", Chanel's designs emphasize simplicity and comfort and revolutionize the fashion industry.

Very soon after she became famous, her perfume laboratories, textile factory and jewelry workshops became a reality.

Today, Chanel jewelry is one of the most sought after and recognizable in the world. It is characterized by color. With these elegant jewelry (some of them vintage) you will never be bored.

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Chanel's impressive collections make millions of women around the world dream of owning products from the giant fashion empire.

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You can browse online for Chanel products, but to be sure of the originality of the products, we advise you to visit the main boutique of the brand.

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Coco Chanel died at the age of 87 on January 10, 1971 in her apartment in the Ritz Hotel. All of Paris and the whole world knew about what had happened. that she was in poor health. They also said that on the day she died she was preparing her new collection.

However, the fame of this unique woman did not subside after her death, even narrative. Her life story was turned into a musical "Coco", which was released on Broadway with Katherine Hepburn in her first role in singing and dancing. p>

Probably the main dress in Chanel's popularity is due to her perfume called simply "Chanel № 5", rather than fashion. Curiously, the fortune teller told her that five is her lucky number.

Whatever and how much we write about this woman will be small and insignificant, because she is history, present and future. A tribute to her memory.

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