What labels should we follow when we go to the cinema?

fashion in cinema

Fortunately, many people in cinemas still do not have face control, but this does not mean that everything is allowed there.

Of course, like any appearance in a public place, going to the cinema requires us to follow certain rules of decency. And do you know the intricacies of proper behavior in cinema? We asked some of the cinema owners and found out what is the best behavior in the cinema and what clothes to choose.

The first thing we see when we come to the cinema are the nearby cafes offering food and drinks. The temptation to bite popcorn in the hall is very great, but is it right?

According to the owners of cinemas, it is acceptable to suck as many candies in the cinema as you wish. However, it is not acceptable to eat chips, popcorn or hamburgers in the cinema hall. The crunch and smell of food can cause discomfort to others. If we are talking about drinks, the ideal option is water, because all other carbonated and non-carbonated drinks make a sound and have a strong odor.

What should be the behavior of an educated person in the cinema?

When you go to your seats in the hall, always face those who are sitting. Don't talk or whisper. An educated person always takes care of the comfort of others.

When you go to the movies, be sure to put your phone in completely silent mode. Adjust the brightness of the screen to a minimum so that the illuminated display of the phone does not attract attention to the cinema.

Generally speaking, in cinema you should try to cause as little inconvenience to others as possible, remembering that you are not alone. And even when you go to watch a movie with friends or loved ones, you can't organize noisy entertainment in the hall that distracts the rest of the audience. All comments and discussion of the photo is best left for later.

пуканки в киното

Now let's talk a little bit about cinema clothes.

What clothes are suitable for going to the movies?

Despite the fact that the hall is dark, do not forget that you go to a public place, so it is very important what you wear. Clothing should comply with certain rules of etiquette. We talked about this with our expert stylist Silvia Andonova.

If we talk about etiquette, then a girl, of course, should dress elegantly. Be careful when choosing extreme mini skirts or too short dresses. The most appropriate length is no more than seven inches above the knee, because you are more likely to look vulgar. The cleavage can be anything, but when we go to the movies, it should not be too deep.

If you are invited to a movie meeting, it is better to look romantic and feminine. Chiffon summer dress, shoes or sandals with medium heels and a small bag. In summer, you do not have to worry about the color scheme, both bright (but not too bright) and pastel colors will be suitable here.

Another important nuance in terms of clothing is that it should be as comfortable as possible so as not to disturb you when watching a movie, the fabric of the garment should not rustle or shine, that is, in no way interfere with other viewers .

When choosing clothes, remember to stay in a sitting position for at least two hours, so the clothes should be comfortable and the fabric should not wrinkle.

Here we want to insert something about tracksuits. Tracksuits in cinema are completely allowed and acceptable. However, going to the cinema is not a secular event

No problem if you go to the cinema in business style. Strict pants and an elegant blouse will emphasize your success and sophistication. Pants should not be black - pay attention to other colors.

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