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Angelina's dress

Angelina Jolie is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable personalities of our time. She is an idol and role model for millions of girls and women who constantly follow her style of dress and lifestyle.

Angelina Jolie's flawless style can be seen not only on the red carpet, but also in her everyday life. Some of you may say that she is beautiful and sophisticated and any outfit suits her, but let's see. < / p>

What Angelina attracts public attention with is not only beauty and great taste in clothes. She is known for her work as a UN Goodwill Ambassador and is active in philanthropy, defending the rights of third-country nationals.

It is quite logical for such a woman to have an attractive man by her side. Of course, her life partner is not just an attractive man but one of the the most beautiful men Brad Pitt. They raise their 6 children together, 3 of whom are adopted.

But with the biography of the actress, let's see now her style of dress.

Angelina Jolie makeup

Angelina's style is characterized by conciseness and impeccability. She loves clothes in the following colors: beige, oil, brown shades. However, her favorite color remains black, which Angelina Jolie rarely changes.

The actress definitely knows how to emphasize her natural beauty. Her style has many monochrome visions, which are characterized by simplicity, minimalism and lack of excessive decor and decorations.

Stylish skirts, blouses, classic dresses and pants are the actress' favorite outfits, which are characterized by simple and laconic lines and feminine shapes.

Angelina Jolie often dresses in business style. Her favorite combinations here are a pencil skirt or straight-cut pants, complemented by an elegant silk blouse.

skirt type pencil Angelina Jolie

This woman is not a fan of bright colors, so she can rarely be seen wearing a yellow scarf or red dress, for example.

What she likes are leather (She has always preferred leather goods, but at the same time she manages to wear them so that she doesn't look too vulgar) and silk clothes and accessories

Angelina Jolie's red carpet dresses feature puffy patterns and elegant sophistication in a classic style. Angelina Jolie's red, black, green, gold dresses attract the attention of absolutely everyone.

Angelina Jolie pants

Let's take a look at the star's casual wear now.

In everyday life, Angelina Jolie is practically impossible to meet with jeans, which she rarely wears. What she never wears in her daily life and she admits that sneakers drive her crazy.

Angelina Jolie's street style is thoughtful, simple and elegant - you won't see the star with messy hair and torn clothes.

Angelina Jolie Hairstyle

Angelina Jolie's casual style of dress is practical and minimalist - these are laconic pants, tops, dresses, ballet flats and sandals, complemented by a large bag.

What Angelina Jolie doesn't like about her figure is her massive shoulders, so here she uses a trick by wearing cashmere scarves and capes that hide imperfections, taking advantage of the fragility and ethereality of the fabric.

When it comes to jewelry, the star prefers discreet silver jewelry, avoiding expensive options from designers. These can be small pendants, bracelets and extremely thin rings. Of course, this is not suitable for evening looks, but Jolie in such cases may be without jewelry at all.

Angelina Jolie jewelry

The hairstyles of the Hollywood star can be called a true embodiment of naturalness and style. She doesn't like any fancy hairstyles. She prefers the classics.

Many of you have made us pay special attention to Angelina's make-up.

How does Angelina Jolie make up?

Perfect and velvety tone with almost no flaws. This is an even tone, which is a hallmark of the actress.

Outlines . Angelina Jolie loves to emphasize her cheekbones. The perfect effect is achieved due to the fact that the actress has a small nose.

Eyebrows . She makes her eyebrows with a clear curve that looks stylish.

The eyes are the most beautiful thing in it and should be well emphasized. She uses only a pencil and her eyelids are complemented by fluffy and long lashes.

Lips are the most recognizable part of Angelina. They are naturally thick and voluminous, so she just highlights them with pencil and lipstick.

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