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Fashion tracksuit - universal women's clothing for different occasions. The sports sets has long ceased to be just clothing for attending physical education classes and fitness clubs. In 2020, the popularity of this clothing will reach its peak due to various areas of application. The styles presented by the designers are so diverse that they allow you to wear a suit for both sports and everyday life.

Tracksuit colors for girls - fashion trends

After reviewing the collection of tracksuits for the new season, it is unrealistic to say which color will be the most fashionable in 2020. The coming season promises to be both bright and restrained.

The trend of the season will be suits in black with traditional white stripes on the sides. No less popular will be the models of juicy shades. A suit that combines two bright colors will be especially relevant.

Another hit of the season will be sports sets made of floral fabric. This model will also be relevant as a decoration.

Pastel fabrics are mostly used in knitted and cotton patterns.

fitness kit
running set

Women's tracksuit materials

The designers used a huge number of different materials to create their new collections. The choice was determined primarily by the seasonality of the models. For winter sports suits, a raincoat fabric with a water-repellent effect has been chosen, from which only the upper layer of the product is made. In addition, insulation material is used for the cladding.

Collections of tracksuits from both natural and artificial materials were presented. The choice is entirely yours.

Women's pajama-style sets are almost always made of cotton and home-made suede models.

The choice of ladies falls on the material, which is based on natural fibers. Such material is attractive with hypoallergenicity and a feeling of comfort. Despite all the advantages of natural materials, they have significant disadvantages, one of which is loss of shape and faster wear.

One of the designers' favorite fabrics is still polyester, which is very durable and non-shedding.

Padded knitwear is also one of the most popular fabrics. The kangaroo jacket model, pants, loose pants, shorts and sweatshirts for the new season are presented in most cases from this material.

running suit

Stylish classic women's tracksuits - photo

In the new year, the classic style of tracksuit will not leave its positions and will continue to be one of the most popular models.

The image of the logos of the sports brands, as well as the vertical stripes on the sides of the legs and arms will also be relevant. The main fashion trend of the new season for the classic model will be a contrasting combination of colors, thanks to which the sports suits will look very bright.

sports sets for fitness
sports set in black with green stripes

Stylish fluffy tracksuits

The time has passed when inflated tracksuits were only appropriate in combination with skiing. Nowadays, in such a garment you can go anywhere without surprising passers-by. The layer of pants and jackets made of synthetic winterizer gives a feeling of comfort and warmth even in the coldest weather, so the fluffy sports set is becoming more popular every year.

The new models for this year are characterized by the flexibility of the cut and the bright colors. The accuracy of the raincoat tones of some suits is increased by polishing the surface and giving them a special "space" effect.

For the decor, the designers used only the edge of the hood and the collar of the jacket.

sports set with decorated hood

Fashionable women's sports suits for home

For those who do not want to wear a robe at home, a suit will be a real salvation. Of course, the classic version of this outfit is not the most comfortable. That's why the designers have invented comfortable women's sets made of soft fabric that do not restrict movement and practically do not wrinkle.

Sports suit for home - comfort and convenience

The models for the new season are made of solid materials of solid colors. Even the simplest incision (only in isolated cases) is characterized by the presence of "heat".

Interesting details included:

* embroidery of the ornament with threads to match the product

* different variations of the collar

* the presence of a hidden Olympic sweatshirt belt

sports set for home
home sports suit

Pajama Suit

If someone thought that a pajama suit was monotonous and boring, they were obviously wrong. For the 2022 collections, fashion designers breathed new life into a long-studied style and it shone with bright colors.

The merging of pajamas and tracksuits in the new season promises to be hot. In such an original "couple", there is no chance of going unnoticed.

Despite the fact that the main part of the models was presented in pastel colors, original details aroused interest. Finishing with delicate lace, contrasting print and stones significantly enlivened the overall look. In addition, 3/4 sleeves, different variations of collars and pockets made pajama-style sports suits quite unusual.

tracksuit type pajamas

Attractive tight-fitting tracksuits

In tight-fitting tracksuits, ladies who have a flawless figure feel most comfortable. Such a suit will not hide any flaws, but rather mercilessly demonstrates all the charms of our figure. Oddly enough, some sports club coaches advise you to buy tight-fitting models for extra motivation.

Classic tight-fitting sportswear with minimal detail - perfect for sports

In the new season, fashion designers did not burden the tight-fitting sets with any details and most of them were created in the best traditions of minimalism. At performances, you can watch tracksuits consisting of high or low waist pants.

tight sports set
sports set close to the body

Fashionable women's sports suits of large sizes.

Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, wearing clothes in sizes L, XL and larger, are experiencing greater difficulties in choosing a sports set. Indeed, for them, fashion designers have developed a galaxy of original costumes in which you can not only play sports comfortably, but also walk around the city.

In the trend this season for round ladies - tracksuit in rich colors with original decor

The originality of the styles for puffy ladies in the new season was manifested in the details. It seems that new things can be invented for such ladies as a tracksuit. The designers continue to amaze with their imagination and presented classic free-cut models in interesting color combinations with non-trivial decor.

Among the classic styles stood out suits of knitted fabric of bright colors. One of these hits was the suit of their black material, in which the print on the side of the pants and sleeves was made of fabric with a floral pattern. Another interesting model was a suit with 3/4 sleeves in a juicy color, in which all the ends of the suit were framed with black fabric, which looked very contrasting.

large sports sets
sports set for fat women
sportswear for obese women

Ladies with large sizes are more difficult to choose a suit, but this season there are several trends for these issues that should be taken into account when choosing a set for sports or home vacation.

Floral or other prints are now in vogue and plump girls can wear it, but if it will be present only in the upper part of the suit, the trousers should be dark, plain, from the decorations - stripes.

You should refrain from buying sets of shorts, as they unpleasantly emphasize the full figure.

Tracksuits in gray tones, black with white stripes, contrasting geometric prints are the best choice for ladies with larger sizes.

One of the most fashionable colors this season is purple and its shades. Tracksuits in this color can be worn by girls of all sizes.

Ladies of large size should avoid one-piece suits, they give unnecessary mass to the figure.

tracksuits large size

Fashionable women's sports suits spring-summer with shorts

The most popular tracksuits in the summer of 2020 will be shorts with different variations on the top. The designers offer several fashion modifications of these cut-out pants, which every modern lady should have in her wardrobe.

Sports shorts, ideal for summer training

Despite the variety of styles presented at the exhibitions, the model with shorts with rounded cuts on the sides was excellent. This model is represented by two options - high and low waist. Fixing shorts on the body is done with the help of sewn wide elastic band or lace.

As for coloring, it can be quite diverse. Popular sporting goods manufacturers have in most cases presented models in their brand-specific colors with logos.

With the word sports, real women do not imagine fitness, but fashion style in chic sports chic. It may not be so appropriate for some to go to training in a fashionable sports set, but there is nothing interesting in combining fashionable sports pants decorated with stripes, flip flops, backpack, basic T-shirt and a norcore-style baseball cap to go. on a date with a friend or boyfriend.

Shorts are present in every style - worn in casual style, sports chic, hip-hop, there are even business suits with shorts.

Sports sets, where shorts are available instead of long pants, are now at the forefront of fashion.

Buying a sports set of shorts and a T-shirt / top or shorts and a sports sweater on the sports market, you will undoubtedly go to the gym wearing it. But such sets began to be sewn from ordinary (not for sports purposes) materials that you can wear not only in the gym. The blame is on the fashion for sports chic, which promotes sportswear, making it suitable everywhere, not only in the fitness center.

What tracksuits should I look for?

* Pseudo-sports - knitted shorts and top decorated with lace.

* Contrasting sets - such as white top, black pants and vice versa.

* Suits with contrasting geometric print.

* Classic sports sets - shorts and top / shirt or T-shirt.

striped sports set
sports elastic set

You can make tracksuits with shorts, as in the classic color scheme - gray, white, black, blue and red, or be pastel colors.

The latter are the most modern, with such costumes you can create a huge number of urban looks by wearing them with big sunglasses, moccasins or sandals, a bag on a chain or backpack.

Such suits can play the role of overalls if they are made in the style of sport-chic and, frankly, rather not suitable for sports.

These are models with different decor, made of fabrics that are not suitable for sports. Such sets are suitable for parties and discos, summer trips, going to cafes and cinemas.

sports leather set

Trends in women's tracksuits

Sport is not just part of fashion, it is fashion itself, permeating every style, appearing on catwalks around the world in the form of bomber jackets, sweatshirts and baseball caps, sneakers and moccasins.

Tracksuits are modernized every year to meet all new fashion requirements, both in fabric and cut.

In order to buy not only a modern sports set, but also one that suits you, you need to take into account the nuances of your figure, appearance, lifestyle and clothing style that you follow.

The suit is a universal purchase. It can be worn not only in the gym, but also:

* for a walk

* shopping

* on a picnic

* on a hike in the mountains

* on the plane

* home

When choosing pants for a suit separately, you should pay attention to the brighter models:

* mustard color

* lemon yellow

* red

* blue

* pink

* light green

Such pants can be worn with any top, creating interesting outfits where the color of the pants will be the main focus.

Stylish suede tracksuits for women

Suede is back in fashion with fashion in the 90's. Even Hollywood stars wearing suede tracksuits wear such sets for a walk with a dog, in a cafe or for travel.

It is the fashion era of the 90s and early 2000s that needs to be addressed when creating a modern look with a suede suit.

The upper part of the suit should be made of suede without a clasp, a sweatshirt with lace and a hood looks more relevant. Colors should be chosen muted, complex shades, not pure tones.

Lightweight suede suits can make you thick, this is a feature of the material itself. Therefore, if you have imperfect parameters, it is better to prefer a dark suede suit.

suede tracksuit
pink suede tracksuit

There is a new trend for fitness - sports sets with shorts, and a suede set should be worn in the same place where Hollywood stars wear it - in a park, on a plane, in a cafe or at a market with a friend.

The most modern prints, in addition to ordinary colors, are watercolor flowers, space and stars.

Suede suits play the same role as the latest pajama sets - they can be worn to home parties in combination with low shoes decorated with rich decor.

The costumes themselves may have a satin ribbon decoration instead of lace. The elements of such sets can be worn separately, combining them with other things.

sports set for fitness

Stylish warm tracksuits for women

In winter, insulated tracksuits are suitable as outerwear (sets with jackets) or as an option for outdoor sports.

Winter sports sets are lined so you won't freeze while snowboarding or skiing.

The most popular models of the respective colors:

* flowers on a white background

* contrast of white and red

* imitation of athletes' form

* black

Winter tracksuits should be able to breathe well and keep warm at the same time, it is better to buy such sets in specialty stores for sportswear and equipment.

If you are planning to buy a winter sports set for sports or indoor recreation, you should pay attention to fur sets, knitted sweatshirts and vest sets.

ski equipment
football sports sets

Sport is a way of life. Choose a tracksuit as if you were choosing an evening dress and then the suit will only emphasize the advantages of your figure.