Cargo pants, as a universal "weapon" in the world of fashion.

gray cargo pants

Although cargo pants have a military origin, they quickly became part of the daily life of people from every profession. This is another garment that women stole from the men's wardrobe and turned it into an indispensable part of the women's look.


Cargo pants are once again at the top of all fashion rankings. This is a universal pant that is suitable both for creating a street look and for a modern and elegant appearance.

This garment can be easily recognized. Large side pockets and wide legs are the distinguishing features of cargo pants. The material from which they are made most often includes recycled polyester and viscose. Details are also not missing.

It can have a classic belt with loops or a hidden zipper. In addition to side pockets, there can also be back pockets here, as well as slanted front ones.

Now let's see with what clothes these trousers are combined.

If you are looking for comfort for the weekend or want to take a walk in nature with loved ones, then simply add a t-shirt to the "cargo". This is the most natural combination and you will undoubtedly look good.

To be really comfortable and not to feel the rough fabric of these typical men's pants, choose one with cotton in its composition.

Some people find the use of "cargo" in the business look to be inappropriate and incorrect, but I think that it is not only correct, but also can create a unique and elegant look. It is enough just to add classic shoes, an elegant jacket or shirt. (Heels are also an acceptable option)

For cargo pants to be suitable for work, do not choose wide models. Opt for slim fit options.

Of course, this model is suitable even if you have decided to go to a disco. You can emphasize your mood by adding bright and colorful t-shirts or a blouse with sequins. To balance the bottom and top of the outfit, choose more fitted t-shirts ,which emphasize your femininity.

Cargo pants sometimes have the ability to visually shorten our size, so you can slightly roll it up from the bottom, until the ankles are visible.

If you are below average height, do not wear low shoes with these pants! Go for higher shoes, such as espadrilles or heeled boots. If you have a perfect figure, go for cargo pants and Cuban boots.

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