How to dress for an interview to get the dream job

clothing for an interview with the boss

Finding a job always seems like unbearable torture, and choosing clothes for an interview is even more torture. A business suit or a baggy shirt with jeans, maybe just a T-shirt and black pants, or a dress? Let's find out how to dress for an interview to get the dream job.

Appearance matters

Many people mistakenly believe that they should not be judged by their appearance, but only by their professional skills and CV. Of course, there are rare exceptions when you are ready to be hired under any circumstances, so appearance is not the main role. In other cases, it is worth keeping all the trump cards with you, including the appearance.

clothing for an interview with the boss

What is your profession?

The choice of clothing for an interview depends on the profession and, of course, the company you are applying to. It will be much better if at the first meeting your potential employer sees that you have asked what the dress code is in the organization and you have come fully prepared. Then he will know that you are determined. If you are going for an interview with a bank, law firm or economic company, government agency - give business style preference .

If your profession is creative and involves music, journalism, design, art or fashion, try to show your creativity and choose clothing that emphasizes your personality . The classics will not work in this case.


A suit with trousers is a combination of the clothes of an office worker, which has long migrated to fashion around the world. Choose a dress not in a bright flashy color, but in a neutral or classic black color. Do not get carried away with accessories, in which case they will be inappropriate. If the situation allows, you can replace classic shoes with moccasins, sneakers or rough boots.

Black and white?

Most companies adhere to the classic views of the dress code and do not accept almost any colors other than white, black and gray. You will not be able to play against the rules and come to work with whatever you want, so accept the rules of the game before starting a new job or not going to an interview at all. If there are virtually no clothes in the wardrobe that match this dress code, this is a great reason to go shopping.

Choosing a dress

If the suit is not yours, we suggest you pay attention to fitted or loose dresses. Do not wear too short and tight-fitting models, this can play against you. Dresses with active prints and bright colors will look inappropriate. Do not try to be creative in the eyes of potential bosses, it is better to wear classic and fitted dresses.

Casual style

If the company you are applying for is quite loyal to the appearance of its employees and does not force everyone to wear a white shirt and black skirt, then give preference to casual and casual clothing. In this case, comfortable, simple things will be suitable for the interview - vests, shirts, T-shirts and even jeans.


Only one detail can spoil the vision or make it better, but the interview is not a place for experiments. If you are not sure whether the new belt fits your chosen look, or the earrings fit your hair, go without them.


It is better to leave the miniature handbags until the evening out or the first corporate party, where it will be more appropriate. And for the interview, take a simple bag that can hold documents or a laptop.

Makeup and Hairstyle

We talked about clothes, but there are a few other points. Makeup, for example, is best done neutrally - without red lips and bright shadows. Don't get too carried away with perfume, as not everyone likes strong odors, and if your employer has allergies, then you will be less likely to be hired.

With hair we adhere to a similar principle - it should be washed, well-groomed, and without fantastic hairstyles. For a job seeker, a light, unobtrusive style will be appropriate.

The interview should be comfortable for you, so let the new and fashionable clothes wait for a better opportunity. Newly purchased shoes, skirts or dresses can get in the way, so leave your clothes in your trusted wardrobes.

Remember that the most important thing is to look neat and be a professional!