How to dress in an airplane for maximum safety and comfortable flight.

comfortable clothes for the plane

We will briefly introduce you to the 5 golden rules when choosing clothes for an airplane.

Rule 1: Be sure to wear simple and comfortable clothes.

When traveling by plane, you should consider your clothes very carefully. Clothing should be comfortable and practical - this will help not only for a comfortable trip, but also to increase the chances of rescue in emergencies and emergencies. >

Be sure to prefer simple and comfortable styles that do not restrict movement, but also do not stand too loose - in case of evacuation, this may prevent you. You can wear jeans or light pants. Women need to give up skirts. From above, it is practical to wear a straight-cut shirt , jacket or long-sleeved T-shirt.

As for the length of the pants, it is recommended that they be long, even in the hot season. The planes have a powerful air conditioning system - you can easily catch a cold. The other plus of long pants in an airplane is that in case of emergency it is better to keep as few body parts as possible fire and debris. Also, as a last resort, you can quickly make a reliable dressing.

Choose your clothes especially carefully when you have a long flight ahead of you and if you are traveling with children - their wardrobe should also be considered to the smallest detail.

Rule 2: Safe clothing materials.

Today, many people prefer to wear synthetics - the things made from it are comfortable and unpretentious in care. For airplane flight, however, it is worth making an exception and giving preference to clothes made of natural fabrics - namely cotton and linen. With them, the skin breathes and does not melt, which will make the flight more comfortable.

In emergencies, natural cotton and linen are incomparably safer than synthetics, as these thick fabrics protect the skin well and burn poorly, while polyester and nylon burn like a match. In addition, synthetic fibers melt, which can cause serious injuries in the event of a fire. That's why we recommend choosing clothes made of safe materials.

Rule 3: Minimal decor and accessories.

Hoods, puffy sleeves, fringe on the collar, long belts and other decor are bad ideas for flying an airplane. If an emergency arises, all this can slow you down - in short, prevent a quick evacuation. And even in quiet flight, these elements can create a lot of inconvenience, such as making it difficult to sit in a chair that is not comfortable anyway.

The same goes for accessories such as scarves, headbands, large watches, bags and more. You should not wear massive jewelry - bracelets, necklaces, earrings. During the flight, they will only interfere.

Rule 4: Wear clothes with practical pockets instead of hand luggage

Unfortunately, many people ignore this rule. But it is the pockets that will help you not to rush in search of hand luggage in case of emergency, wasting precious seconds on it. They also protect against thieves and accidental loss of documents, money and telephone.

It should be noted that the standard pockets of jeans and pants can hold almost nothing and no one would sit on their phone or passport. Pocket shirts are also impractical - they won't fit a lot.

Ideal for flight are the pants with side pockets located on the hips. They just need to be zipped. Everything you need will fit there, nothing will wrinkle or fall and you can sit still throughout the flight. In the event of an emergency, you will not have to try to save your hand luggage and your hands will be free.

If you find it difficult to find pants with suitable pockets or just do not want to wear such pants, you can buy a special pocket with straps from any travel store - it is firmly attached to your shoulder. Just don't try to replace it with a belt bag.

Rule 5: Wear sports shoes

Finally, it is worth thinking about the shoes you will be flying. Preference should definitely be given to sneakers, sneakers or light flat shoes. Boots and flip flops are a bad option, as it will be uncomfortable to fly and leave the plane in case of an accident.

We recommend closed shoes, so pack your sandals and slippers in your luggage. You do not need to buy a new pair of shoes on the plane - they are likely to tighten your legs and suffer throughout the flight.

By the way, there is an icon in the safety instructions on the plane: the crossed-out shoe. Many people think that this icon means that it is impossible to evacuate with shoes. In fact, most often this icon only applies to high heels, as they are unstable, can cause injury, as well as damage the escape ladder.