Boho style - the unconventional choice.

boho style in clothes

Each woman has her own unique style of dressing. It is this variety of styles that gives women the opportunity to best express their essence, as well as to highlight the merits of their figure.

One of them is the bohemian style or simply "Boho" style. Creative women like this style because it impresses with its eclecticism and multi-layeredness.

Actually, boho style arose a long time ago and was forgotten, but today it rises like a phoenix from the ashes and wins more and more fans on its side. In fact, the truth is that many women are already tired of the modern unnatural "doll" fashion .However, women dressed in boho style look attractive and harmonious.

There are three basic rules for dressing in the boho style:

1.Clothes must be made of natural materials.

2.Clothes should not fit tightly on your body, but should fall freely without being tight.

3. Multi-layer structure.

Let's go back in time a little and understand how the bohemian style was "born".

It is generally accepted that the bohemian style originated in France in the 15th century during the migration of gypsies to the country.

boho style blouse

Gypsies' attitude to life and their style of clothing impressed quite a few creative personalities. A similar lifestyle and unusual outfits became the first step in the boho style - the photos above clearly show its origin.

Naturally, the boho style, like any other style, undergoes many metamorphoses. The boho style that is now is not the boho style that was in the 15th century.

Today, this style can be seen on almost every single magazine cover. The fabrics are dyed with natural dyes or embroidered by hand. The models are characterized by the softness of the lines. The boho style really hits a resounding slap in the face of the Victorian style and its strict lines.

dresses in boho style

Boho style's closest relatives are street style and hippie style. Boho style includes several main features - the presence of hippie subcultural motifs, a bohemian touch and gypsy accents. Grunge elements and vintage elements can be added to this complex cocktail.

Our boho outfit has a deliberate carelessness that is actually precisely calibrated and carefully considered. The boho look demonstrates a rejection of cleanliness and creates an impression of elegant disorder.

The favorite fabrics of the boho style.

As we said a little above, to be a true boho "guru" use clothes made of natural materials, such as cotton, linen, wool, leather and all their derivatives. Important elements are lace and knitted decor. Prints can be floral , folk, geometric.

If we have to list which clothes are must-haves for the boho style, then add the following things to your look:

1.Colored scarves worn around the neck or head.

2. Wide trousers, skirts, sundresses.

3. Tunics and sandals.

Look for clothes that look old and worn.

Layering of clothes is inherent in outfits. When deciding how to wear the boho style, you should know that the details in the look are combined in an unusual way. They can include bracelets, lots of beads, unusual handmade jewelry or not match the general style. There are often interesting and unusual hats, large earrings, necklaces.

You can add non-standard round glasses and a straw hat to the look.

If you are looking for a boho summer dress, then choose a model made of cotton, silk or transparent linen. The color can be any cream shades, pale pink or beige.

By the way, boho style and vintage are extremely similar, because both styles oppose the politics of consumerism. For this reason, vintage jewelry and clothing are used to create a boho look. Such clothes will emphasize your frugality with the planet's resources, longing for naturalness and love for all living things.

Try something different by surprising your wardrobe with new acquisitions.

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