Types of jewelry for the dress

What jewelry to choose for the dress - this is described in detail in this article to eliminate annoying mistakes in the formation of vision. Accessories can enhance clothing by adding heat and charm, emphasize the long neck, the elegance of the hands, make the eye color expressive. But with careless handling of spectacular jewelry you can get the opposite effect. Read our article to the end to avoid making gross mistakes and not to make your festive or everyday look crowded. Everything matters - the material, the intensity of the decor, the color, style and shape of the neck.

jewelry in green
Jewelry for lace, velvet or knitted dress cannot be the same. Openwork clothes should be complemented with elegant ethereal accessories that emphasize the weightlessness and flirtation of your clothes. For example, elongated earrings and a neat necklace in a romantic style. Give up brooches.

If you wear velvet then with a string of pearls you will look elegant and luxurious. If your outfit has a spectacular guipure, then consider minimalist sets of earrings and smooth bracelets. A restrained necklace made of silver or gold is suitable for the neck. If you decide to wear beads, choose those that have a contrasting shade in terms of the dress. The beads should not be too small or large, the correct geometry is recommended - round or square.

If the dress is made of embossed knitwear, then the jewelry should be treated with caution. On such a dress, brooches and beads often look bulky and inappropriate. In the case of smooth knit patterns, you can experiment with wood decor; a pendant in the form of an expressive stone, and not necessarily a symmetrical regular shape, will also be an excellent option.

If you already have a decent collection of jewelry for all occasions, make sure they are stored properly. In a stylish bag made of natural cotton, your collection will be reliably protected from dust and sunlight. And most importantly - you will always know that your favorite earrings and bracelets are in place.

jewelry with pearls

Black dress jewelry

The black dress can be worn to work or to a party with friends. This case offers a huge number of options. Metal earrings, bracelet and chain will create a restrained image, suitable in the office and at a business meeting. A string of large white pearls around the neck and an expressive brooch will make the look respectable. Turquoise, coral, jasper and other natural stones will bring originality and bohemian chic. To add a little frivolity, wear a multicolored necklace.

black dress accessories

Red dress jewelry

Best combined color with black, white, beige and silver. The purpose of jewelry in this case is to emphasize the central element of the bow, but not to attract attention at all. The red and white combination makes the image more energetic, which is suitable for daily events. Red and black solutions that are associated with charm and hot temperament look good in the evening.

The milky shade will soften the look, will give femininity and restrained coquetry. Silver accessories will help you look cooler and more restrained.

necklace for red dress

What decoration will suit a navy blue dress: theory and photography

If universal winning solutions (such as a silver pendant chain) seem too boring and you want to create a bright and memorable look, choose pink, lilac, yellow. It can be a necklace and earrings made of amber, topaz, rhodolite and other natural stones. The size and shape depends on the style, style and texture of the fabric. The dress can be decorated with spectacular jewelry of playful design. If you plan to wear a silk model with draperies and lace inserts, then you will need an elegant decor with a simple design. This is a great case for a "walk" of diamonds; Swarovski crystals, quartz and other transparent minerals also look good next to blue. And it is better to refuse gold, because this metal does not correspond to the color scheme at all.

decoration for navy blue dress

Burgundy Dress Jewelry

In a company with a burgundy hue, both gold and silver products look good, choose metal, focusing on your color type. The autumn girl will be able to decorate the look with the use of chocolate, dark green and golden tones. Representatives of the winter type will complement with black and white accessories. Gray and pink are also suitable, which will appeal to summer girls. And those who belong to the spring will be able to well complement the outfit with beige, yellow, tile jewelry. Burgundy is universal, it adapts to any color and looks harmonious on different types of women.

jewelry for a dress in burgundy

Beige Dress Jewelry

This shade in the company of black, brown or gold looks profitable. Such combinations provide emphasized elegance, are suitable for formal events, in the office or a romantic meeting. Beige next to chestnut and reddish-brown looks good in street, casual outfits, as well as in country and boho (ideally for girls with little contrast). Cold graphite will complement a strict business image.

You can experiment with bright colors - turquoise, pink, burgundy. Against the background of beige, playful jewelry in different shapes are suitable - short and elongated necklaces, small and drooping earrings, smooth and delicate bracelets.

jewelry for beige dress

Jewelry for a yellow dress

For lovers of yellow bright solutions will be successful. The varieties of the red range effectively adorn the clothes and make the look playful and memorable. For spring from this palette are recommended salmon, peach, pearl pink, coral. For girls who like contrast, who are looking for successful combinations with tones of lemon, straw and pear, accessories in blue and green, as well as variations of purple, will be a very good choice.

jewelry for dress in yellow

What kind of jewelry goes with a green dress

Precious metals look great - both gold and silver (choose according to your color). A good addition will be the stones in the same range - emerald, malachite, jade, aventurine and others. For an evening look, boldly put on large cluster earrings and an expressive necklace (if the material and style allow). It is better not to use too spectacular jewelry in everyday clothes.

Another good option is brown and black. These combinations harmoniously fit into aristocratic images of social events. For a romantic style are suitable decorations in blue, as well as pink and yellow.

jewelry for green dress

Pink dress jewelry

In summer, it is recommended to stick to a "dusty" tone. This makes the look bold, energetic and refreshing. But you should carefully choose jewelry - gray, black and silver samples will fit the dress. Blue accessories are also acceptable.

jewelry for dress in pink

Jewelry and decoration for a gray knit dress

Cold variations are welcome. Girls can easily complement the outfit with black or white accessories. It is also worth considering the combination of such shades as metallic, blue, pink. If the task is just to complement with bright accents, you can use red or yellow jewelry. Knitwear will be an occasion to choose models that create smooth lines. Collar models go well with smooth straps, short beads and earrings with the right geometry.

jewelry for a gray dress

White dress jewelry

This case also allows you to experiment boldly. Successful complement to the snow-white clothes will be accessories in brown, silver, green. For a romantic look are suitable gentle shades - pale pink, jade, turquoise, lemon, peach. But with red and black you have to be careful. Such a combination can look good only to showy and brave girls.

jewelry for dress in white

How to complement floral dresses

Choose a tone that matches one of the ones on the dress. A good option is a chain with a small pendant. Earrings are also better to be small, in the style of minimalism or romance.

jewelry for a dress with a floral motif

Stripe Dress Decorations

Preference should be given to products with a simple design. The elements can be large, but with the right shape, without pretentiousness. The denser the material, the larger the dimensions. Large stones look good on woolen cloth; And on a thin cotton dress - modest patterns of round or square beads. You can limit yourself to earrings, without beads and a bracelet, the look can be self-sufficient.

striped dress accessories

Accessories should not contradict your vision, on the contrary, their task is to bring harmony. Here are some principles to help you avoid mistakes when creating an expressive image.

Evening Jewelry

If you are interested in what jewelry is suitable for a black evening dress, pay attention to the photo. These may be the most expressive models in your collection. Different shades and shapes are suitable here, upgrade the density of the fabric. Complement silk or chiffon clothing with an original necklace and bracelet with very small elements. In contrast, lace looks better when framed with products with a minimalist design. At formal events, it is recommended to wear jewelry, not jewelry.

jewelry for evening dress

Party Dress Jewelry

Which decoration is suitable for a silver, gold or bronze dress - in this case it is allowed to abandon the "rule of three". You can choose jewelry without beads, if the clothes are sewn from shiny fabric or with rich decor.

If you plan to wear a sheath dress made of matte material for the party, do not hesitate to include expressive models in clothing. Bright shades, the original shape of the elements is welcome. Precious and semi-precious stones, various metals, Swarovski crystals, wooden elements, Murano glass are suitable.

jewelry for party dress

Jewelry for summer dresses

Carelessly in all its manifestations welcomes democracy in the choice of jewelry. You can complement the look with bright multicolored patterns, glossy and matte, large and moderate sizes. The themes are diverse: flora, animalistics, geometry, romantic figures, engravings, combinations of stones of different origins and sizes.

What decoration to choose for a dress with open shoulders - to emphasize the long neck, a neat tight choker is suitable, and to lengthen it visually, choose falling chains with or without a pendant. If the body has lace, edges, draperies, then you can leave the neckline without additional accessories.

jewelry for summer dress

Office style dress jewelry

Business attire accessories should look compact. Their characteristics:

smooth texture;

lack of complex openwork elements;

correct geometry;

small or medium size beads.

The decorations for such a dress, whether it is a gray or black lace dress, a model with a cover or a shirt, should be restrained, the bright options will not work. Laconic necklace with a small pendant in the form of a smooth bead or rhombus, neat carnation earrings harmoniously fit into the classic concept. You can choose an openwork bracelet or ring with an original mineral, as well as butterflies, petals, leaves and other accessories.

Too long dangling earrings and beads will not work, and frivolous complex intense shades also fall into the category of forbidden - it is better to limit yourself to the main colors.

jewelry for office dress

How to choose the right jewelry depending on the neckline of the dress: round, boat, v-shaped: theory and photo

Accessories allow you to look spectacular and stylish, but only if you do not make a mistake. It is most often done by wearing a necklace with the wrong configuration, which conflicts with the neck.


Long products are a good choice. They can be: beads made of pearls, coral, various minerals, as well as a chain with a pendant. It looks good V-shaped models, emphasizing the harmony and femininity of the whole silhouette.

Round neckline jewelry

In this case, wearing hanging jewelry is contraindicated - the jewelry should remain under the neck, repeating the neckline. The mass of the accessory depends on the length of the garment. The floor-length model will allow you to wear a large necklace, a short dress looks attractive along with neat jewelry.

Boat neckline jewelry

In this case, it is necessary to strive not for parallelism, but for perpendicularity. The best choice - beads of medium length or the original pendant

neckline jewelry

Square Neckline Dress Accessories

Mandatory to the geometry, but not necessarily the elements of the necklace in the form of a square, triangles, rhombuses, circles are allowed. It also looks good with a short and flat pendant. But flowers, plant motifs are better to use another time.

Decorations for dresses with collars that completely hide the neck

Long beads and necklaces with medium and large ties are suitable, if the dress is elegant, it is advisable to complement it with a pendant.