How to have beautiful and healthy eyelashes?


They say that the eyes are a mirror of a person's soul and the eyelashes are the frame of the soul. And while we can't do much for the eyes to be beautiful and healthy, we can take care of the eyelashes to be more healthy, beautiful and long.

Unfortunately, while most men have naturally long and beautiful lashes, most of us women need to work on our lashes so that they are more expressive and beautiful.

Whether you have naturally beautiful lashes or not, you should always take special care of them. To maintain the health and beauty of your lashes, follow these few tips:

- Remember to carefully remove mascara every night , because mascara is a product that can in no way be said to be good for lashes.

- Brush your lashes . Whether with a special comb or your fingers. It's good to comb your lashes every time you think of them, because it will stimulate blood circulation, which in turn will help the growth of eyelashes.

- Strengthen the structure of your lashes. This can be done with apricot kernel oil, olive oil or castor oil (You can apply it with a special brush or if you do not have it, you can just use your fingertips) ;

how to grow eyelashes

You can do therapy on your eyelashes for a month. Before going to bed, apply a conditioner that promotes eyelash growth (ingredients: castor and burdock oil, aloe juice, vitamin E). You will certainly notice the effect! >

Drinking tea is extremely good for the body, but have you ever wondered what benefits it can have for your lashes? That's right! Every time you drink tea, take a small amount of the decoction in which to soak tampons. Tampons will magically become a powerful beautifier. Put your tampons on your eyelids for 20 minutes.

If you do not have time to prepare homemade elixirs, you can always buy everything you need from the store. For example, a special mascara mascara that includes glycerin, panthenol and protein. Personally, I prefer to take care of my lashes with home remedies that I am sure of the origin of the products.

In addition to cosmetics, diet, which affects the growth and density of eyelashes, is also important. Eat more foods rich in vitamins and nutrients.

In fact, there is a scientifically correct length of lashes. The length of the lashes should be 1/3 of the width of the eye.

Even if you don't like the length of your lashes, our advice to you is not to resort to artificial lashes, which are actually extremely toxic and aggressive to the lashes. The best option is to put a little more effort and take care of the health and beauty of your eyelashes at home.

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