Daily Horoscope

Each zodiac sign has its own colors, highlighting its best features. Sometimes their presence or absence determines the presentation and mood.

Clothes for Sign Aries

If you are Aries

Your choice is: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple

The Aries is famous for its energy and vitality that will help to charge with positive results everywhere. But even these tireless optimists are sometimes sad. To not cover you sadness, buy something red - challenge the bad mood!

Yellow and green colors will help you calm down and find peace when energy is on the edge or experience doubts. And for an important event, do not forget to dress in blue or purple - these colors will bring you luck in negotiations or exams.

Clothes for Taurus

If you are a Taurus Zodiac

Your choice is: blue, green, blue, beige, brown, yellow

Taurus is usually cute: charming, calm and balanced. But should they put red or just see this color somewhere - better avoid it! In general, if you are Taurus, try not to use these dangerous shades in the room's decor and in clothes - take care of your nervous system and your relatives.

But soft natural tones - this colors for you. Especially the stars recommend green - this will lift your mood and will not break your peace.

Clothes for Sign Gemini

If you are a Gemini Zodiac

Your choice is: bright yellow, green, purple, blue

Vigorous, emotional and variables - everything is in them. Many representatives of this sign are also very creative personalities. And they have a habit of regularly attracting impulsivity and humiliation. Your case is: Urgently find help in color of the sun, energy and joy - bright yellow!

If you are from those twins who first do and then think, your stars advise you to turn to the green more often - this will smooth your impulsiveness. Nuances of violet and blue will help calm down.

And, of course, do not forget about your dual nature. In gray or light blue and light gray you will feel very comfortable at any time and every mood.

Clothes for Cancer Zodiac

If you are a sign of cancer

Your choice is: white, gray, silver, green, purple

The modest and sentimental cancers and no prompt are laid and the villain in the heights are attracted to the white - the color of purity. The stars offer: pay attention to the silver. Clothing of this color will become a bumper for you, which will protect the sensitive and break all negative.

But do not forget about the more saturated colors! In violet, for example, you will feel not like a little frightened girl, but as a confident girl. Green will give optimism and help at least a little free to free yourself on a friendly party.

Clothes for Zodiac Leo

If you are a Lion Sign

Your choice is: red, orange, golden, yellow

The powerful, self-confident and loving freedom lions like to be in the light of the spotlight. And here you can certainly not do without catchy colors in which it is so easy to stand out from the crowd. They also have good advantages. Red and orange load the lion with optimism and energy until the yellow tone is positive.

But do not rush to give up even more relaxed shades - you also sometimes want to rest from the crowd's attention and to silence. Let you have some white and blue in your wardrobe - they will help you hide from curious eyes and calm your nerves.

Clothes for Virgo Zodiac

If you are a Virgo Sign

Your choice is: gray, white, brown, green

The Virgo Sign really do not like to stand out from the crowd and prefer to go unnoticed. The nuances and the calm tones are simply created, so the modest Virgin feel comfortable and in harmony with the world.

But they also have a whim - always carefully consider their clothing because they just have to look perfect. We offer: the gray will highlight your elegance, and the brown will create the image of a serious and confident girl.

Clothes for Libra Zodiac

If you are a Libra Sign

Your choice is: yellow, blue, pink, blue

The libras like to be in great fun companies - after all, everything in them should flirt. And for the girls of this sign are very important to be stunning for others. To attract attention to yourself and compete with fiery lions, choose the color of the sun - yellow.

But if you plan a business meeting or go on an exam, put something blue. This color will help you make the right impression and show that you are a serious girl who knows how to make important decisions.

Clothes for Scorpio Zodiac

If you are a Scorpio Zodiac

Your choice is: red, purple, blue, yellow

Naturally, scorpions are born leaders confident in their irresistence simply can't avoid red - this is the color of the winners! But your element is water and therefore in blue also will successfully achieve what you want.

But the saturated purple will help to relax the too serious scorpions. If you will rest, be sure to take something out of this color - at least socks. And do not forget the yellow - this will cheer you and help the most secure representatives of the sign to break free.

Clothes for Zodiac sagittarius

If you are a Sagittarius sign

Your choice is: blue, purple, purple

Emotional, active, liberal and sociable Sagittarius very love bright colors. Well, right! For example, the purple are ideal for important meetings and social events - and stand out from the crowd.

A blue will help you concentrate on the doctrine or work. By the way, the stars strongly recommend using something blue in the interior - this will help to relax and relieve stress.

Clothes for Capricorn sign

If you are a Capricorn Zodiac

Your choice is: dark blue, blue, red, purple

Targeted and practical capricos usually prefer restrained shades - both in clothing and the interior. The most harmonic color for them is dark blue, which does not distract the enthusiastic girls from their favorite business. But stars are strongly recommended to wear bright red from time to time - this will stimulate your attitude to success, will give strength and self-esteem.

By the way, do not forget to switch sometimes and distract the monotony of privacy. In order for the change to be as successful as possible, put something blue in meetings with friends. Creative stars Capricorn advise to pay attention to the purple - he will drive out the sad thoughts and set you to a positive mood.

Clothes for aquarius zodiac

If you are a aquarius sign

Your choice is: blue, purple, lilac, green

Charming and sociable aquarius like to experiment with their wardrobe and their appearance. Today - a strict blue suit, tomorrow - purple sweatshire. The main thing is variety, more diversity! Therefore, to decorate the interior, the stars recommend the aquarium to choose gentle colors - the blue, for example, will calm you after the busy day. And it's easy to combine it with colorful details if you really want changes.

The blue color will be beneficial in the days of important meetings - they will put order, will help you concentrate and take the right decision. But the green will help completely relax and forget everything bad, so dress things from this color on the weekend or through the vacation. If you have to add a positive and cheer - take the same purple color jacket.

clothes for pisces sign

If you are Zodiac pisces

Your choice is: pink, blue, turquoise, silver, purple

Romantic and gentle pisces are sometimes very shy and indecisive. Help comes the purple! When you select a color for an important meeting or exam, set a garment with this color.

But on a romantic meeting you can look like a fragile fairy in pink - this color will highlight your natural charm. And if you go to a coupon, be sure to take at least a silver color accessory.