What clothes will make me taller

One of the secrets of attractiveness is the right choice of clothes. You can use it to emphasize the advantages, to hide the shortcomings, to correct the silhouette.

What is the type of shape?

These are structural features of the body. The foundation is laid genetically. This is the structure of muscle tissue, the deposition of adipose tissue, the structure of bone tissue. Of course, you can correct this with diets, sports activities, the development of muscle tissue in the right places. But, anyway, the type remains. You can only make it less pronounced. For example, a feature of a pear-shaped or triangle-shaped figure - the thighs are voluminous. And with each correction, the hips will not become less noticeable against the general background. Therefore, the right approach is to turn the nuances into virtues and not try to equalize them. By choosing the right clothes for a certain type, you can adjust the silhouette.

And as a result, it can be noted that the parameters of the body parts are not as important as their relationship to each other. This knowledge is used in painting in sculpture and architecture. Leonardo da Vinci developed the theory of proportions, which is called the golden ratio. This is a kind of ideal model of the human body.

Later, this theory formed the basis for the classification of the main types of female figures, which are determined in accordance with the proportional ratio of the parameters of the shoulders, hips and waist of the female body.

Pear body

what dresses will go for my body pear

Benefits of the Pear.

Thin waist;

Graceful hands;

Fragile, graceful shoulders;

Neat hip.

The choice of clothes.

The goal is to harmonize the lower and upper part. It is necessary to emphasize and draw attention to the graceful top and the thin, pronounced waist, thus distracting attention from the large hips. You need to make the silhouette more proportionate with the help of clothes. This can be done by visually enlarging the top, adding volume with the help of shoulders, voluminous collars, scarves, shawls. Then the proportions of the upper part will be in harmony with the lower part of the figure.

Clothing top:


Volume sleeves;

Plenty of accessories - steering wheels, large accessories, prints;


Semi-fitting styles to emphasize the waist;

The length of the blouse, jacket, etc. recommended above the thigh, slightly below the waist or slightly below the middle of the thigh. You can't wear things long to mid-thigh. This will visually expand and emphasize this line even more.

Clothes below the waist:


Choosing a skirt or pants for figure A is not easy. Usually the clothes hang by the belt and the thighs are too tight. It is better not to choose the styles of the skirt with a pencil, narrow skirts, patterns gathered on an elastic band, cut skirts, the sun, half the sun, knitted patterns, low skirts with a belt on the thighs, skirts with a multi-layered cut.

Appropriate options:

Slipper, silhouette A;


To do this, the pants should be slightly extended from the knees or hips. This harmonizes the wide hips.


Great dresses with a removable belt line. The top of the model should be in shape, with a flat skirt or style A will hide the weak spot;

Dresses whose style includes a huge belt;

Trapezoidal models;

Body tipe Apple

what color is fashionable this year

To correct, you need to visually stretch the silhouette and distract from the problem area.

Vertical lines are suitable for this, both in color and in the direction of lines and seams, as well as asymmetries. Emphasis on thin legs and décolleté.

Advantages of the Apple figure:

Proportionality of the thighs and shoulders;

Rounded shapes;

Slim legs.

The choice of clothes.

You should choose a loose but not baggy cut. Fabrics are better than a smooth texture, so they fall easily and do not tighten, creating soft draperies. Thick and hard fabrics make the silhouette more voluminous.

A good option is cotton, linen, silk, T-shirt, crepe. Corrective underwear should be used. All details, accents, mark-ups, draperies, drawings, etc. They should be placed above the chest line or below the thigh line. You don't have to buy things with big drawings as well as very small ones. Ordinary clothes are great - they visually stretch the silhouette. Tight skirts and pants do not fit. If you choose the right multi-layered styles, you can also make the silhouette thinner. Accessories should be distracted from problem areas. Tops and blouses need a cut that opens the neckline, and the length should be below the waist, somewhere at the level of the thighs. This length does not emphasize the abdomen.

Clothing top:


Asymmetrical blouses;

V-neck and square neckline;

Blouses that fit the chest but are loose at the waist,

Tunics under the thighs.

Clothes below the waist:



Right, not tight;

Wedges with bottom extension.


To stretch the silhouette, you need to create a vertical line - this can be done with classic straight pants. Jeans fit straight and slightly cut, some fit wide models or skirts, pants.


High waist;

Model of the dress in the form of a watch;

Cut trapezoidal;

Dress - short, straight, dress with a straight cut;

Asymmetric models.

Hourglass body (the dream figure for every lady)

what dress to choose for an hourglass body type

The hourglass is considered the ideal female figure. This silhouette is the most correct, women have always tried to have such a watch figure with the help of corsets. Everyone knows the ideal parameters 90-60-90 - this is the embodiment of this form.

Advantages of an hourglass figure:

Proportional thighs and shoulders;

Rounded shapes;

Pronounced waist;

Slim legs

The choice of clothes.

It's easier to choose a dress for this type than for others.

The main thing is to emphasize the waist, to maintain proportion and harmony between the lower and upper part - ie. Do not overload any part.

Clothing should emphasize rounded, feminine shapes. Baggy clothes and tight-fitting clothes do not fit.

Clothing top:

Blouses, shirts, sweaters, vests should be chosen according to the figure, but not too tight. Options that make the top more massive, hide the neck, and loose items that do not emphasize the waist are not recommended.

The length of the blouse should be below or above the widest line of the thighs.

The sleeves must not create additional volume at the top or otherwise they must be balanced with the volume at the bottom. The goal is to maintain harmony.

V-shaped, U-shaped, boat, heart-shaped cutouts.

Clothes below the waist:


Pencil, tulip, trapeze, soft belt draperies.

An important accessory for watches is the belt.


Straight - classic, slightly inflamed from the knee. Glare from the thighs - wide pants - suitable, but only for weak.


Suitable models with a wide skirt and an accentuated waist line, a-line with an accentuated waist, dresses that repeat the curves of the body, according to the figure.

Rectangle body

This type can wear lush, wide skirts, pleated skirts, joints, pleats, dresses. It is important to create feminine curves that are not enough in silhouette because of the clothes. The main feature is the lack of a pronounced waist, even for graceful girls. The width of the thighs and shoulders is the same, the lines of the silhouette are straight. The curves of the body are weak.

Advantages - thin legs, hips, graceful arms, not full.

In overweight women, its distribution is usually in the stomach, in the chest area. Legs, thighs and buttocks remain weak.

Advantages of the rectangle:

Slim legs;

Neat thighs;

Graceful hands;

Proportionality of the shoulders and thighs.

The choice of clothes.

As usual, the main thing is to create harmony of forms. It is necessary to create the necessary curves and emphasize the merits.

Models that slightly repeat the outline are the best option. Details of clothes, accessories, colors, patterns should draw attention to the neckline. But in moderation. Using style and visual illusions - contrasting colors, unusual belt options, create a waist, but the emphasis should be either slightly lower or slightly higher than the waist line.

The main points to use: layering, accents in the area just below the curve of the thighs, tops and blouses just below the pelvic line. It is necessary to create the effect of the waist due to the width of the hips and shoulders, increasing them with the help of appropriate styles - sneakers, coquette, stripes, ripples. But this is only for the weak. You can create the illusion of narrowing with the help of colors - lines that converge on a belt, pattern or insert in the form of a clock.

Clothing top:

Tops, blouses. Circumference options, up to the thigh line. It is long - on the widest part of the thighs, to visually expand this line, it is possible with a wide belt, just above the waist. V-neck models. Elongated tunics with a belt below the waist.

Clothes below the waist.


Tulip, sun, semi-sun, pencil, pleated options, pleated. Cylinder skirt, multi-level, a-line, lowered with a belt on the thighs.


Hip without hip style


Asymmetry, pleated, low and high waist, sun, semi-sun.