How to be elegant and at the same time modern at work?

Elegant beautiful workplace clothes

In the previous article we saw how you should dress if you are invited to a job interview, now let's look at how you should dress if you are already hired.

Office fashion is a permanently sought compromise between rigor, comfort and originality. Finding a "middle position" is not easy - too boring clothes will make us "lose" in the general background. Free and bright style will interfere and distract.

How to choose clothes for the office?

Find out what you can afford in office style and what not.

To what to bet - comfortably, beautiful or appropriate.

A really stylish work image should be harmonious, soothing and fitting to work mood. Therefore, the main "working" colors must be moderate colors. Universal color options are - beige, dark gray, light gray and white. Depending on the season, other shades are combined with them. For example, in spring and summer 2020, the best "satellites" of the standard gamma will be green, ocher, red and blue.

Office style for women does not make you give up your favorite casual clothes. Can successfully combine and become a work environment. For example, denim clothes are a great addition to the official top.

Ladies suit with trousers or skirt can be replaced with a dress at any time. The optimal length is up to the knee, although sometimes you can find a good style to the middle of the calf. The ideal sleeve length is over the elbow. If there are no sleeves you have to add a jacket to it.

Using accessories is the easiest way to "refresh" the vision. The two main accessories for work vision are a bag and belt. You can add to them necklaces and bracelets - massive jewelery is considered modern.

The shoes should be selected with a short fifth or wedge. In the warm season you can wear open shoes.

What should not be allowed in office style?

Fashion outfits for every day can be comfortable, beautiful and bright. They have to create an attractive and moderately strict image. At the same time office clothes should not make the image frivolous and inappropriate to interfere with the workflow.

To achieve the perfect balance:

Do not abuse the beach fashion. Shorts, slippers, flip flops, short t-shirts and swimsuits (even under shirt) have no place in the office.

Do not show too much nudity. Blows with thin straps and dresses without straps with open back, big neckline and naked shoulders best let them in your closet. Bored legs, naked abdomen, skirts and hems are too high "taboo" at office fashion. An acceptable example is a top sleeveless plus long pants.

Transparent tissue is not a good choice. Fashion clothes with transparent elements collapse the business spirit and are not suitable for serious negotiations. The same applies to lace, cut and other catchy accents.

Avoid shiny patterns and colors. Everything that distracts from work should stay out of the office: neon colors, "lightning" prints (such as carticates, animations, aggressive). Small geometric patterns can cause dizziness - do not choose them for meetings and negotiations.

Do not wear awkward shoes in the office. Don't be afraid to change heels or moccasins. Typically, at work is more important to protect leg health and walk quickly than add several centimeters.

Choosing stylish clothes, do not be afraid to become the new fashion trend at home. You do not have to look back at your colleagues and "adjust your vision to their style of dressing. Follow the common rules of office style and adapted for yourself. Allow yourself to use your favorite things, choose nice colors and comfortable styles.

Modern fashion is on your side!