Umbrella, as an irreplaceable fashion accessory.

elegant umbrella

The umbrella is not just a thing. It is a strong fashion accessory that is present in everyone's home. And it doesn't matter if you are having coffee with friends or at the cinema. It doesn't even matter if you are at work, the umbrella is an indispensable part of our everyday life and is always at hand when we need it.

Precisely because of the above statements, we must approach the choice of an umbrella seriously if we want it to serve us faithfully.

There are two types of umbrella: Cane type umbrella and folding umbrella.

1.Cane type umbrella

This type of umbrella practically does not go out of fashion trends. Neat and classic, this model will add seriousness and charm to any look.

Don't limit yourself to black options. There are so many different colors that it is a "crime" not to take advantage of them. Green, purple, brown, yellow or even red - there is a color for every look and taste. There are even transparent ones umbrellas, which, in my personal opinion, are no longer relevant.

transparent umbrella

And maybe some of you will say that it's just an umbrella and that only the color is different, but that's not quite true! Besides the color, the umbrella can also differ in the design of the handle and the number of spokes .It can also differ in what material it is made of, so the variety is huge.

If you are looking for convenience, choose a product with a leather handle. If you want strength, choose a model with a rubber handle.

This umbrella model is more wind-resistant and, in general, stronger than the folding one, but it is more difficult to carry with you everywhere.

2.Foldable umbrellas

There are two ways of opening here. Manual opening and opening with a button. Closing in both options is manual.

This model is definitely more compact and more convenient, but there is one drawback. This umbrella is not so breaks easily and needs to be periodically replaced with another one.

Wind is the main enemy of this product, but there are already umbrellas made of fiberglass that successfully combat this problem.

Of course, for an umbrella to be stable it must have the necessary number of spokes. The best choice is an umbrella with 15 or more spokes.

Thanks to its light weight, it is easy to carry anywhere. You can simply fold it and put it in your bag.

Regarding the materials, it is good to choose those that dry quickly and lose their color more easily, because it doesn't matter if there are clouds or rain for the sun's rays.

The most suitable fabric here is satin.

The combination of cotton and polyester will make the raindrops roll on your umbrella without getting wet. Cheaper options are pure polyester or nylon fabrics, which unfortunately have a number of disadvantages.

And finally, after considering all the physical properties of the umbrella, it is important to choose a model that suits your personality. A product that will make your image unique.

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