Let's choose a great Halloween costume…

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Halloween is a holiday for young and old. Dressing and appearance are everything on this holiday, so adults often start their costume search a few months in advance! It is not so important that Halloween clothes are expensive, because this is the day in which demonstrates creativity and not luxury.

If you are good at makeup, you will surely give yourself a unique and budget look.

Now let's look at Halloween outfits. We'll start with the timeless classics:

1. Scary vampire.

The most important thing here is the right make-up. Apply white cream on your face and put on red contact lenses. Highlight your lips with red lipstick and definitely put on vampire teeth. We will not comment on the outfit, because only one cloak is needed to turn you into a real nightmare.

2.The next suggestion in our ranking for a classic Halloween costume is the spooky look.

If you want to really scare someone, then consider this look. A ghost is always associated with fear! This look does not need a make-up artist. Just throw a white sheet over your head and you are ready to scare people. For example you can experiment with this look by wearing a white dress and applying white foundation on your face.

3.Everyone loves superheroes and can't wait for Halloween to dress up as one of them. Here, the iconic outfit is everything.

4.One-eyed pirate.Look in the closet for a leather vest or jacket and some sort of ruffled shirt. If this is your favorite look, you probably have a pirate hat and a toy sword from last year. .If you still don't have these accessories, you can buy them from the nearest store.

5. The next classic is the witch. There is no girl who did not want to be dressed as a witch at least once on Halloween. This image is typically female and requires serious preparation, especially when you decide to recreate it this childhood character as well as possible. The face should be painted with green paint. Add the infamous crooked nose. You can draw a mole, which will bring more magic to the holiday. To complete the look, don't forget the top hat and the broom.

6.Zombies. Being a zombie for Halloween is not a difficult task at all. It is enough to wear torn rags and smear your face with fake blood. Try to recreate the typical zombie walk.


7.The mummy is also a typical image of the Halloween holiday. It is enough to have a large amount of bandage at home and cover the whole body except for the eyes.

Let me now offer you some outfit ideas that are not so common on Halloween.

1. You probably have a favorite animal, so you can dress up like it. There are so many types of animals that the probability of being dressed the same as any other child is minimal.

2. The same applies to artists. If you have a favorite singer or actor, you can ask a make-up artist to try to get you as close as possible to the image you like.

Halloween is a holiday of imagination and creativity, so then you can be whatever you want. And what better than to show our essence. The only drawback of this holiday is that it only happens once a year. And how i want it was more often...

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