How to combine the different colors of pants and shoes?

elegant trousers

Quite often it is difficult for us to judge what color shoes to choose for our new business pants, and sometimes we just wear some shoes at our discretion, without realizing that in reality these shoes do not match the color of the pants at all.

Now we will take a detailed look at each color of pants and what shoes to add to look really elegant and stylish.

We'll start with a classic black pant.

Most people think that everything goes with black. Yes, but not quite. Black trousers are extremely moody and when it comes to it, the truth is that it is best to play it safe by choosing black shoes.

A bit boring and restrictive look, but you can put a little color in the shirt or the tie for example. In no case do not combine black pants with blue, beige, green or white shoes, as well as with all their similar colors. If you want to break The "boring look" is permissible to combine black pants with very dark brown shoes. The combination with burgundy shoes is also permissible only if, for example, your shirt or jacket is burgundy. However, my personal advice is to be careful with these combinations.

If you chose navy blue pants, however, things look different.

There are almost no restrictions for blue pants. It is unbeatable in terms of shoes, because it goes with all colors (except beige).

If you want to look elegant, bet on the combination of light blue pants and brown shoes. For more formal occasions, choose light brown or camel-colored shoes.

If your pants are dark blue, then successful combinations are with blue, black, brown and burgundy shoes. It is important that the shoes are not lighter in color than the pants.

Navy blue pants will help create a broken and at the same time harmonious look when you combine it with burgundy shoes.

Now let's say two sentences about classic burgundy trousers.

Men's trousers in this color look extremely elegant, only if you add suitable shoes.

Only the combination with brown or burgundy shoes is correct here (it is also acceptable with black shoes, but only in some private cases). Avoid all other colors, because you will look ridiculous and frivolous.

(I just want to insert that we are talking about color combinations of men's pants and shoes, because under other conditions burgundy goes with many other colors.)

Formal gray trousers.

If we talk about shorts, for example, gray goes well with red, pink, violet and blue, but when we talk about classic gray pants, blue shoes are forbidden! The most successful combination would be with black, brown or burgundy shoes.

My favorite beige pants.

Beige is a nice and soft shade that can easily create a harmonious look. It is easy to combine and always looks great, but unfortunately this is only the case if we are not in a formal meeting. When we talk about classic beige trousers the shoe options are quite limited. Beige pants will suit only beige and brown shoes.

There is another color of pants that men rarely choose, and that is the dark green classic pants. However, we will not talk much here, because the only appropriate combination, in my opinion, is with classic black or dark green shoes, which to be one idea darker.

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