What tights to choose?

golden tights

Let's first try to divide tights into separate categories:

1.According to the material - lycra tights, spandex, polyamide, cotton wool and silk tights.

2.According to the density - super thin, openwork and dense

3. According to the color, the tights can be - golden, with body color, with prints and various colors.

And now let's answer some of the most difficult questions for most women. How to wear tights and what tights to choose?

If you are wondering what tights to choose, keep in mind that there are one basic criterion that we should be guided by. The density and elasticity of the fabric, which are measured in DEN. The higher the value of DEN, the more The tights are thick.

Tights can have a density of 5 to 200 DEN.

Other things, such as color, fabric, etc., are a matter of preference and personal taste. And let's not forget that we live in a time when everyone is experimenting with fashion and can wear absolutely anything.

Let's take a look at each type of tights now!

Very thin tights.

We call super thin tights those models that have a density of 5-10 DEN.

Thin tights definitely look very stylish and inconspicuous, but personally I think they are super impractical from a financial point of view. Even the most expensive brands of this model can not guarantee that you will wear tights more than once !

But unfortunately if you want to create the effect of bare feet you need to buy such tights.

Thin matte models are a must for all ladies who work in an office with a strict dress code. Here I just want to add that the shade of tights should match the color of your skin.

Thin tights are completely unnecessary in everyday wear because they are neither practical nor have a warming function.

Black tights.

Until a few years ago, black tights were considered extremely indecent. Today, however, it is unthinkable to be fashionable without these tights.

These tights look great in grunge and drama style. They will go perfectly with boots or a short skirt.

black tights

If you choose black matte and non-transparent tights, you can easily combine them with anything.

As for shoes, there are almost no restrictions here.

Colored tights.

colored tights

Every season the designers compete over who will make more eccentric and colorful tights, so we can safely say that wearing colored tights is very modern and elegant.

But here comes the danger of making a mistake in combination with colored tights. How to combine then?

1. Combine with colors from the same range or other shades close to the color of the tights

2. Shoes and tights of similar colors or the same look good.

shoes for colored tights

Printed tights

The tights with print remain for me personally and will always remain fashionable. Animal print or some other figurines look great on tights!

Today, designers are more inventive and release different patterns with floral prints or a variety of embroidery.

But here, too, we must be careful when choosing how to complement our outfit.

1. We advise you to choose simpler clothes with such tights.

2.If you have similar clothes with a print, such as tights, it would be a good idea.

3. Try not to stray too far from the color of the tights when choosing other clothes.

tights with leopard print

"Brilliant Tights"

These are tights that achieve the famous lurex effect with the help of silver threads. Lurex is actually a texture.

These tights can be combined with a leather skirt or a wool skirt.

lurex tights

White tights.

You need to be careful when combining white tights so that you don't look like a 4th grader or a nurse.

white tights

Mesh tights.

It's very easy to go wrong with these tights. If you're wondering how to combine fishnet tights, know that they only fit with ripped denim shorts or ripped skirts.

I suggest you focus on solider and softer models.

fishnet tights

How to choose the size of the tights?

Check the label, because each manufacturer has its own size chart.

Some of the most famous manufacturers of tights are: WOLFORD, CONTE, FIORE, FALKE, CALZEDONIA, OMERO, OMSA, PIER CARDIN, TRASPARENZE and others.

If you are still hesitant between the two sizes, choose the larger one

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