The fashion icon Lady Gaga, who never ceases to amaze us.

Lady Gaga dress

With joy and pleasure today I will present you a unique artist of our time.

"Some may say that there is no point in considering outfits that you cannot use in your daily life, but I do not agree." This is the sentence that inspired us to write about her. .

At a glance, Lady Gaga's avant-garde style will destroy all boring images in your head and will surely give you a new fashion inspiration.

Lady Gaga shoes

If we can describe this woman's style in one sentence, it will be "Aesthetics that knows no boundaries."

At the same time, the star's style has undergone many different changes over the years - from a mermaid's tail and alien heels to a raw meat dress - the mood of Lady Gaga's unusual outfits can range from "unearthly" to repulsive (for some people ).

The star has gained a serious reputation in the world of fashion. Some say that this success she owes to her close friendship with designers such as Mugler, Marc Jacobs, Versace and Tom Ford, but my personal opinion is that they are just a springboard to the top of fashion.

For a long time Gaga was true to her avant-garde style, but the professional and personal growth of the singer could not help but affect her appearance. It seems that Gaga decided to take a break and gradually began to distance herself from fashion experiments, and her images became more and more casual over time.

Lady Gaga makeup

Actually, the singer with Italian roots is called Stephanie Joan Angelina Germanotta, who herself shares that her love for music comes from her father, who played guitar.

Music captivated Stephanie so much that she left college at the age of 19 to continue to develop musically.

And here is a photo from Lady Gaga's childhood.

children's photos of Lady Gaga

Personally, I think the turning point in Lady Gaga's career started in 2007, when at the concert in Lolapaluza, the brunette Lady Gaga took the stage wearing a shiny bra with a disco ball, underpants and socks with nets. Leopard colors, minis and bikinis, Amy Winehouse-style hairstyles - the star immediately made everyone realize that she will not be shy and cautious.

sexy pics of gaga

And here is a photo of the scandalous meat dress that Lady Gaga wore before the 2010 MTV Awards.

Lady Gaga herself said in an interview that at the end of the evening the dress started to smell like other artists started avoiding Stephanie, but I guess it's good for her because she says she doesn't like to communicate with stars.

meat dress

In 2009, her hit song Poker Face was released, where Gaga appeared in front of the audience in a latex costume decorated with origami. And in the same year, thick bangs became the most desired hairstyle for girls around the world.

Lady Gaga Hairstyle

By the end of the year, Stephanie's style became even bolder and more scandalous. Then a whole team of stylists started working with her, where they paid attention to all the details, including the singer's accessories.

scandalous style of dress

A year later, the singer's outfits became not just clothes but art that goes beyond normal. The red carpet itself had never seen anything like it before.

the Lady Gaga phenomenon

alien fashion

Finally, we can say that 50% of Lady Gaga's incredible success is due to her appearance, but behind all these scandalous images is a truly talented and successful woman .

We also want to tell all our readers with an affinity for fashion and art not to stop dreaming and to pursue their goals at all costs.

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