How to become popular on Instagram in 17 steps

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Instagram or facebook is a place where you can meet people you are interested in, share your opinion and find like-minded people. This is a great place to showcase your talents and get creative. If you sincerely do what you like, then with minimal effort you can become popular on Instagram and win the sympathy of your followers for a long time. Our next 17 steps will help you do just that.

How to become popular on Instagram

There is no secret to success. Someone travels to the heavenly corners of the earth and shares pictures with his readers, someone runs a fitness blog or just posts his beautiful photos. If you're not very popular yet, don't worry. You can become famous on Instagram, but you need to constantly improve and promote your account.

1. Strong name

First of all, you need to come up with a sound and easy to remember name. Think in advance about what biases your profile will have and what information you will share with the world. Your nickname must be in harmony with the content of your account.

Feel free to use underscores or dashes to make the name easier to read. At the same time, try not to overdo it with special characters. One or two highs. If you can't handle it yourself, use SpinXO Instagram Generator Name or similar services.

2. Choose a niche you like and are best at.

You must ask this question in sync with the name. The chosen niche will be a key vector in the development. Maybe you follow fashion and are always aware of the latest trends, or maybe your element is cooking. This should be something that suits you perfectly to radiate security and professionalism.

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Don't just copy the pages of popular blogs - choose something original that suits you. If you do not understand anything on the subject = you should not write on the topic, even if the topic is popular. It is pointless to pretend on social media.

3. Upload a beautiful profile photo

Avatar is your face on a social network. Looking at this small circle, users are wondering whether to go to the main profile. That's why your photo should be exclusive and closely related to your name.

Expect it to take a long time to shoot well. You can get the perfect photo, both from the first time and for the 100th time. Taking a good photo is not as easy as it may seem.

Please note that the photo is small and will shrink even more in the thumbnail. Try to give preference to high-quality images that are not overloaded with details. Keep your main profile photo simple and clear.

4. Enter interesting information about yourself

Before you can actively advertise, organize your account. First of all, you need to fill in the basic information about yourself and this should be done so that it immediately attracts the attention of the audience.

Biographical information is the first thing potential brand subscribers learn about you. You need to approach the filling of the section with all seriousness. Unobtrusively enter a few relevant search queries, briefly tell us who you are, what you do, and what inspired you to do so. Feel free to use humor, sarcasm, as well as emoticons and other symbols to make your text brighter and more appealing.

5. Quality content

The main criterion for success is quality content. To gain popularity on Instagram, the photos you post must be of high quality. Every photo should have a story, an idea, a mood.

Before posting any photo, make sure it matches your brand perfectly and has a chance to resonate with the audience. The trend of recent years among bloggers on Instagram is a single topic. All profile photos should look good next to each other. Many bloggers choose a specific photo processing style, uniform color scheme and composition.

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You can also take a closer look at Instagram's built-in filters or use other image editors.

Some bloggers don't actually pose at all. Most of their photos look like they happened to be in the frame, and this is often true. The secret of their success lies in naturalness. If you want to be popular, don't be afraid to post some personal photos on Instagram.

6. Develop a content plan

If you forget about your audience, they will just get bored and start unsubscribing. According to research, increasing the frequency of publications can increase the engagement rate of the audience.

You should publish at least four to five times a week, but the publication plan should be considered in advance. Most bloggers take pictures beforehand and post them afterwards. This allows you to think about what the new photos will look like next to the previous ones. Special applications such as Plann, Concept Office or Unum have even been developed for planning strategies on Instagram.

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The timing of publications is also not random. It is important to publish during the most active hours of the target audience. You can find out this information from the account statistics. As a rule, the peaks of consumer activity are observed mainly in the evening and on weekends, when most people are free from daily activities, study and work.

7. Switch to a business account.

If you decide to get serious about page promotion, then it is recommended that you transfer your account to a business account. The transition will provide many benefits, the main one being access to Instragram statistics.

With the help of statistics you can get important information about the promotion, namely:

- the most active hours of the readers;

- the age, gender and geographical location of your readers;

- Audience engagement rate;

- statistics on which posts get the most likes and opinions.

This information will be useful for developing a content plan, identifying a target audience, and collaborating with advertisers. Another important advantage of a business account is the ability to order advertising.

8. Use hashtags

Hashtags are an engine for promotion. Thanks to them, other users can find your account. In addition, they provide an opportunity to enter the TOP. It is allowed to add 30 hashtags to the description of an Instagram post. Make the most of this opportunity. Here are some tips for optimal tagging:

- Don't forget to keep up to date.

- It is recommended that you place approximately nine hashtags directly below the post. This number, according to statistics, brings the maximum response from the audience.

- If you want to place a large number of tags, then it is recommended that you enter 5-10 basic tags below the post and the rest below the post in the first comment.

Remember that popular hashtags are not always effective. If they are popular, then you already have a lot of competitors by default and the chances of being found are much lower.

It is recommended to use hashtags, which are published from 10 thousand to one million publications.

If you don't speak English, you've probably noticed that many of them have hashtags in English under their posts, and you should do the same, unless of course you want to limit your country's audience.

If you are not very familiar with current trends, then you can always just describe what you see in the picture. For example #dress, #red, #long. You can also take the TagsForLikes app as an assistant. With it you can find popular thematic hashtags and quickly copy them.

If you have seriously decided to make your Instagram popular, then you should not use too simple hashtags. Present your own brand hashtag and put it at the top of the list.

9. Use Instagram Stories

The Stories section is currently the most popular on Instagram. More than 200 million users use it every day. This is a great chance to increase the number of your followers. In addition, your stories can be seen even by those who are not subscribed to you.

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All content published in this section will disappear after 24 hours. In this regard, you can even post things that do not quite match the main theme and style of the account. This is a good way to experiment with content and determine which format is preferred for your target audience.

10. Think ahead about your post captions

Your words reflect the nature of your page. Add interesting and thoughtful captions to your photos. Tell us what you do in the photo or what inspired you to take the photo, share interesting information, tips or your opinion.

Feel free to ask readers to click on "... more" to read the text. Remember to ask users questions from time to time to hear their opinions. This will not only help to provoke an active discussion under the post, but will also allow you to learn more about your followers and their preferences.

11. Interact with your audience

To get users' attention, you need to actively interact with them. This is what plays a key role in the promotion of social media. Select users with similar interests and those who are your target audience and connect with them. This can be done in several ways:

- Massliking. Like user posts to get their attention. It also helps encourage them to respond.

- Follow users. Subscribe to accounts to generate interest in your account.

We recommend that you set up these actions to be performed automatically via Instaplus. You will save a lot of routine work and get advanced statistics for all interactions.

Instagram's algorithms take into account user interactions. The more active you are, the more users will see you.

12. Tag a famous brand or person

From time to time, tag media personalities, popular bloggers, or brands in your posts. When users search for queries through the hashtag, they can see your post, among others. In addition, many may agree with your opinion of a person or brand. In honor of solidarity, likes will fly, heated discussions in the comments are possible and someone may see you as a supporter and subscribe to the page.

You have visited an interesting place, eaten in a good restaurant, found yourself in your favorite cafe or refreshed your wardrobe - mark brands or names of restaurants.

Keep in mind that food, coffee, branded clothes and shoes and popular places don't really look as beautiful as Instagram. In the interest of a good photo from a restaurant, it is not a sin to sit in a chair and ask a friend to light a flashlight over your plate if the restaurant is dark. Bloggers carefully choose the angle and location of the objects in the photo that appear to be there by chance.

13. Increase engagement

Engagement is the main indicator a blogger on Instagram should focus on. Even the number of subscribers is not so important. If someone likes or comments on your posts, don't stay away and respond.

Here are some ways you can help increase your engagement rate:

- Leave questions and calls for action below the description of the photo.

- Post your content when your readers are most active.

- Conduct surveys in History.

- Interact with accounts and content similar to your theme.

- Subscribe to the relevant hashtags so that all the content you are interested in appears immediately on the home page.

Use accounts on other social networks

Remember that even Kim Kardashian initially had 0 followers. Use other social networks to get your first subscribers. You probably have several accounts on other social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter, and there are certainly dozens of friends who would be interested in watching you on Instagram. Use this opportunity to get the first boost of popularity.

You don't have to ask every friend to subscribe. Just link these pages in the settings and your friends will be informed that you have appeared on Instagram.

Inspire your followers

The task of influence is not only to expand your audience, but also to inspire your readers. For example, Nike or Lululemon publish motivational photos of people who have done something exceptional in their work. Starbucks publishes photos of coffee snacks and also shares interesting life stories, spreading coziness and warmth.

14. Be honest

Even if you try to sell something to people, when you communicate with your audience, be yourself. Instagram is a social network that loves sincerity. You don't have to share your most revealing secrets with your readers, but let them learn a little about how you live. In this way, they will support you not only because they love your content, but also because they love you.

15. Participate and run contests

There are many contests on Instagram every day. The most popular competition is the photo of the day. To participate, add the #photooftheday tag below one of the photos. The winner will receive the publication of the photo in the @photooftheday account with a link to the author's page and this is a great attention to the photo and the author's page. As a result, hundreds of new subscribers and thousands of likes.

16. Order an ad from a blogger

Now that your account is fully completed and has a certain number of followers, it's ready to advertise. Thoughtful blog advertising with a topic similar to yours can bring you hundreds, if not thousands, of new subscribers. The advantage is that it is often cheaper than official advertising. It also doesn't look intrusive and is better perceived by the audience.

17. Conclusions

It is possible to become popular on Instagram in 2020, although it is quite difficult. As in any business, it is important to have a great desire to work hard. And it's important that you keep enjoying what you're doing.