Clothing for ladies after 50 years - fashion tips.

It is not much more difficult to choose a wardrobe for older women than for young girls. Clothing for women over 50 is characterized by a variety of styles. It is important to properly assess the reflection in the mirror and focus first on determining the type of figure.

Dress for women over 50

Clothing style after 50 years should be restrained, but not necessarily conservative. You need to make sure that things look stylish, not that they emphasize age.

* The traditional variations in casual style are suitable for the everyday wardrobe: straight trousers, cut-out shirt, vests.

* Sports fans will find many interesting solutions for street style. But don't choose tracksuits in the spirit of the '90s. They only emphasize the lack of taste and add years.

The color of the clothes, which is youthful and refreshing.

For women aged 50+, colors are very important. Stylists recommend not to wear bright and colorful things and give preference to muted pastel shades. Among the colors of clothes that will rejuvenate and refresh you are: beige, sand, smoky blue. Perfect skin color can be achieved with snow-white clothes. But do not wear a completely white set. It is recommended to dilute the white color with black or gray, and if the figure allows, saturated: emerald, burgundy, chocolate, coral.

stylish sets for women over 50

A winning option for any wardrobe is a one-color combination and with the right alternation of colors you can not only become visually younger, but also slimmer.

Caramel or smoky clothes look good on modern women over 50. You need to focus on your skin color to choose the right clothes.

Wardrobe selection rules

In the wardrobe of more mature women are welcome things with pure colors, concise design and with a minimum of decor. Focusing on the rules of choosing a wardrobe to make it easier for you to create a basic outfit that can be combined with different things.

stylish sets for women over 50

So, what is a must for elegant ladies 50+ years old? It is worth buying pants made of noble and expensive fabric. You can wear the product in the office, for business meetings and even for special occasions, if you choose the right accessories. An obligatory element of the wardrobe is a dress. Again, it is better to choose an elegant version of a practical palette that can be combined with laconic accessories and elegant things.

skirt for an elderly lady

There is also room for a classic blouse in the wardrobe of an older woman. Light pastel shades are preferred, and white or milk color is suitable for everyone, without exception.


Difficulties for more mature ladies arise when choosing outerwear. The product should be warming, comfortable, but at the same time stylish and hide age. Coats and jackets with an elegant design will handle this task, but you need to choose the right length and color of the product.

outerwear for older women

Jackets and parkas can also appear in the wardrobe of modern ladies, but be sure to make sure that the product is age-appropriate. Shapeless or youthful models look bad on ladies 50+


A classic coat will always help a woman of any age and physique. The fitted model with medium length and deep triangular neckline and belt is considered universal. It is important to choose age-appropriate clothes that are of high quality materials and workmanship.

coat for older women

Budget solutions for a basic wardrobe will not work. In a cashmere coat you will look great. An alternative would be a patternless drape, but coarse fabrics are not welcome.


The situation with jackets is even more complicated. Not all ladies are able to choose the right item from the wardrobe. Pouty models for more mature ladies are not recommended, but if you have a fragile physique, you can afford it. However, it should not be too bulky. The neutral palette jackets look best when paired with jeans and pants.

Jackets such as short coats made of sheepskin or with fur look more feminine. They correspond to an elegant image, which is more often chosen by mature ladies. It is worth paying attention to a sheepskin coat and leather jackets up to mid-thigh length.


Raincoats perfectly stretch the silhouette and hide the shortcomings of the figure. Older ladies should pay attention to products with a matte texture and beige palette. Variations in leather or glossy materials look playful and do not always suit mature women. Only tall ladies with the right proportions can choose such raincoats, otherwise you should refrain from shiny products.

Dress styles

Mature women love dresses and have several different models for every occasion. The products differ not only in style and cut, but also in purpose. It is clear that office and everyday styles of dresses will be different.

casual style

Casual clothing should be comfortable and expressive in terms of combination. The dress must be such that it can be combined with a coat, sweater or cardigan. It is preferably a soft and plain fabric. Casual ladies will feel and look good in knitwear. The right choice is a dress that fits the figure perfectly.

casual wear for ladies 50

Office vision for ladies 50+

For a business look, classic dresses are recommended: plain or with contrasting elements. A dress with a white collar and cuffs will refresh the office look. Thick knee-length business jerseys are also suitable for your working fashion image. Women with broad shoulders should emphasize products with an A-line silhouette, women with a rectangular figure will look great in a trapeze dress.

office attire for mature ladies

Evening dress

Evening wear can be more interesting in terms of design. But do not choose a shiny fabric or clothing embroidered with sequins. It is more correct to buy a product of noble fabric - velvet or satin, which will emphasize the sophistication of evening wear. Extended dresses in Greek style, maxi models with pleats, as well as dresses with French lace or guipure inserts - on the sleeves or in the neckline look great on older fashion ladies.

dress with French lace

Skirts for women over 50

An important element of women's wardrobe are skirts. There is no need to explain why mini and narrow models are undesirable. But what gender to choose if you are a woman over 50? Medium length products would be the best solution. Pleated skirts for summer. Choose the best styles:

women's skirts for women over 50

Skirt of the Year - Help in the office and on the street. Warm models made of dense fabric find a place in the main wardrobe;

Skirt with wrap - a skirt below the knee with a rounded spare element fits perfectly into everyday and business wardrobe. The beauty of the model lies in the ability to adjust the figure;

skirt with cover for ladies 50+ years

A-line - high waist and tailored skirt will suit those women who want to look slimmer and more elegant. The length and beauty of the model are determined by the parameters of the figure;

Pencil skirt is a practical thing that makes the silhouette more elegant. Traditionally, these types of skirts are chosen for the office. For other occasions, you can find a denim product, for example.

Jackets and vests

Any business image is hard to imagine without a jacket or blazer. Lovers of knitwear prefer soft and comfortable vests. We will find out what jackets and vests should be placed in the wardrobe of a lady 50+:

jacket for elderly ladies

Mid-thigh length is a universal solution that will help owners of different types of figures. Such a jacket is successfully combined with pants or a skirt;

Maxi with asymmetries - knitted pattern without buttons is designed to lengthen the silhouette and hide the shortcomings of the figure. It is worn wide open or just below the belt;

Chanel style jacket - an elegant vest that can fit in business and casual style. Pastel variations or a monochrome pattern are welcome.

Pants suitable for women over 50

Increasingly, women are choosing trousers for everyday duties. After all, they are more practical and convenient. For ladies 50+ are suitable:

Fashionable pants for older ladies

Palazzo Pants - falls beautifully, lengthens the silhouette and hides the flaws of the figure. For summer you should choose a pleated model;

Fitted pants - they have a medium or large cut, loose fit of the thighs, straight legs. Classic models harmonize perfectly with shirts and blouses;

Pants narrowed down - you can choose retro variations. The main thing is that the product does not fit on the thighs, but sits freely at the top of the figure.

Choose accessories to complete the outfit

To complete the look, you need to choose the right accessories:

Accessories for ladies 50+ years

Shoes - Adult women should not give up beautiful shoes. However, the thin heel and platform are inappropriate. It is better to choose a practical and stable square heel, low. Preferably a rounded or narrowed finger; .

Handbags - Suitcases and bags make every modern adult woman a real queen. Preference is given to hard bags with short handles and shoulder bags. For the evening, choose minodiera;

fashionable shoes for ladies over 50 years

Scarf suitable for ladies 50+ years old - if in the image of a young woman a scarf around her neck is an optional accessory, then for ladies over 50 such products are needed. A silk scarf in soft pastel shades will refresh the strict look and beautifully frame your face, as well as could hide wrinkles on the neck (if you have any);

Hat - Its style is determined by the style of clothing. Some women prefer hats with a wide brim, but look good on slender and fragile women. For the off-season, berets and feeders are more suitable, and a scarf with colorful patterns is worth choosing under a long coat or a short coat.

Examples of visions for women in their 50s

Look at examples of vision for women in their 50s to finally get new things.

Every day

High-waisted jeans worn with white shirts and knitted vests are recommended for the street. Choose pants or a skirt with a straight cut and midi length below.

fashionable jeans for women over 50

Evening Vision

To go out, you need to buy a maxi dress. The silhouette is drawn from a triangular neck, pleats, vertical decor. The evening look will benefit from a string of pearls or a gold chain with a pendant. It is recommended to choose a metal belt for a loose dress made of falling fabric.

evening wear for more mature ladies

Business style for women over 50

A pencil skirt made of thick knitwear and a milk blouse will fit into the business style. Top jacket or blazer left wide open. The alternative we offer you is a dress with vertical accents, combined with medium-height shoes and a bag with short handles.

business suit for women about 50 years

Mistakes you can make when choosing clothes

Often women 50+ make their own lives difficult, choosing things that are not suitable for their age. Some modern women tend to look indecently young, wearing fluffy and provocative outfits, while others, after the age of 50, start wearing knitted scarves and shapeless hoods. Think about the main mistakes when choosing clothes:

mistakes when choosing clothes

If things aren't the right size - tight-fitting and baggy clothes look just as ridiculous. Each product must clearly fit the figure and if it is non-standard, it is better to spend a little more money on sewing personal clothing.

If you have difficulty navigating the length of the garment - midi length items are recommended for mature women. Skirts to the ground are getting old, and cut-out clothes look indecent. The French length is optimal, but if the figure is stocky, then you need to carefully consider the style and color. Otherwise, the average length will only worsen the proportions;

dress length

Fascination with prints - some women believe that the colorful color is refreshing, but forget that the figure after 50 requires significant correction. Vertical lines will correct the situation, but large flowers and dirty abstraction are not suitable for older women.