And now to the question, how to wear shorts?

Every element of women's wardrobe has its own interesting and long history: something has changed, something has arisen due to the courage of designers, we have borrowed some things from men. Another valuable source is sportswear. We "spied" T-shirts for football players, and the first tennis players gave us shorts, without which it is now difficult to imagine modern life. We will focus on them and analyze how to use different shorts in our daily lives, what clothes they can be combined with.

What to wear - denim shorts

1) With a white top or T-shirt

denim shorts with white blouse

In our materials we try to indicate the most universal and uncomplicated versions. Of course, you can combine denim shorts with different colors of top and t-shirt, but the winning look is the white top and the sky blue color of denim shorts. If your look seems boring, then wear a denim shirt (it can be a tone lighter or darker than shorts) or a plaid shirt, it can also be tied with a belt. Shoes can vary. If you put slate, then the beach look is at your disposal. In rough shoes, a click and a shirt on his belt, you will become a street style icon. Don't rule out women's wedge sandals and ballet shoes

2) Can I wear shorts with tights?

You may have noticed on the streets that some girls boldly wear their shorts with tights. Is the combination right? Yes, they do everything right. In cool weather, complement your look with dark tights and even quite thick. We also advise you to keep in mind such interesting options as tights with imitation (creates a cool effect), they visually lengthen your legs and look very attractive

shorts with tights

sexy shorts with tights

3) With a blouse or a light shirt?

Here we suggest you try different colors, it is desirable that they are bright (for example, lemon yellow works very well with jeans), the main thing is that the color should match the color of your skin and hair. Remember that a white translucent blouse is always at your disposal, you just need to add some gold note (pendant, glasses frame, belt or bracelet) and platforms with medium or high heels. Another accessory that is suitable for this look, as well as in combination with other blouses, is a hat with a middle edge (not necessarily straw). With denim shorts, a different type of print also looks great, for example, a small floral print (in combination with ballet shoes or sandals, you will look very gentle)

shorts and a shirt

pants with a colored shirt

4) With jacket

With the help of a jacket you can create a practical business image or fully express yourself as a stylish street lady who does not fit into the office frame. In the first case you will need: a strict jacket of some "classic" color (black, white, navy blue, gray, beige), blouse or shirt. The hair must be gathered.

pants with jacket

The second case: the jacket is not made of perfectly ironed suit fabric, but, on the contrary, of lighter, so to speak, democratic materials. An imprint may appear on it. Under the jacket is no longer a shirt, but a loose top (with an inscription or not, it does not matter). On the feet: suede ankle boots, rough boots or platform sandals. There is a large bag on the arm or shoulder. Slight negligence may appear in the hairstyle.

shorts with jacket

elastic shorts

5) With jumper

This combination is ideal for shopping, pleasant walks in warm weather. Comfortable, easy and stylish. Try to use not only a classic vest, but also oversize (it is preferable to wear high-waisted shorts with it). Choose shoes without heels, we recommend sandals

jumper shorts

6) With a sweatshirt

Sweatshirt + shorts = semi-sporty and stylish look. It is easy to guess that sports shoes will fit here: sneakers and sneakers, but some girls wear them with completely different shoes: high boots. In our opinion, their opinion should also be taken into account.


elegant shorts

What to wear with leather shorts

1) With a white blouse or top

Traditional leather shorts are made in black, at this point we will add red to them. To look like a stylish young lady in them, and not like a daring girl motorcyclist, you need to have a white top or blouse in your wardrobe with such shorts. But that's not all. These things need to be supplemented with something, to put the right accents. For example, wear a white jacket. If you decide to leave only the blouse in appearance, then add to it a large necklace or bag with metal fittings (in leather shorts there is something fateful, punk and at the same time a motorcycle, so spikes and other metal ornaments will look best) . Instead of a jacket, you can use another leather item - a leather jacket.

leather shorts

black leather shorts

2) With a jumper

With black and brown leather shorts of any style along with a gray or white sweater, as well as various warm shades (brick, beige, burgundy) you will look great. Sneakers and high-heeled shoes are suitable for such a look.

beige leather shorts

beach shorts

Wondering what to wear - wear shorts.

Since shorts are a classic, it makes sense that they are suitable for restrained classic images. We divide them into two groups:

1) Dark (black, dark blue, dark gray) should be worn:

- black with white, body, peach or gray blouse

- dark gray with white and thick blouse, striped shirt

- dark brown with beige, fitted shirts. (they can be in small print)

fashionable shorts

formal shorts

2) Must be light (white, beige, light gray):

- light brown with a blouse of white and body color

- white and light gray with black, white, gray blouse or top. To create a more business-like look, put a jacket on top

suitable shorts

shorts for work

* White shorts are great for creating a casual summer look. They can be short, lace and wear them with bright loose tops or non-classic shirts (light blue, jeans)

white shorts

lace shorts

What to wear - skirt-type shorts

Skirt shorts is an amazing hybrid offer of some of the best fashion designers. If you want to dress comfortably and elegantly, you should definitely choose this type of pants. With this wardrobe item you can create both semi-sporty looks. (if you wear sneakers or sneakers, sweater or sweatshirt) and a more feminine look (in this case you will need sandals with or without heels, a light blouse or top, as well as accessories such as necklaces)

shorts type skirt

red shorts

What to wear - high-waisted shorts

In all the previous paragraphs, successful looks with jeans, leather and classic shorts are already presented. Now to summarize:

High-waisted shorts, ideal for thin girls. They visually enlarge the hips.

Pair with a blouse, shirt or t-shirt

high-waisted shorts

high waist