Gold or silver to choose?

silver earrings

Often, before we make a gift to ourselves or a loved one with some precious jewelry, we think what is better to buy: silver or gold? For the same budget you can find something more massive silver and something gold, but less. How to act in this situation? Let's try to understand together the pros and cons of gold and silver jewelry and find out what is fashionable, what is not and which metal is better for women and which is most suitable for men?

Which is better for the woman: gold or silver?

Golden necklace

Of course, we have all heard: "Everyone has their own taste and style", so when you give men advice on jewelry, this folk wisdom must be taken into account. And all this because it is not always possible to please the ladies: on the one hand, even plastic accessories will bring a lot of joy and pleasure: "the main thing is not the gift itself, but the attention." On the other hand, jewelry, not gold and without diamonds, will cause a lot of outrage.

In terms of status, it is better for a woman to wear gold, and in terms of youth - silver.

What should I do? Of course, in order to please the girl and not harm your future relationship, you need to take a closer look at the jewelry that the woman wears - in this case you will definitely not go wrong. Or you can just ask openly what she prefers.

How much does it cost?

If we look at jewelry from an economic point of view, it is better, of course, to buy gold. Silver jewelry is less valuable than gold jewelry. As for gold, in this case the situation is different: in a difficult time you can always profitably sell or bet gold items and get a good income from them. Therefore, when choosing between investing in gold or silver, give preference to gold jewelry.

golden cross

Which is more useful to wear from an esoteric point of view?

Silver is a material that performs a special function as a mascot for women. It protects our loved ones from envious people, the evil eye and adversity, brings good luck in his personal life and has a beneficial effect on the health of his master.

As for gold, this precious metal is very sensitive to changes in the mood and emotional state of the person who wears it. This metal should be worn by ladies in times when they are worried and nervous, gold will help you calm down and find inspiration for the right decisions.

What do we recommend in terms of fashion?

Today, girls wear both gold and silver, and it's hard to say which of these metals is more popular, but we can easily determine which jewelry is fashionable this year. Large gold rings with lots of precious stones, round earrings studded with stones, and brooches with large stones look beautiful and modern. As for silver, the minimalist style is relevant here. For yourself you can take interesting rings and earrings that resemble simple geometric shapes.

silver bracelet

Which one to choose in terms of support?

Accessories, both gold and silver, do not require any special care. Keep in mind, however, that if you wear something (such as a wedding ring) every day, it will lose its luster over time due to the appearance of very small scratches. What to do in this case? The solution is very simple: ask a jeweler to polish the jewelry. This procedure is cheap and takes only a few minutes and after that the jewelry will shine like new again. But you can also try to polish your favorite thing yourself, but it will require good patience and free time.

Is gold or silver more suitable for men?

To clearly answer the question of what is better to choose for a man, you need to know what nationality he is. Some may think that all men are the same and we don't need to think that much, but that's not quite right. Let's look at the cultural traditions of different nations.

men's jewelry

Slavic men. They are not bound by any religious or traditional postulates. Therefore, they can wear both gold and silver depending on taste and preferences. However, the Soviet Union left a big mark on men's fashion at the same time, and many men still adhere to the unwritten rules of strict etiquette of that era, depending on age and upbringing: for example, that a man should wear no jewelry other than a wedding ring or watch. Summarizing all the above, we can say that most of our men prefer silver. Whether it is a bracelet, watch or necklace with a cross - they must be made of silver. Exceptions are people from creative professions, among them you can meet men with both silver and gold bracelets.

Psychologists advise those who want to achieve high goals in life to wear gold things. Gold has a good effect on a person's psyche and gives him confidence.

As for oriental men, the picture is a little different. They prefer overpriced, flashy accessories that show status. Therefore, their choice is gold and only gold. According to their religion, they are forbidden to wear gold jewelry on themselves. This privilege is given to the female sex. However, it is allowed to wear a good expensive watch. Therefore, the Oriental man will not wear a bunch of chains and rings, he will limit himself to one, but very expensive watch.

Gold or silver watch?

Precious metal watches are a wonderful gift for both men and women and teenagers who are starting their own journey. Let's think together which watches are better to offer to the ladies, which will be appreciated in the male society and which to give to a grandson or son as a gift.

If you are choosing a gift for a girl / woman, it is difficult to give specific advice here, as it all depends on the taste and style of the lady. Some are happy to wear all kinds of precious metals, while others prefer to wear gold. We can only recommend one thing: before you make the final choice, find out what jewelry the girl preferred.

As for a gift for a boy or a man, in our country the representatives of the stronger sex prefer products made of silver, steel or titanium. It is rare to see a local man with an intricate gold watch in the office or at a serious corporate party, but there are exceptions. For a man, it is better to choose a strict, neat, but at the same time interesting silver watch.

A watch made of precious metals is not only an excellent gift, but also a wonderful investment of your money, because the older the watch, the more it will be appreciated on the market.

Wrist watch made of precious material is one of the best gifts, which in our country is traditionally given to young people since Soviet times for the 20th or 25th birthday. Such a wonderful gift is a symbol that the young man has already passed the stage of adolescence and is fully ready to enter an independent adult life.

What should the cross be: gold or silver?

As for the necklace cross, which the godparents give to the baby for baptism, then you should buy a product made of silver, because this metal is recognized by the church in the Christian religion. It is believed that silver can protect its owner from the dark forces and negative energy of bad people. Also, this metal has bactericidal properties and thus has a good effect on human health.

silver cross

Despite the opinion of the church and our grandmothers, however, many people prefer to buy gold crosses for their children. Let's look at all the pros and cons of gold and silver crosses.


+ beautiful decoration that will remain for a long memory;

+ acts as a talisman, therefore, in the same way as silver protects against negative energy;

+ cleans well;

+ can be sold expensively;

Jewelry is considered to be the ideal metal to pair with the most precious and semi-precious stones.

- an expensive product that can be lost;

- soft metal, therefore it should be worn carefully if the waist is thin;

- darkens.


+ it's not scary to lose it, because it's cheap;

+ has bactericidal properties;

+ metal protecting against negative energy;

+ clean well;

- this metal is a little stronger than gold, but when buying it is advisable to choose a more massive cross, as thin silver can also quickly lose its original shape;

- just like the golden cross, it darkens.

All precious metals have a major impact on human health. In this respect, silver is superior to gold.

As you can see, there are many pros and cons to both metals, so you can choose gold or silver depending on your taste preferences and budget. And if you are afraid of your religious beliefs, then remember that the type of jewelry in no way determines the strength of faith and the church can not insist that the accessory is made of precious metal - here is suitable even ordinary wood. But remember that it is not recommended to save on a quality product, as it will wear out quickly and lose its appearance.

In conclusion, we can give some simple but very important tips:

- do not buy gold or silver jewelry in cheap stores, often manufacturers of cheap items mix a large amount of impurities in the jewelry alloy;

- if you do not know the preferences of the person to whom you will give a gift, then it is better to buy gold - then your choice will definitely be appreciated.